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                                “LIVING BOX”

   All the resulted marks, models, government standard (GOST) and other information on the
              materials used in the project are based on the Russian listed products.

                                        1. MATERIALS

         The Collapsible facilitated apartment house is constructed on the basis of the collapsible
facilitated elements (parts) made from nonflammable nontoxic plastic miniplen (GOST
(government standard) 12.1.044-89) fire-resistant and maintaining its mechanical properties and
keeping the mechanical properties and providing absence of gas evolution at heating up to
1200°C. Technical and operational characteristics are the following: density of 1800-2000 kg/m³,
factor of durability at a bend 140-160 MPa, factor of heat conductivity of 0.58-0.62 W/m x K. It
is the perspective material possessing heat conductivity of a tree, durability and durability of
steel, biological stability, moisture resistance and steady against influences of an atmosphere
polymer, not having the drawbacks typical of thermoplastics. Characteristics of this new material
allow using inhabited design in various climatic conditions, which obviously increases a target
         Glass-fiber material bearings are used for support. They are intended for long work at
temperature of air from -60°C up to +155°C in conditions of the normal and raised humidity.
Products possess high moisture resistance and crashworthiness, stability to influences of ultra-
violet beams, and also the raised chemical stability, have attractive appearance.
         For increase warmly and sound insulation it is used fiberglass finishing marks of the joint
venture GOST (government standard) SP TU (СП ТУ) 2296-017-39903592-99. It represents the
sheet layered material made by a method of hot pressing of 2 and more layers glass-fiber
nonwoven stuff and impregnated fabrics by a bakelite lacquer. A range of working temperatures
from -65°C up to +140°C. Fiberglass of mark of the joint venture is nontoxical, nonexplosive,
not inclined to thermal autoignition, does not support burning, is steady against influences of an
atmosphere, radiating and ultra-violet radiation and other excited environments. As a roofing
material it is used miniplen technical and field-performance data are described above. If
necessary long-term exploitation of the given inhabited design it is recommended to use as a
roofing material the bituminous-fibrous goffered sheets (temperature constancy not below 110о
С), formed of cellulose fibres and impregnated by the oxidized bitumen. From a face sheet sheets
are covered by a protectively-decorative colourful layer on the basis of vinyl-acryl of polymer
and lightproof coloring agent, the minimal corner of an inclination of a roof makes 6 degrees.

                                  2. CONSTRUCTIVE ELEMENTS

        The basic idea of an offered inhabited design is the opportunity of its independent site
erection which are not demanding from the potential consumer special formation or other special
skills and skills. Elements of the wall an offered inhabited design, however, as well as other
elements gather by consecutive connection among themselves by means of rigid fastening.
        Let's name a basic element of an offered inhabited design - the wall block. It consists of
two layers: an external layer (a material –miniplen) and an internal layer (a heater - glass-fibe).
Both these of a layer settle down closely to each other and are fixed among themselves on all
length steel plates.
        The wall block for the given inhabited design has the size 700x700 mm. So, for example,
the wall equal 4.9 m² will consist of 10 easy wall blocks. The given size of wall blocks is
optimum and convenient in use. For example, the wall in height in 3 wall blocks will make 2.1
m², that is sufficient height for use of the given inhabited design in camping. At use of the house
with a view of constant residing, it is expedient to erect walls 2.8 m² (4 wall blocks on height).
Accordingly, for the consumer, depending on its needs, it is possible both reduction in price of
the goods, and increase in its cost due to escalating size of a premise. For firm-manufacturer it
means a variety of assortment without additional investments.
        Internal partitions also are erected from described above wall blocks. The window block
is designed on the basis of the wall block. The aperture for a transparent part of the window
block can be any form (a square, a rectangular, a circle, a polyhedron, a triangle and another). In
the project offered by us window blocks of the rectangular form are used. The door block - a
sliding door on rails. Wall blocks-connector represent a detail executed from steel on length
corresponding wall block, that is 700 mm. All 4 sides of fixture have on all length grooves,
width corresponding to width of the wall block in a place of its fastening steel plates and depth
of 50 mm.
        For the given variant of the inhabited module, the base is not pawned. As a basis keeps
within miniplen rolled.
        Design feature of the house offered by us allows “to collect” inhabited space depending
on needs of the potential customer. Independently to model the form and the sizes of the
inhabited module. The important part of this project is that the basic part of details has the
identical size and such details (elements) are interchangeable.
        It allowed making and realizing each elements of construction. That is own time having
got a base design (dimensions of a base design can be established, for example, 20 m²) the
consumer in the further can pile up, modernize, decorate the house. Every man to can buy
separate elements (parts) of construction. Such approach gives to the buyer a choice and an
opportunity independently to project and erect the house without special work and in short terms.

                                       3. TRANSPORTATION

        The Collapsible facilitated apartment house offered on consideration does not require
special transport. For its transportation, can use any transport (wheel, railway and another) for
large-sized cargoes will approach. For transportation it is necessary to create corresponding to
the sizes to elements of an inhabited design packing. What additional means for transportation of
the given design are not required.

                                           4. ADVANTAGES

       First, the given inhabited design assumes use new, earlier not involved in civil
construction, materials. Secondly, the way of realization of the project on district is very simple
and does not demand specially trained working brigades (groups). Thirdly, climatic conditions in
which it is possible to use the given apartment house, are not limited to warm climatic zones.

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