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									                                 Board of European Students of Technology

                                       Local BEST Group – Napoli

                                       English Test                           31.03.2004

     NOME _______________________ COGNOME _____________________________

     Volgere alla forma negativa ed interrogativa

1.    Mary studies English         __________________________________________________

2.    He is a plumber              __________________________________________________

3.    He read a French novel       __________________________________________________

4.    John told me a nice joke     __________________________________________________

5.    Ann is clever                __________________________________________________

Completare le frasi inserendo il verbo alla forma verbale più appropriata

  1. Shhhhh! Be quiet! John (sleep) ________________________________________
  2. Most users of English use it _____________________ (for talk – to talk – that they can
      talk) to people who aren't English
  3. Yesterday John went to the cinema with three friends of _______(his – him – he)
  4. At the restaurant they met an old friend of ______________(them – their – theirs)
  5. “Who ___________ (be) that man?” “I ____________________(not – know).”
  6. How many times ___________________________________ (did you see – do you see
      – have you seen) this film?
  7. The Guinness Book of Records ____________________ (has been – was – is) first
      published in 1954
  8. What (you, do) _______________________ when the accident occurred?. I (try)
      _______________________________ to change a light bulb that had burnt out.
  9. No, there isn’t      __________ (some, any,        no, none) butter, but       there is
      ____________________ (some, any, no, none) cheese.
  10. Can I have _________________ (some, any, no, none) sugar please?
  11. When I (arrive) ______________ home last night, I discovered that Jane (prepare)
      __________________________________ a beautiful candle-lit dinner-
  12. When Carol (call) ___________________ last night, I (watch) _____________ my
      favourite show on television.
  13. Everyday I (wake) _________________ up at 6 o'clock, (eat) ________________
      breakfast at 7 o'clock and (leave) _______________ for work at 8 o'clock. However, this
      morning I (get) ______________ up at 6:30, (skip) _________________ breakfast and
      (leave)     ____________         for       work    late     because      I       (forget)
      ____________________________ to set my alarm.
  14. By the time I got to the office, the meeting (begin, already) __________________
      without me. My boss (be) ___________ furious with me and I (be) _______ fired.
  15. Everybody _____________________ (must – has to – have to) pay taxes in Italy.
  16. I ________________ (must – has to – have to) write to Ann. I haven't written to her for

17. Whatever you do, you _________________________ touch that switch. It’s very
   dangerous. (don’t have to – mustn’t – won’t have to)
18. When I was young I ____________________________ (smoke) but now I don’t.
19. I (tell) ___________ him to stay on the path while he was hiking, but he (wander)
   _____________ off into the forest and (be) _____________ bitten by a snake.
20. My English is really getting better. I (try) ________________________________ to
   learn the language since 1995.
21. I met John two years ago. I ______________________ (know) him for two years.
22. Mary’s hair was long. Now it is short. (cut) She ___________________________
23. I don't service my car myself. I __________________ it ___________________
24. Listen John, I don't care if you (miss) _________________ the bus this morning. You
   (be) ________________ late to work too many times. You are fired!.
25. You'll tell him the truth as soon as he ______________ (comes – will come – is going to
26. Did you post that letter for me? Sorry I forgot I ___________________ (am going to do
   – will do – am doing) it now.
27. Please, try _______________________ late (to not be - don't to be - not to be)
28. Your daughter _____________________________ a dentist as soon as possible. (ought
   seeing - oughts to see - ought to see)
29. I wish she __________________________________ while she's in the bathroom
   (wouldn't sing - won't sing - didn't sing)
30. Can you look after my son until I ____________________ (be, back).
31. If I had known you were in town I _______________________(come) to see you
32. If it (snow) ___________ this weekend, we (go) _________ skiing near Lake Tahoe
33. The plane crashed two minutes after taking ____________
34. The police managed to find ________ who the murderer was.
35. When I read an English-language newspaper I have to look ______a lot of words.
36. I can't stand my husband's mother, but I can't complain. I only have to ______ up with
   her two or three times a year. (get – break – put)

                                                                                 Good luck


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