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            Standing for:
         VP for EDUCATION

I am standing as candidate for VP for Education because
I want to help make the university a better place for students and
to make their time studying here as smooth as possible. I feel
strongly that all students should be heard and have an effective
vehicle for raising their concerns in relation to educational and
academic issues.

If elected I will strive hard to ensure that the issues which affect
you, or which give rise to concern are addressed and resolved.
As VP for Education I will be responsible for representing you, the
students,     throughout       the   various     committees     and
representational systems in place and will do my utmost to assist
students through my role. I will also try to improve the progress
achieved by my predecessors by continuing to pursue matters
which are important to you such as pressing for longer library and
labs opening hours, pushing for greater individual coursework
feedback, and other related issues.

I will help improve representation and participation in the
Students’ Union by being available as much as possible in order
to enable students to raise their concerns directly to me. Being an
international student myself, I feel that I would be able, also, to
address the needs of the increasing number of international
students at the university and to increase their participation in the
students’ union.

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