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SAE Grants                                                                      Another great way for students
                                                                                to secure money for their SAEs is
Are your students looking for funding for their SAE programs? The National
                                                                                the Agri-Entrepreneurship Award
FFA Organization will be awarding 48 grants worth $500 each based on career     Program. Students can receive
path opportunities.                                                             cash awards at all three levels of
                                                                                FFA competition:
 Agribusiness Systems         Environmental Service/Natural Resources Systems
                                                                                        at the chapter level,
 Animal Systems               Food Products and Processing Systems                      at the state level, and
 Plant Systems                Power, Structural and Technical Systems             each of the national winners
                                                                                  receiv                   recognized
To determine in which career cluster each of your students’                       on stage at the national FFA
applications t, use the SAE descriptions used in the pro ciency                   convention.
award area de nitions.                                                                     Go to
                                                                                 http//        a.org/index.
For more information or to download the application, go to                       cfm?method=c_programs.
www. a.org/index.cfm?method=c_programs.SAE. Application                             AgEntrepreneurship
must be typewritten and postmarked by November 10, 2008.                                for details!

             48 Grants @ $500 each

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