“Shining our own light”

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					                                  “Shining our own light”
                        PE ITTE Network Conference – March 2010
                                    for all PE ITTE professionals
                       Mercure Coventry Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa

The conference aims to help delegates:
                     develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of current
                      initiatives and issues and where necessary devise proactive responses
                     identify sources of support required to assist with those proactive
                     strengthen local, regional and national contacts with PE ITTE colleagues
                      as a means to enhancing supportive networks.

Wednesday 3rd March

0900 – 1000           Registration, networking & refreshments

1000 – 1015           Welcome & introduction - Jes Woodhouse, afPE ITTE Support

1015 – 1100           Update: afPE – Jeanne Keay, afPE Chair

1100 – 1130           Roundtable discussions
                         Grading of trainees (Introduced by Dot Heslop/Joanne Cliffe)
                         Training bursary reduction (Introduced by Joanne Cliffe)
                         Supporting wheelchair-using trainees (Introduced by Tony Macfadyen)

1130 – 1200           Networking and refreshments

1200 – 1300           Round table presentations - research & development
                         Introduction (Lorraine Cale)
                        Delegates select one from:
                         What do we do in PE ITTE to help our trainees develop social
                           learning through Physical Education? (Louisa Webb)
                         European Inclusive Education Project (EIPET representative)
                         Sex-role stereotyping in PE ITTE (Gary Stidder)
                         Fundamental Movement Skills (Rachael Buchanan)

1300 – 1400           Lunch

1400 – 1630           Assessing Pupils’ Progress - Andy Frapwell, afPE National Subject Lead
(1500 – 1530)         (Refreshments)

1630 – 1700           Round table presentations/discussions
                         to include Exemplification of Pupils’ Standards of Achievement in
                           relation to the new secondary curriculum (Steve Bradley). This is for
                           those who might wish to follow on from the APP workshop.
Thursday 4th March

0900 – 0915          Welcome & introduction - Jes Woodhouse, afPE ITTE Support

0915 – 0945          Update: TDA – Jon Spence/Jo Harris

0945 – 1115          The Physical Education Curriculum: review and development workshop
                                                       - Crichton Casbon, Education Consultant

1115 – 1145          Refreshments

1145 – 1230          Ofsted Long Report Findings (Physical Education) – Judith Rundle, HMI

1230 – 1330          Lunch

1330 – 1415          Update: Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure - Sue Hook, SkillsActive

1415 – 1515          Round table presentations/discussions
                     This session will be divided into two 30 minute slots to enable delegates
                     to select the amount of time and/or the particular issue(s) they wish to
                     address. Topics will include:
                       Issues arising from conference so far, plus:
                       With changes in N.C. at KS. 3 and 4, how can GTP and similar
                          training routes guarantee appropriate subject knowledge
                          development especially in more traditional activity areas e.g.
                          swimming, gymnastics, where many schools are opting out on
                       Engaging disaffected pupils in a Parkour-themed gymnastics
                          project (Dot Heslop)
                       Good practice in PE ITTE re: teaching the National Curriculum from a
                          more holistic view point (how are people teaching theme days?) and
                          working with other subjects to promote learning
                       When appointing NQTs what our schools really looking for and as PE
                          ITTEs are we providing it?
                       Should we fight to keep Dance within the PE curriculum? Has it been
                          “hijacked” by Performing Arts?
                       Thematic, linked planning within Dance - Movement and Maths
                          (Lynda Houghton)

1515 – 1545          Answers to afPE related issues
                     Identifying personal issues/proposed action arising from the conference
                                                                  - Jeanne Keay and Jo Harris

1545                 Refreshments and depart

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