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Brothers and Sisters, may I have your attention please.

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to The Cross of the Renewal. You may
have noticed our volunteers wearing a new lapel pin or pendant. That symbol that we call
The Cross of the Renewal was inspired by 1 John 5: 6-8.

From the side of Jesus flowed blood and water that is symbolic of the outpouring of the
Holy Spirit. You will note a loop coming from the side of Jesus and ending with a dove
symbolizing the Holy Spirit. Within the loop is inscribed the words Veni Creator Spiritus.
These words express our fervent prayer for the continued outpouring of the Holy Spirit
on the whole world.

It is our hope that one day, everyone who has experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
will wear this symbol with pride as a sign of their solidarity with brothers and sisters
around the world who are committed to the work of the Renewal. As a first step in that
direction, it is our hope that everyone here, today, will acquire and wear The Cross of
the Renewal that are on sale at - - - .

I want you to know that 50% of the purchase price of these items will go to support the
work of (name of your service organization) and ICCRS. We cannot carry out our
mission without your financial assistance. So, on behalf of (name of your service
organization) and ICCRIS, I would like to thank you in advance for your valued support.

May the Holy Spirit richly bless all who wear The Cross of the Renewal.

Thank you.

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