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									             Study Visit – Group B
               Don Luang Village
          Hand Woven Cotton Products

      “Land of Hand Woven Cottons, Best of Yong Community”

Mu 7, Don Luang Village, Tambon Mae Raeng, Pasang District, Lamphun Province,

Don Luang Village is 23 kms South of Lamphun and 7 kms from Pa Sang District. In
the past it was a cattle trading community. During the King Kavira period, people
from Yong City, South of Burma moved to Lamphun where the people got together
and reestablished Lamphun. The Yong group settled where they are now. Later the
name of the village was changed to “Don Luang Village”.

1991-2004 Mr Paisan Sukrongchang held the position of village headman so in 1992
the group of hand woven cotton products was formed; this led to Don Luang Village
being selected as an outstanding Cottage Industry Village.

People of Don Luang are mainly agricultural and handicrafts producers. Hand woven
cottons were handed down through generations.

They are mainly Buddhist. There is an old Dong Luang Temple which is the center of
the village.

The total area of Don Luang Village is 913 rai. 532 rai out of the 913 rai are farms

Total population is 824 people (male 415 and female 409)

Economic Aspects
   -   Average income of people in Don Luang is 30,000 / head / year
   -   99% of all households have savings
   -   They make use of 352 rai of land for agriculture (39% of the whole area of
       913 rai) and from agriculture the handicraft are produced
   -   Products that are sold inside and outside the community are hand woven
       cottons, carving and weaving products, rice, garlic etc.
   -   A community product fair is organized in April every year
   -   Electricity is available for every household
   -   Transportation is available all year round
Social Aspects
   -     Houses are stabile and sanitary
   -     Warm family relations are the norm
   -     People are mainly healthy
   -     60% of people 35 years old and above a medical check up every year
   -     All children and youth go to compulsory school
   -     15-60 year old villagers are mainly literate
   -     Villagers of Don Luang are not addicted to alcohol and cigarettes
   -     Elderly, handicap and HIV Infected are well taken care of
   -     There is a community learning center
The villagers of Don Luang formed groups to produce community products as
   -     Four loom woven cotton group. This creates a unique, beautiful and
         distinctive material
   -     Hand woven cotton group. To make curtains, table cloths, handbags and
         ready made cloths
   -     Hand Woven Cotton Processing Group. Small pieces of cotton material
         that are left over from making designer products are used to produce carpets,
         mattresses, mops and other products

Organizations involved
   -    The Lamphun Provincial Office provided budget to set up the OTOP Village
        Champion (OVC) in 2006
   -    The Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) and the Municipality
        supported a fund for a pilot project to improve the village’s geographic view
   -    Chiang Mai University provided a production training course for the group
        members and the university is a member of the cotton and silk network of
        the Weaving Product Development Institute
   -    Industry Promotion Center, Region 1, Chiang Mai assists in technical and
        product design
   -    Community Development Provincial and District Offices support group
        manage the OTOP process
For more information please contact:
   1.   Mae Raeng Municipality Office, Pasang District, Lamphun Province 51120
        Tel: 66-0-5355-6732 – 3 or website:
   2.   Community Development Pasang District, Lamphun Province 51120
        Tel: 66-0-5352-0022 or website:

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