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									                    STUDENT EXCHANGE AGREEMENT BETWEEN

                              THE UNIVERSITY OF TRIESTE


The University of Trieste, represented by its Rector, Francesco Peroni
The University of …, represented by…,….

Agree with the following :

Article 1
Both institutions decide to cooperate in the frame of their respective fields of studies and
diplomas. They decide to organise students’ exchanges between themselves so that the
students concerned are able to accomplish a period of thesis research/study lasting from a
minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months at the partner University.
The number of students exchanged each year is agreed upon on a reciprocal basis.

Article 2
The students who participate to the exchange are selected by their home University.
The academic program of each student, be it thesis research or study, will be determined by
the student in collaboration with the teachers in charge at the home University and the host
University. This academic program will be signed by the student and teachers of both
Before the mobility written acceptance should be given by the host University for each
This acceptance may be also used by the student to obtain visa.
The activity that the students will carry out at the host University will be validated by a final
certificate which attests the period of stay and the activity of the student.

Article 3
The students concerned by these exchanges are registered at the host University.
Registration fees are due to their home University. No tuition fees will be required by the host
University. The fees for the use of the library, student centre will be included in the tuition

The student is responsible for acquiring the necessary visa documents.

Exchange students will be governed by the rules and regulations of the host institution.

Exchange students will graduate from the home university.

Article 4
According to its own registration rules, the host University allows the students concerned by
the exchanges to attend the courses described on to their academic courses and to have an
access to the university libraries and to all facilities usually offered to its students.
The host University will try, as far as possible, to assist students in finding a room in
Student’s hostels or any equivalent accommodation, for the period of their stay at the host

Article 5
Social security and accident cover is organised according to the rules of home country or
University. If need be, the students will be advised to take a complementary assurance.

Article 6
The present agreement will come into effect as soon as it is signed by both institutions. It is
concluded for a length of five years, and can be renewed for the same length. Any renewal of
the agreement must be submitted to the academic authorities of each Institution. Any
additional clause or alteration to the present agreement must be submitted to the academic
authorities of each institution.
The present agreement can be cancelled only by way of a registered letter with acknowledge
receipt, and requires a six months’notice, without prejudice of the realisation of the annual
exchange programme running at the time of the cancellation.

Date :

The Rector of the University of

Date :

The Rector of the University of

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