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        Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy

                                      Speech by
                          His Excellency Alessandro Busacca
                            Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia
                                    Embassy of Italy


         Seminar on Recycling Technology on Plastics Packaging
                        from Post Consumer Waste
          The Italian Experience and Cooperation with Malaysia
    10 June 2008, Hotel Imperial (Jalan Sultan Ismail), Kuala Lumpur

A very good morning to :

Encik Mohd Rosli bin Abdullah,
Deputy Director General of the Department of Solid Waste Management,
Ministry of Housing and Local Government

Representatives from,
the Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Malaysia
the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade in Rome,
the Italian Trade Commission,
ASSOCOMAPLAST, the Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and
Moulds Manufacturers’ Association
the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association, and
the Selangor Human Resource Development Centre

Distinguished guests,

Members of the press,

Ladies and gentlemen.

First of all, I would like to acknowledge the presence of the supporting agencies
that are here today which are the Ministry of Housing and Local Government
Malaysia, ASSOCOMAPLAST, the Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers
Association and the Selangor Human Resource Development Centre. The
attendance of the representative from the Ministry of Housing and Local
Government reaffirms the priority of solid waste management in this country. It
is clear that Malaysia and Italy share a common goal in this important subject.
        Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy

Ladies and gentlemen,
Problems and issues arising from solid waste management are not really at the
infancy stage but are in fact at a stage that in many countries warrants
immediate concerted effort of all relevant parties to ensure sustainable socio-
economic development.

Today, we are talking specifically about the management of plastics packaging
from post consumer waste. We have come a long way to learn that effective
implementation of policy and strategy is crucial in ensuring that the service
providers in this sector comply with the enforcement of legislations.

However, ladies and gentlemen, as easy as it may sound, the actual process of
successfully managing solid waste is indeed a complicated one. Policy alone
without technological support is doomed to fail. For this reason,
ASSOCOMAPLAST’s representatives are invited here today to share their
experience and Italian technology. What we are going to present to you today is
not just about technical facts of what the technology can accomplish but the
complete process needed to ensure successful waste reduction, reuse and

The process also calls for the general public to be environmentally responsible.
Education is therefore equally important to install a positive mindset among the
public to ensure and expedite the achievement of our objectives.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The recent implementation of the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing
Management Act in Malaysia and the action plan provided for under the
National Strategic Plan have indeed set the country’s waste management policy
on the right track. Our further collaboration on this area can certainly contribute
towards successful and effective implementation. We can cross pollinate both
countries resources and strength and study the best approach and technology
option. Our aim is to ensure the technology embarked on is efficient, effective,
well proven and at the same time cost effective. Many a time, a project is
abandoned due to the cost factor. As such, it is very important that we look into
this factor carefully to avoid premature failure.

        Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy

Today’s event may not be a tell-all or a parting point where we can go back and
settle in our complacencies. Conversely, this would hopefully be the
commencement of a proposed pilot project which we hope Malaysia can
embark on, drawing together resources and commitment from both countries.
We hope that through this initiative and a specially arranged discussion session
with local authorities, association and service providers operating in the waste
management sector, we can gain better understanding of the country’s needs
and open up a new path of discovery.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The starting of a new project is never easy and we do not envisage a smooth
journey. But we are certain that Italy could lend a helping hand to share our
experience and technology to achieve your objectives.

Once again, I thank you all for your presence and support and wish you the
best for your future undertakings.

Thank you.


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