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									                  PRIMARY ACTIVITIES for 2008
We offer three types of activity for primary schools:
    MEET AN ANIMAL 15 minute session, £12 per group, max 30 children per group. Meet an animal of your
     choice (subject to births, seasonal behaviour etc), see it fed and ask questions. Please note: on health and
     safety grounds it is not possible for groups to feed the animals. Outdoor only.

    GUIDED TOURS 1hr £30, 2hrs £50, max 30 children per group. 1hr tour covers central loop of park (approx
     6 species), 2hrs longer walk, approx 10 species, not suitable for KS1. Led by education team and can cover a
     variety of topics: see below. Can be adapted to suit your requirements. Outdoor only.

    WORKSHOPS 45min-1hr session, £30 per group, max 30 children per group. Wide range of topics: see
     below. Outdoor and indoor workshops available.

Activity                                                                       Topics/Key          Curriculum
                                                                               skills              links
TOURS (1hr or 2hrs)
General Information                                                            A little of
A little on habitats, diet, adaptation, life cycles and fun facts. Ideal for   everything!
a fun day out or if you do not wish to focus on one particular topic.
Animal Adaptation                                                              Interdependence     KS2 Sc2 4b, 5b,c
A closer look at predator and prey species, as well as climbers,               Adaptation
swimmers and burrowers and their individual physical and
behavioural adaptations.
Animal Homes/Habitats                                                          Animal Homes        KS1 Sc2 5a,b
Animal homes both naturally occurring in our ancient woodland                  Habitats
setting and within our enclosures, including badger sett, squirrel drey,                           KS2 Sc2 1c, 5b,c
otter holt, wolf den and ant nest.
Variation and Classification                                                   Variation           KS1 Sc2 4b, 5a
Meet at first hand some of the fascinating creatures that make up the          Classification
animal kingdom.                                                                                    KS2 Sc2 4b,c, 5b,c
Care and Respect for Animals                                                   PSHE                KS1 Sc2 2b,e, 5a
Find out how we look after our animals throughout the year; what               Keeping healthy
they eat, where they sleep, how we keep them healthy and make                                      KS2 Sc2 2b, 5a
                                                                                                   PSHE 3b
their lives more interesting.
Myths and Legends                                                              Saxons              KS2 History 2a,b,
Find out what our ancestors (Saxons, Celts or Vikings) believed about          Vikings             8a
the animals around them and how they used them.
Recycling and Sustainable Energy Use                                           Sustainable         KS1 Sc2 5c
How wildlife parks solve their specific recycling/sustainability issues,       development
including animal and visitor waste.                                            Living things in    KS2 Sc2 5a
                                                                               their environment   Geography 5a,b

WORKSHOPS (45min – 1hr)
CSI: Wildwood – Who Killed Mr Bunny?                                    Problem solving    KS2 Sc1 1b, 2i,j,k,l,
Our award-winning forensic science workshop. Use all your               Adaptation         Sc2 2a, 5b,c,d
investigative skills to solve the woodland murder mystery. Suitable     Teeth and Eating
for Key Stage 2 only.                                                   Food Chains
Let’s Talk Wolf!                                                        SEAL Programme     KS1 Sc2 1b, 2a,g
Discover how wolves talk to each other with our puppet wolf, Wilf!      PSHE               PSHE 4a,d
Look at how wolves use their faces, tails and bodies to express how     Senses
                                                                                           KS2 PSHE 2e, 3e,
they feel and how we use body language too.
Meet an Owl                                                             Adaptation         KS1 Sc2 1b,c,
Meet a hand-reared tawny owl and discover how an owl develops           Life cycles        2a,b,e,f,g
from an egg into a sleek adult bird. Make an owl craft to take home     Food chains
OR dissect an owl pellet.                                                                  KS2 Sc2 1a, 2e, 5b
Super Sleuths                                                           Adaptation         KS2 Sc2 2a, 4b,
Test your detection skills and knowledge of mammal adaptation.          Teeth and Eating   5b,c
Handle and examine a range of skulls, antlers, and horns.
Woodland Minibeasts                                                     Adaptation         KS1 Sc2 4b, 5a,b
Hunt for woodland minibeasts and see how they have adapted to           Habitats
their habitat. Sort prey and predators and make a food web.             Variation          KS2 Sc2 4a,b,c,
                                                                        Classification     5b,c,d,e
Variety of Life                                                         Variation          KS1 Sc2 1b,c, 2a,g,
Meet at first hand some of the fascinating creatures that make up the   Classification     4b, 5a
animal kingdom. N.B. Live reptiles and amphibians are only available    Bones and
                                                                        skeletons          KS2 Sc2 1c, 2e, 4b,c
Skeletons                                                               Bones and          KS2 Sc2 2e
Get hands-on with bones and build real deer, fox and badger             skeletons
skeletons; discover how bones fit together and how joints work.
Teeth                                                                   Teeth and Eating   KS2 Sc2 1a, 2a, 4b
Which teeth do which jobs and how animals use them for their
different diets. Hands-on activity with lots of animal teeth.
Animal Homes                                                            Animal Homes       KS1 Sc2 1a, 5a
Investigate the technology used by minibeasts, birds and mammals to
build their refuges, see a range of animal homes, find out why they                        KS2 Sc2 5a,b,c
build them and make a model to take home.
Hibernation and Winter Survival                                         Hibernation        KS1 Sc2 1c,e, 5a,c
Meet some of the animals in Britain that hibernate and find out how     Citizenship
those that don’t survive the winter. Make a hibernation home or bird    Keeping healthy    KS2 Sc2 5a,b
feeder to take home for your garden.
Habitats                                                                Habitats           KS1 Sc2 5a,b
Find out about a range of habitats and the animals that live there      Adaptation
using role play and handling artefacts.                                                    KS2 Sc2 1c, 5b,c
Saxon Days                                                              Saxons             KS2 History 2a,b,
These are run by members of a Saxon re-enactment group and not by                          8a, 9
Wildwood staff. Ask for separate Saxon leaflet.
             Contact or to discuss your day.

        Wildwood Trust         Registered Charity No 1093702                      Tel:01227 712111

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