Spray Drying Equipment

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					                                    Spray Drying Equipment

                              Milk, Yoghurt, Milk Powder Production Line

                                    Spray Drying Equipment

Technology performance:
By adopting international advanced technology and with practical experience, we possess
characteristic spray drying equipment. Especially at cream powder processing, we use
multi-spray guns to form wind to seize powder. The powder is conveyed by wind blowing to tower
top. We also adopt vibrating fluid-bed to complete quadric drying, then cooling and coating with
lecithin. This spray drying equipment is known for beautiful appearance and high energy saving
etc. It is made of SUS304/SUS316L stainless steel and the inside mirror is treated by polishing,
passivation. So the smooth surface can be accord with the hygienic requirements of food.

Application Fields of Spray Drying Equipment:
The industries such as milk, milk serum, fruit juice, soybean milk, tea, fermented liquid, maize,
foodstuff additive and biology medicament etc.

Structure model: pressure, centrifugal.

Technical Parameters of Spray Drying Equipment:

Type                          JDSD-125 JDSD-250 JDSD-350 JDSD-500 JDSD-750 JDSD-1000
Drying capability(kg/h)       125         250         350          500     750         1000
Spraying Pressure(kg cm²)     150         150         150         150      150         150
Evaporating Strength(kg
                              4.5         4.5         5            5.7     6.5         8.5
Intake air temperature        160         160         150          150     150         145
Discharge air temperature     85          85          80           80      75          70
Total power(kw)               17          28.5        35           44.5    65.5        76.5

NOTE: The machine can be designed according to the customer’s requirement.