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									                              WELCOME TO
                       RESIDENZA DI STUDI SUPERIORI

  The Residenza di Studi Superiori is located in a modern building along Via Zanardi in
Bologna close to the railway station and to the center of the city.
    Behind the Residenza di Studi Superiori there is a known stores center, opened every
day, from 9:00 untill 21:00, where are available self-service restaurants, a large food
store, with a department selling small appliances, a laundry service, hair style saloon,
optics, travel agency, mobile telephony shop.
    The connections with the center of the city are possible by the following public
transports of ATC:
    Bus n. 17, “Poste” stop, that allows also to reach beside the center of the city the
central station;
    Bus n. 18, “Poste” stop, that allows to reach the center of the city.
    It is possible to purchase the ticket turning to the Personnel of the Reception of the
Residence for the cost of Euro 1,00.
    It is also possible to ask for a taxi service turning to the Personnel of the Reception
of the Residence.
    The Residence lodge the students and the didactic and cultural activities of the
Collegio Superiore of the Alma Mater Studiorum, the visiting professor of the Institute of
Advanced Studies. The Residence also welcomes students of foreign Universities and
guests of the Structures of the University of Bologna.


General dispositions

1. The Residenza di Studi Superiori, is an University structure. The present rules are
applied to all the guests of the Residenza di Studi Superiori to whatever title presents.
2. The relationships between the guests of the Residenza and the Students of the Collegio Superiore as
well as the personnel and the Residenza direction are striked to a spirit of mutual collaboration and
3. The guests at the Residence belong to the academic community and they constitute therefore a
community founded upon principles of good cohabitation, tolerance and of mutual respect.
4. The present Rules integrate the current Rules of the Residence.
5. Possible violations of the present Rules must be communicated to the Residenza Director, (e-mail:

Use of the apartments
1) Regarding the use of the assigned apartments, the guest of the Residence has:
     a) to make the apartment available for cleaning by the Residence staff for the
     cleanings at specified times (except in the case of physical indisposition);
     b) to daily remove the garbage from the apartment and to drop it in the specially
     provided trash containers out of the Residence;
     c) not to leave containers and bottles of glass on the wall units of the kitchen or
     spread in the room;
     d) to use the specially provided clothes-horses in the laundry room to dry clothes or
     other absolutely avoiding to obstruct the heaters in the apartments;
2) it is forbidden to use the safety doors to access and to leave the Residence;
3) the guest will be held responsible for possible damages caused by non-fulfilment of
the dispositions of the present article; if more people are responsible of the same
damage, they will jointly respond of it.
4) At the departure the guest must leave the apartment before 10:00 a.m. removing all
the personal objects and garbage.

Art. 3
Use of the common spaces

1. The Residence on the underground level provides the guests with: a token-operated
washing-machine, cost 1,50 euro; token-operated drier cost 1,50 euro; detergent cost
0,80 euro; ironing board and iron.
2. The Residence provides a photocopier to be used through the purchase of a card
from the staff of the Reception of the Residence.
3. The Residence also offers to the guests the possibility to park the bicycles in the
special racks located in the back of the building, if marked by an identifying stamp
released from the office of the Collegio in the Residence (e-mail:
4. The Residence doesn’t assume any responsibility for thefts or damages of the
5. The Residence offers to the guests the possibility to park cars and/or motorcycles in
the garage (50,00 euro for month (car) - 7,00 euro for day (car)).

Art. 4
Norms of behavior
1. The respect of the decorum is the condition for the fruition of the lodging at the
Residenza di Studi Superiori of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. The
University and Residence staff have the obligation to inform the Direction of possible
2. It is forbidden to move about out of own apartment bare-chested or barefoot or
however to adopt behaviours not consistent with the activities and the finalities of the
3. In the respect of the prohibition to cause troublesome noises or to camp out and to
make a din also in rooms out of the Residence, included under the arcades, there is the
obligation of the respect of the rest hours from 14,00 to 16,00 o'clock, and from 22,00
to 7,00. In these hours it is forbidden to cause noises in own rooms, to hold a great
volume of television or stereo, as well as to hold a high tone of voice in the common
4. It is forbidden to consume alcoholic drinks in the common places inside and outside
the Residence.
5. It is forbidden to smoke inside the Residence.

Art. 5
Not resident visitors
1. The guests of the Residence are not allowed to lodge people not recorded as guests
of the Residence.
2. To receive external not-resident visitors in the Residence according to the law the
identification through an identity document at the reception is required. The guest will
have to respond of the damage eventually brought to the apartments or to the common
spaces from his/her own visitors for indirect and joint responsibility.

Art. 6
Spaces reserved to the Students of the Collegio Superiore.
The rooms: Library Maccaferri and the Oxford Room, are reserved to the Students of
the Superior College.
a) The use of the spaces of the Collegio Superiore by guests of the Residence is
subordinate to the approval of the Director of the Collegio Superiore (e-mail:

Art. 7
Computer available for the guests of the Residence and for the Students of the
Collegio Superiore:
- 12 positions in the PC Room on the first floor.
- 3 positions in the Hall of the Residence, of which one is usable only by the student
accredited from Cesia for the use of the Wireless connection in the Residence;
- 1 position in the Room Enriques.

Art. 7.1
The computer placed in the Room Maccaferri must be used only by the Professors of
the Collegio on the occasion of the evening lessons in the Residence.

Art. 8
In the Computer Room it is absolutely forbidden:
1) to smoke;
2) to consume foods and drinks;
3) to switch off the pc;
4) to disconnect the cables from the hardware components;
5) to remove any object or component - also temporarily - from the computer room;
7) to install - also temporarily - not authorized software;
8) to download - also temporarily - material or application not allowed - included
images, musical texts, films;
9) to access the net with malicious intents or to cause trouble to other remote systems;
l0) the way of using the computers have to be such not to compromise the correct
working of the same;
11) to disassemble and to force the printer;
12) to print more than necessary;
13) to hold behaviours non consistent to the needs of concentration and study normally
peculiar of an university structure;
then the behaviour of everyone has to be consistent to the need of concentration and
study normally proper of an university structure;
14) to talk aloud and to use cellular telephones, as to hold turned on the ringtone of
these last;
15) to use the room and the equipments for any non inherent use to the use of the
16) the author of possible damages to both hardware and software computer
equipments caused by the non fulfilment of the dispositions of the present paragraph
will be held responsible; if more people are responsible of the same damage, they are
jointly held responsible of it.
17) possible violations of the dispositions of the present article have to be
communicated to the Director of the Residence.

Art. 9
It is compulsory:
a) to signal to the Direction and/or to the Manager of the Residence the presence of
b) to signal to the office of the Collegio Superiore in the Residence (e-mail: any working problem of the computers or of
      paper and/or toner availability as well as jam and not proper working of the

Art. 10
Wireless Network Wi-Fi: to be connected without cable
To connect and to browser in Internet without cable is possible thanks to the services
It is available to all the students and the guests of the Residence a modern
infrastructure of wireless network allowing the connection of laptops to Internet. It
allows the navigation on the World Wide Web, in the respect of the actual anti-
terrorism law (Decree Pisanu) and privacy rules. It doesn't allow the connection to
other network resources (for ex. printers, network disks Outlook Express, Eudora etc.).
What is necessary to have:
It is necessary a PC with external or integrated wireless device (type 802.11b/g),
operating system Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (home or professional),
Windows Approves, Mac OS X rel. 9 or following or Linux.
Procedure of configuration and access:
The instructions for the configuration of the PC and the first wireless access are
enclosed to the present brochure or they can be required to the Office of the Collegio

in the Residence. It is necessary to configure the PC only the first time, afterwards the
following connections are completely automatic.

 1. It is necessary to activate one’s own account DSA (of the type, normally used for the services of the Portal, of
Athenaeum e-mails, etc.).
2. To configure some simple options on one’s own PC.
3. To use one’s own account DSA to get the access to the network.
No technical support is available at the Residence, nevertheless for possible problems
connected to the connection is possible to ask to the Office of the Collegio Superiore
in Residenza writing to the following e-mail address:

Art. 11
Final rules

1. The dispositions of the present rules as the rates of paid services, are temporary in
force and can be modified by the Responsible of the Residence depending on the result
of their application.
2. The norms related to the hospitality and to the use of the rooms of the Residenza di Studi Superiori
will be re-considered after three months from the application.

Art. 11.1
 The guest of the RSS who wants to access the Athenaeum network is kept to the
respect of rules (attachment A) for the assignment of the account and for the use of
both fixed positions and of the wireless net.

Residence organization:
Residenza di Studi Superiori -
Via Mario Fantin, 15 - 40131 Bologna
tel. + 39.051.4165911 - fax + 39.051.4165916

Collegio Superiore
Doctor Valentina Attardo -
Via Mario Fantin 15, 40131 Bologna tel. + 39.051.2099263

Direction of Collegio Superiore
Professor Paolo Leonardi -
Office 403, Dipartimento di Discipline della comunicazione,
via A. Gardino 23 40122 Bologna cell. + 39.335.427241

Direzione dell’Istituto di Studi Avanzati, nonché della Residenza di Studi
Professor Dario Braga e-mail:
Dipartimento di Chimica Ciamician, Via F. Selmi 2,
40126 Bologna, tel. + 39 051 209 9555

Residenza di Studi Superiori Management and Reception:
Mrs. Luigia Accoto
Via Mario Fantin, 15
40131 Bologna tel. 051 4165911 r.a. – fax 051 4165916


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