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Bibliografia - 25 ottobre 2005

Le biblioteche mobili

Regione Toscana - Biblioteca dei servizi bibliografici p. 1
La presente bibliografia è stata redatta sulla base dei seguenti
BIB Bibliografia italiana delle biblioteche, del libro e
LISA Library and information science abstracts;
LLIS Library literature and information science.
1. Articoli di periodici in italiano
Revelli, Carlo. Bibliobus ieri e oggi. «Biblioteche oggi», n. 7 (2004), p. 58-60
Agnoli, Antonella. Una biblioteca "mobile" nel Glass Palace di Helsinki. «Biblioteche oggi», n. 2 (2004),
p. 17-21
Scarscelli, Roberta. "Bibliotechina H", ma non è una medicina. «Biblioteche oggi», n. 2 (2004), p. 43-45
Bibliobus "Isolotto", Firenze. «Bibelot», n. 1 (2001), p. 11
Nasella, Franco - Natale, Maria Teresa. Bibliobus in Slovenia: un'esperienza all'avanguardia. «AIB
notizie», n. 8 (1999), p. 2-3
Anche a
Rasetti, Maria Stella. Ma che paese è mai il suo? «Biblioteche oggi», n. 5 (1998), p. 64
Rasetti, Maria Stella. Ma che paese è mai il suo? 2 «Biblioteche oggi», n. 10 (1998), p. 72
La biblioteca fuori di sé / a cura di Maria Stella Rasetti. «Biblioteche oggi», n. 9 (1997) , p. 58-66
Asta, Grazia. Con il bibliobus cresce anche la biblioteca. «Biblioteche oggi», n. 8 (1996), p. 18
Curletto, Donatella. Un bibliobus da spiaggia «Biblioteche oggi», n. 8 (1996), p. 21
2. Articoli di periodici in inglese
2.1 Esperienze europee
Title: Britain's mobile libraries (Book Review)
Author: Duckett, R. J., reviewer
Journal Name: Library History v. 18 no. 1 (March 2002) p. 66-7
Title: Mobilising the potential for initiative and innovation by means of socially competent
management: results from research libraries in Berlin
Author: Paul, Gerd
Journal Name: Library Management v. 21 no. 2 (2000) p. 81-5
Subject(s): Personnel/Administration; Research libraries/Germany; Research libraries/Administration
Bibliografia - 25 ottobre 2005
Le biblioteche mobili
Regione Toscana - Biblioteca dei servizi bibliografici p. 2
Title: The future of libraries: faster, easier, more mobile
Author: Nilsson, Sven
Journal Name: Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly v. 33 no. 1 (2000) p. 13-18
Subject(s): Libraries/Aims and objectives
Title: From (and to) Russia with love
Author: Barker, Andrea
Source: Library + Information Update; 3 (7-8) Jul 2004-Aug 2004, pp.57-59
Descriptors: Public libraries; Mobile libraries; Setting up; Russia; Volgograd; Overseas aid; UK; Stockton
An account of how Stockton Borough Libraries in the UK responded to an e-mail request from
Volgograd in Russia for assistance in implementing a project so set up a bibliobus service. Stockton sent
drawings, specifications and other relevant data to Volgograd via a specially constructed Internet link and
Andrey Lisitsky of the Volgograd administration visited Stockton to view the bibliobus service there. The
author was invited to the launch of the Volgograd bus and was featured (not always accurately) in the
media. The service faces great problems because of the vast region but it is of importance in showing
recognition of the value of libraries and is proving to be a popular service.
Title: Internet bus Netti-Nysse
Author: Harju, Elina
Source: Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly; (3) 2004, pp.25-27
Descriptors: Library technology; Internet; Public libraries; Mobile libraries; Finland; Tampere;
Looks at the service offered by Netti-Nysse, an old articulated bus which belonged to Tampere city's
transport service and has been converted to become the City Library s Internet bus. Outlines the current
programmes and services being offered, and discusses the future of the mobile service, as the vehicle's
age means that a replacement will soon be needed.
Title: Still rolling!
Author: Myllyla, R
Source: Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly; 36 (1) 2003, p.19-22
Descriptors: Public libraries; Mobile libraries; Nordic countries
Reports on the Nordic Mobile Library Festival which was held in Turku in Finland in August 2002.
This is an event that has taken place every 4 years since 1990. Reflects the concerns and achievements in
the area of mobile libraries as reported by librarians from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland,
emphasing the changes that are affecting this sector of public libraries. Also discusses the technological
developments that are influencing mobile libraries.
Title: A remote chance?
Author: Goulding, Anne; Haggis, Sarah
Source: Public Library Journal; 18 (2) Summer 2003, pp.36-38
Descriptors: Public libraries; Mobile libraries; UK; Lincolnshire; Evaluation
Reports the results of a study of Lincolnshire Library Service to evaluate the efficiency of its mobile
service, particularly the "one-house stops"; which were felt to be an expensive method of providing
Bibliografia - 25 ottobre 2005
Le biblioteche mobili
Regione Toscana - Biblioteca dei servizi bibliografici p. 3
library services to a small group of users. One-house stops were defined as those mobile library stops
where the inhabitants of just one house used the service. The house could be in a village or hamlet but
often were just an isolated house standing on its own in the countryside. The library service wanted to
investigate whether there were any other methods of providing library services to the one-house stop
clients and the advantages and disadvantages of the current system compared with the alternatives. A case
study approach was taken and the area of South Lincolnshire, covered by the three mobile libraries of
Deepings, Holbeach and Boston, was investigated. The aims of the project were to identify and evaluate
alternative methods of providing library services to the current one-house stop users and to determine the
costs of the alternative methods. The costs were calculated for: the current service; books-by-mail; village
shop library; extension to the housebound service; and transporting users to the library.
Title: Moving forward with confidence
Author: Brooks, Judy
Source: Public Library Journal; 18 (3) Autumn 2003, pp.66-67
Descriptors: Library management; Reorganization; Public libraries; Mobile
libraries; UK; Staffordshire
Discusses the reasons why Staffordshire Library and Information Services reformed its Mobile Library:
allocation of time to communities wasnot related to use made of the service; stops close together serving
families with use of a car; stops serving one individual with use of acar; and time spent in communities
where use is low prevents expansion of services where there is demand due to increased population. The
Best Value Review was undertaken to gather statistical information about the use of the mobile library
service and the data was used as the basis for the replanning of the service. The success of the revamped
service was seen in the 2001/2002 period, where an increase in the number of items borrowed of 3.7%
was achieved.
2.2 Esperienze extraeuropee
Title: On the Move: Mobile Library Services in New Zealand
Author: Hawke, Bernie; Jenks, Fiona
Journal Name: Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services v. 18 no. 3 (September 2005) p.
The mobile library has been a longstanding and important feature of the delivery of public library services
in New Zealand. This article traces the development of mobile libraries in New Zealand as the context for
the first detailed survey of mobile libraries in more than a decade, and the development of standards for
mobile libraries for the first time Reprinted by permission of the publisher.
Subject(s): Bookmobile services/New Zealand; Surveys/Bookmobile services
Title: This is not your father's bookmobile
Other Titles: InfoBUS of the Memphis-Shelby County Public Library & Information Center
Author: King, Bobby; Shanks, Todd
Journal Name: Library Journal (1976) part Net connect (Summer 2000) p. 14-17
The InfoBUS is a completely adaptable, computerized mobile library service established by the
Memphis/Shelby County Public Library & Information Center to cater for the area's burgeoning
immigrant population. The InfoBUS, which has been operating since September 1999, offers all the
amenities found in the system's "bricks and mortar" libraries, including a full range of collection materials
Bibliografia - 25 ottobre 2005
Le biblioteche mobili
Regione Toscana - Biblioteca dei servizi bibliografici p. 4
and complete Internet access.
Subject(s): Bookmobile services/Public libraries; Public libraries/Automation; Bookmobile
services/Tennessee; Memphis-Shelby County Public Library & Information Center (Tenn.)
Title: Model TLC
Author: Miller, Rebecca
Source: Library Journal; 129 (12) Jul 2004, pp.42-44
Descriptors: User services; Outreach services; Public libraries; Mobile libraries; Old people; USA;
Washington; King County
In just over 10 years, the number of people over 65 years in King County, Washington, has more than
tripled, lending increasing importance to library outreach on this group of users of the King County
Library System (KCLS), Washington. A major part of this service is based on the Traveling Library
Center (TLC), a mobile library service using a fleet of large box trucks, cargo vans and a converted
Winnebago (the Techlab), an ABC Express van, and an older poptop van, based at Issaquah, Washington,
to serve communities at four locations in Burien and SeaTac, on the western edge of King County, 20
miles distant. The aim of the service is to reach those who are unable get to the library and the way in
which the mobile libraries are organized physically and the mode of operation are described.
Title: Victorian mobile libraries: moving into the new Millennium
Author: Clancy, F
Source: Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services; 16 (1) Mar
2003, p.21-37
Descriptors: Public libraries; Mobile libraries; Australia; Victoria
The Victorian mobile libraries project, resulting in the significant upgrade of the mobile libraries, was
based on a single idea: that the people living in remote or isolated places in Victoria, Australia, were not
receiving fair and equitable access to cultural and educational materials. While this answer to this was
uncomplicated in itself, implementing it was not. It involved resources, planning and cooperation at
several levels between government, community and the libraries which would ultimately provide the
Title: Mobile and outreach library services in Thailand
Author: Cheunwattana, Aree
Source: Information Development; 19 (1) Mar 2003, pp.23-27
Descriptors: Public libraries; Mobile libraries; Thailand
Edited version of a poster session presented at the 68th IFLA General Conference, 18-24 August 2002,
Glasgow, Scotland. Briefly describes:the mobile library service and book houses of the Bangkok
Metropolitan Municipality; floating libraries and information and educational services on elephants of the
Department of Non-Formal Education, Ministry of Education; library trains for homeless children
provided by the Railway Police Division of the Royal Thai Police; the bookmobile project for rural school
children of the Department of Library and Information Science, Khon Kaen University; outreach
information services to rural communities provided by the Academic Resource Center, Mahasarakham
University; portable libraries provided by the Department of Library Science, Srinakharinwirot
University; and travelling books for young readers provided by the Central Library, Srinakharinwirot

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