Thank you again very much for praying for us

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					                                 News and Prayer Requests from
                       Charles & Lynn Barr Johnston in Northern Argentina

                                                      April 2009

Thank you again very much for praying for us. Lynn has developed a tooth infection with
pain since last Saturday evening. We have been to the dentist who has put her on to an
antibiotic and has drained the infection with plans to save the tooth. She continues to go out
for walks, including one with a good view of the mountains just outside the 5 flats, where
Lynn walks in the sun which does her good, and I in the shade as the hot rays burn me.

We have recently enjoyed a visit of several friends from the Juárez area. They were Vicar
Tuqui from Yema with Ricardo, his youth leader, who also preaches, Deaconess Elena
from Chiriguanos and Vicars Juan and Narciso with Deacon René from Juárez. The student
Juan Ailán from Juárez was also in the conference. They all came for a clergy and leaders
conference led by the Suffragan Bishop of Carlisle who spoke by translation. He had a team
of 3 other ministers from his diocese, two of whom also spoke by translation.

The last day of the conference, Sunday the 15th was Lynn’s birthday. So after the Holy
Communion service led by the bishop, we had a luncheon birthday party for Lynn in Ester’s
house. Ten people from Juárez were there, including retired headmaster Carlos and his wife
Marina who is a head mistress, both of whom used to come to our Bible studies in Juárez.
They had come to Salta to bring their son Rodrigo to Salta University, where he is learning
to be a schoolmaster of physical education. Please pray for Rodrigo. Juan Ailán had planned
to look after him with the other first year students, Esteban and Andrés. I am told that
Rodrigo has made friends with Joshua, the son of missionaries Hans and Priscilla
Breekveldt. Priscilla leads the young people’s work in the central Salta church, San Andrés.
So please pray for the Lord’s blessing on that young people’s work, and on its influence on
Rodrigo. Please also pray for Hans, a theological lecturer especially on Old Testament
studies. He has just started teaching Juan Ailán in a Theological Course. Please pray for
Juan Ailán, both reading ‘Business Studies’ in University and Theology with Hans.

Juan also comes to our home group on Fridays. So I think I am giving him another aspect of
Theological Education, through studying books of the Bible in a group, where every one can
express their doubts, experiences and understanding of the passage in its immediate context
and wider context of the whole Bible. Juan also comes to lunch nearly every Sunday, where I
try to give him more teaching in any part or aspect of ministry. Please pray for help and
guidance in this. Pray also for Juan’s times with Archdeacon Hugo.

Please also pray for the use of the two Toyota trucks based in Juárez and Yema for
evangelistic outreach and pastoral care. The first was bought with the St Paul’s project of
1996 and the second with their project of 2004, with also a great gift from St Ebbe’s. Vicar
Juan takes the white Juárez Toyota 115 kilometres to Quemado each Saturday for a thriving
evangelistic outreach and pastoral care of converts, but as yet there is no local leadership
there. Vicar Narciso uses this Toyota in evangelistic outreach to Maza, 40 kilometres north of
Juárez and beyond. As yet Vicar Tuqui is using his red Toyota in Yema itself, to start 2 new
daughter congregations in the outskirts of the town. One is in the house of Saturnino.

Please continue to pray for our son Nick, working in a bank in Tokyo in the middle of the
economic crisis. Pray also for his wife Nicky, looking after their two daughters Sadie and
Cally. Pray also of our daughter Susan expecting a baby, while teaching ‘A’ level biology in
Zurich, Switzerland, with her husband Emmanuel back from helping people in Liberia.

                                      South American Mission Society
                      Allen Gardiner Cottage, Pembury Road, Tunbridge Wells TN2 3QU
                           Registered No 65048 Registered Charity Number 221328

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