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Paris, 1st of December 1999 –Ariston announces the launch of the, a washing machine that can be controlled with a mobile
phone or through the Internet. It is the first “white” appliance available worldwide
which interacts with telecommunications networks without additional devices. It has
its own Internet site at within which each single washing
machine has its own pages featuring control details and operating status information,
in addition to useful statistics and suggestions.

The first on-line washing machine using WRAP (Web Ready Appliances Protocol)
is part of the new generation of Ariston Digital household appliances, which can
communicate with each other and with the outside world through
telecommunications networks.

Using a mobile telephone, the user can communicate with the washing machine,
turning it on as well as checking its status (on/off, current status, sending and
receiving messages). The Digital Services Centre, thanks to its call centre,
guarantees the services of remote alarm and remote assistance for the washing
machine and for all other household appliances which communicate with, which represents a true gateway to the outside world.

Merloni Elettrodomestici is the only Company in the world which guarantees remote
assistance services for household appliances. is much more than a washing machine: it contains a built-in
electronic system ( WRAP inside), which not only permits communication with the
outside world, but also allows the upgrade of new programmes through the web. In
fact, users can download new washing programs from,
thus effectively resulting in a new model each time. is the flagship of the new “WRAP inside” line of washing
machines and with its built-in consumption management system, it guarantees the
lowest levels of energy, water and detergent consumption. It is in the class A and
features unique washing cycles and functions.
 Ariston Digital : the new generation of household appliances

     Digital with WRAP ( Web Ready Appliances Protocol )
“Ariston Digital” is the new generation of household appliances, which, integrating
the WRAP (Web Ready Appliances Protocol) digital technology, developed by
Merloni in partnership with internationally renowned partners, can function as user-
friendly intelligent systems, capable of communicating with each other and with the
telecommunications networks. These new applications, which provide the consumer
with more reliable products and more convenient services, can be grouped in three
main categories: remote assistance, connection to the Internet and consumption

The most important feature of Ariston Digital is its user-friendly installation and
operation (plug & play), with information travelling along your home electricity
circuits. Simply plug the appliance into the wall socket and the Ariston Digital
appliance is already on line. The intelligence is distributed into the appliances,
meaning that there is no need for a controlling PC to manage the data.

Remote assistance service – Ariston digital household appliances communicate
with the outside world through the home telephone lines or GSM networks. In this
way, the appliances can send to the Digital Service Centre information on their
operation and report any faults, enabling the support service to intervene promptly
and go straight to the problem. In the event of an extended power blackout, the alarm
goes off and allows, per instance, the consumer to save the food stored in the freezer.
Each appliance stores important data concerning its operation throughout the course
of its life cycle (washing or cooking cycles, consumption, repairs etc. ). This makes it
possible to improve its operation and intervene more promptly as well as efficiently.

E-cooking – The Ariston digital oven offers cooking cycles for any type of dish: the
ideal programme may be chosen from those already available in the oven memory or
downloaded from the site. New recipes can also be stored in the
oven memory. Aristonchannel offers online services for all household appliances:
household tips, new recipes and a direct line to experts for any information requests,
advice on washing and dish washing cycles andinformation on storing food.
Consumption management – The Ariston Digital household appliances
communicate with each other exchanging information along the home power
lines.They can provide energy consumption measures at any time and can manage
consumption so as to avoid blackout risks. They are also able to handle priorities and
can, in the event of a possible blackout, decide whether to give priority to the
washing machine or the oven. An additional feature is the ability to increase the
operation of the appliances during off-peak periods.

Technical information – WRAP technology uses standard communication systems
and is open to communication and integration with other systems.
The new generation of “Wrap inside” household appliances is able to communicate
through the electricity network with power line modems. This type of
communication represents the international standard in household automation and
requires no additional wiring.

The appliances are equipped with an advanced control system based on a new type of
hardware (specific micro-controllers, small computers monitoring the household
appliances ); an innovative software (based on fuzzy logic technology) and new
sensors, specifically designed by Merloni Elettrodomestici, which provide the micro-
controllers with the information required to guarantee the best performance in terms
of energy and water consumption.
                    E-cooking, a new on-line service

With Leon@ rdo, Ariston brings the Internet into the kitchen

Paris, December 1st 1999 – Leon@rdo is the first interactive multimedia kitchen
monitor which provides access to the Internet and its services, thanks to WRAP
(Web Ready Appliances Protocol ). Leon@rdo interacts with all the WRAP
household appliances. Although its electronics is similar to that of a PC, Leon@rdo
comes complete with advanced functions such as an user-friendly interface,
specifically designed to make its use as easy as possible.

Leon@rdo is a small touch screen, which contains an Internet browser, e-mail, diary,
notebook, calendar, shopping list and many other options. In addition, Leon@rdo
provides housewives with a series of useful information on household appliances and
practical as well as personalised tips on their best use. Ariston Digital appliances
basically possess an autonomous intelligence that allows them to communicate with
each other and with the external world and to use remote assistance, remote
diagnostic and consumption management services, even without Leon@rdo.

The name Leon@ardo was chosen by Internet surfers from more than one thousand
suggestions made on the and sites. The best
proposals were then evaluated by the Internet surfing population and Leon@ardo was
the most popular choice.

One of the most interesting applications of Ariston Digital system, which can be used
thanks to Leon@ardo, is E-cooking. This system is easy and does not require particular
technological skills. Using Leon@rdo, the Ariston Digital oven can download
recipes and cooking programs from the Internet. Cooking becomes intelligent: the
oven sets its own temperature and turns itself off when the food is ready. New
recipes can be created and improved from time to time, making ever more delicious

The navigation system to gain access to the Internet through Leon@rdo is simplified
by using user-friendly search engines. In addition, it is possible to access the most
useful cooking sites, such as Aristonchannel, which contains new recipes which can
be downloaded.
You can also use Leon@rdo for home-shopping, finding recipes, sending e-mail,
checking your agenda or leaving messages for other family members.

Leon@rdoand all the other household appliances of Ariston Digital new generation are
equipped with WRAP (Web Ready Appliances Protocol). This acronym stands for all
the technological innovations made in this sector by Merloni Elettrodomestici.
This technology uses standard communication systems and is open to
communication and integration with other systems.

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