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Generation of information and tools to support the management of the avian
                         influenza crisis in poultry


              Sustainable management of Europe’s natural resources
                         Sixth Framework Programme
                                Priority SSP/8.1
                            Policy-oriented research

                       SECOND ANNUAL MEETING
                              March 13-14, 2008
                                Legnaro, Italy

       Name         Role            Institution        e-mail
Ilaria Capua (IC)   Project         IZSVe, Italy
William Dundon      Deputy          IZSVe, Italy
(WD)                coordinator
Silva Mitro (SM)                    IZSVe, Italy
Sergio Bazan        Financial       IZSVe, Italy
(SB)                consultant
Marek Slomka                        VLA, UK  
Jill Banks (JB)                      VLA, UK 
Guus Koch (GK)      Contract manager DLO /CVI The
Jeanet van der                       DLO /CVI The
Goot (JvdG)                          Netherlands
Chris Danks         Contract manager Forsite 
Philipe Pourquier Contract manager ID – VET France
Matthias Lineger                   FVO/FDEASwitz
(ML)                               erland

Jean-Paul Picault                   AFSSA France
Véronique Jestin Contract manager   AFSSA France
Mohamed                             CLQP / Egypt
Khalifa Hassan
Dirk Bellstedt                      SU, South Africa
Anna Toffan                         IZSVe / Italy
Paola de                            IZSVe / Italy
Adelaide Milani                     IZSVe / Italy
Roberta De Nardi                    IZSVe / Italy
Fillipo Cilloni                     IZSVe / Italy
Maria Serena                        IZSVe / Italy
Beato (MSB)
Cristian De                         IZSVe / Italy
Michela Rigoni                               IZSVe / Italy

    APOLOGIES: Partner 5, Pakistan and Partner 13, Vietnam due to the AI epidemiologic situation
    in their countries


    The meeting was held at the Isituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie, Legnaro, Italy and
    was chaired by the project coordinator Dr. Ilaria Capua,

    DAY ONE: March 13, 2008


    IC: Opened the meeting by welcoming all participants. She invited all participants to introduce

    She underlined that the meeting would be an occasion to review the scientific progress and the
    deliverables, propose modifications of deliverables and milestones if needed and amendments to
    the contract, review the financial situation. In view of the termination of the project she proposed
    the next meeting date. In addition, she invited the consortium to think about the idea of promoting a
    workshop in Brussels whose purpose would be to present the results of the FLUAID project
    together with other AI related projects as well.

    WD: Thanked everybody for the contribution to the project and preparation of the second annual
    report. . During his presentation he made a review of the achievements and highlighted what has
    notyet been achieved. He emphasized that one of the objectives of the meeting was to identify what
    needs to be done , organize the work and be ready for the wrap up meeting. For details on this
    presentation please see the project website:

    SM: Made a general presentation on WP 1 on coordination underlining the main activities under
    this work package and the difficulties faced . For further details on this presentation please refer to
    the project website. In addition, she raised two important issues: a) signature of an
    Intellectual Property Agreement The proposed date would be May 30, 2008: b)The next FLUAID
    meeting should probably be held in December 2008, otherwise costs related to its organization may
    not be eligible. This has to be verified with the EU Commission

    IC: the intellectual property agreement is very important especially for the commercial partners.
    To make the process quicker it might be useful to circulate the draft to those partners that have a
    commercial interest in order to have their comments. Afterwards the draft can be circulated to all
    the consortium members for their signature. Given the end of the project in December 2008 she also
    invited all partners to respect the deadlines for the reporting materials which must be ready for the
    final meeting.

    SB: made a general presentation on the status of expenditure. He underlined that it was important to
    identify the roles of the small partners during the last months of the project in order to make sure
    that they can use their project funding. Given the financial situation and the proposal to remove the
    Indonesian partner, it may be possible to reallocate funds to other partners.
IC: we need to develop a work program for each partner and think of ways to spend the money
available. An idea could be to set up a working group on LFD validation . We can include: SU,
NARC and CLQP in this work group. By mid April we should receive a budget estimation from the
minor partners. In addition, she proposed the idea of organizing the workshop in Brussels and
underlines that this needs to be discussed with the EU Commission in order to see whether it is

WORK PACKAGE 2.: Vaccination

MSB: made a detailed presentation of the work and results obtained under this WP. Numerous
questions were raised. For further details on this presentation and the related questions please visit
the project website.


WORK PACKAGE 3: Diagnostics and novel technologies

CD/Forsite: He informed the consortium that Forsite has already produced 7000 LFD kits which
are packed in boxes of 50. No refrigeration is needed. The package also includes also an instruction
leaflet. Feed back is appreciated. For further details on this presentation, please visit the project

MS: His presentation focused on the validation of the LFD kits. For further details, please refer to
his presentation on the website:
IC: we need to test the specificity in poultry using negative flocks and also need to determine the
sensitivity in infected flocks. So, we need to analyze samples from experimental and field
It was agreed that MS will coordinate the work related to the above mentioned tests. He will work
closely with NARC, CLQP and NCVD to organize the sensitivity testing in infected flocks. He will
also coordinate the work with IZSVE, AFSSA and DLO/CVI who will do the specificity testing in
negative flocks. IZSVe will use quails, ducks and ostriches. The rest of the partners will have to
communicate this information to MS. For what concerns the size of the samples to be used by the
partners for the two types of testing, it will be MS’s responsibility to discuss the issues with a
statistician in order to have statistically significant results.

DB: made a presentation on the University Department where he works and its technical capacities.
For further details, please refer to his presentation on the website:

MKH: made a presentation on the AI situation in EGYPT. For further details, please refer to his
presentation on the website:

DAY TWO: March 14, 2008

WORK PACKAGE 4: Tropism, Pathogenesis and Transmission:
GK: made a detailed presentation of the work and results obtained under this WP. Numerous
questions were raised. For further details on this presentation and the related questions please visit
the project website.
PhP: Listed the Mab available to the partners from ID-VET. For further details please refer the
project website:

Final discussion:
During this session the participants reviewed the project deliverables. It was concluded that most of
them have been achieved. In addition participants agreed the following:

      CONCLUSIONS                                 PERSON                      DEADLINE
1     Define the size of the samples and Marek Slomaka                        May 15
      number of kits to send to Pakistan Egypt,
      Vietnam for the sensitivity testing for the
      LFDs produced by FORSITE
2     The same as above for specificity testing Marek Slomka                  May 15
      to be performed on experimental samples
      by the EU partners such as: AFSSA,
3     Prepare the protocol for use of the LFD Marek slomka                    May 15
4     Regular reporting on the work progress to Khalid Naeem, Than            End of May, July and
      Marek Slomka every two months               To Longh, Mohamed           September 2008
5     Shipment of kits to the various partners    Chris Danks                 May 30
6     Information/      reporting    related   to Concerned partners          September 10, 2008
      specificity testing must be sent to Marek
7     Reporting template must be prepared and S.Mitro+M.Slomka                Mid May
      sent to all partners concerned
8     Termination of the Indonesian partner       S. Mitro                    End of May
9     Upload to the project website information All partners                  May 15, 2008
      on animal experiments
10    Final meeting                               IZSVe                       First    week        of

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