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ABSTRACT                                                      Responsibility for the provision of good original
                                                              drawings resides with the author. Workshop
This document gives guidelines to authors of the              proceedings are reproduced in a normal photo-copy
International Vacuum Electronics Conference 2001 for          process where bad photocopies, blueprints or
the preparation of their papers. The instructions are         viewgraphs/ overhead sheets give poor results. An
intended to improve the appearance of the proceedings.        original drawing in black Indian ink or a good black and
With a few exceptions the recommendations for lay-out         white glossy photograph of that original is preferred.
of the manuscript are identical to the ones used for ESA      Good, clean photocopies of line drawings are also
Conferences. An example of a paper is included.               acceptable.

1. INTRODUCTION                                               5.1 Captions
                                                              All captions should be self-explanatory. All captions
The Proceedings of the Workshop will be published by          should be typed in lower case, italic if available. They
ESTEC. Each author will receive free of charge a copy         should be single spaced if there is more than one line,
of the printed book. The Proceedings will be printed          and placed below the relevant figure.
from the final copy prepared by authors on standard A4
paper. The working language of the Workshop is                5.2 Mounting of Illustrations
English; however papers may be written in either of the       Illustrations should be included in the document or to be
two official ESA languages: English or French. The size       mounted within the text using two small pieces of thin,
of the paper should normally be 4 to 6 pages.                 transparent, adhesive tape or, better still, non-permanent
                                                              6. REFERENCES
2.1 Page lay-out
Only standard European A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) or US letter         References are to be listed and numbered at the end of
(8 x 11") paper should be used for the preparation of the     the paper. refer to them in the text as (Ref. 4) or as
manuscript. Leave a margin of 2.5 cm at the top and 3         (Refs. 15, 7, 10-12).
cm at the bottom. Type the text in two columns of 8 cm
each, separated by a centre space of 1 cm.                    Example of list of references:
                                                              1. Schmetz, J & al 1988, Upper troposphere humidity
2.2 Fonts                                                     fields from Meteosat, ESA Journal, 12, 2, 267-272
It is recommended to use 10- point letters with               2. Grard R J L & Gringauz KI 1986, Electron emission
proportional spacing ("Times Roman" or similar).              by gas and dust impacts during the flyby of comet
                                                              Halley, Geophysics Res. Ltr., 13, 8, 877-879.
                                                              7. PAGE NUMBERING
The title should appear centred in Title Case without
underlining. Use more than one line if necessary, but         Number the pages of your paper consecutively on the
always in single spacing. Type the author(s)' name(s)         back of each page in pencil. (Do not type the page
with initial capitals centred under the title, with one       numbers on the front side).
blank line in between.
                                                              8. SUBMISSION
                                                              Final papers should be submitted to the ESTEC
Start with a concise Abstract/Resume summarising the          Conference Bureau in both electronic (as a Word
contents of the paper.                                        document or *.pdf file) and camera-ready format.
                                                              Papers may be sent in advance to or
5. ILLUSTRATIONS                                              handed over to the hostess at the registration desk
                                                              during the conference. For questions, please contact the
Figures are to be numbered consecutively throughout           ESTEC Conference Bureau by phone: +31 71 5655005,
the paper. Each figure number must be unique.                 or e-mail:

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