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     Dresses, jumpers, pajamas, and swimsuits are popular baby clothes most parents would like to have. Colors
            choices can be anything, but mostly baby girl wear pink color and baby boy wear blue color.
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                                               Shopping Ideas For Baby Clothing
                                                                By Janet R.

   It is the responsibility of parents to buy clothing for their newborn child, especially since clothing is
one of the most important essentials for sensitive skin of babies. However, baby clothes are most likely
given by friends and family members to welcome the newborn child. But the problem occurs when your
toddler is starting to grow up and become a usual accepted member of the family. During this stage,
other people will no longer give clothing because it seems impossible to keep up with the sizes of
clothing for your growing child, and you've realize that you no longer have extra income to buy a new
one. Whether or not your are accepting gifts or donations, it is important to know how to seek for
practical ways to give you benefit and safety as you go along raising your baby.

 First in mind when buying clothing for a child is safety. Consider the safety of these items, are they
organic or chemically-made? If you don't have any clue, better to check it first with someone who
knows about it, or if you have any doubt about it, better leave it. Reliable clothing should clearly display
good quality of materials on the label itself – most child's clothing like crib beddings and other layettes
today are flame retardant, ordered by law. Another thing to consider about clothing is its choking
hazard. Indeed, babies tend to put everything into their mouth, therefore, buttons and other baubles
should be checked. Also, safety aspect has to do with cords and tight elastic bands. Baby clothes with
such cords are easily reached by toddlers, thus can cause pain and wound round for them.

 As far as good quality of clothing is concerned, babies should feel the softness and comfortability of
layettes. Cotton made from pure fabric is the preferred materials to use, which is obviously good for
baby's sensitive skin.

 And of course, when shopping for your child's clothes, you might have budget constraints. Clothing
like one-piece, baby shirts, crib beddings, socks, hats and other layettes can be very expensive. But if
you will just thoroughly hunt for discount stores, even buying in online auctions or visiting charity
shops, you could have good quality of layettes to warm your little darling.

 Popular trends nowadays are personalized baby stuff, from toys and furniture to baby clothing. There
are different varieties of designs you can choose. The design of clothing may vary from different
themes. If you happen to have a pretty baby girl, you may choose clothings with the color scheme of
pink, or make it personalized by scripting your child's initials on the fabric. And for those savvy gift
givers, still personalized baby gifts can make a lovely welcome present for the child. You may also
consider giving baby gift basket filled with baby products and supplies – that include soft and comfy

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clothing and layettes of course. You can have these gift ideas ordered from online stores or at your
local specialty stores. Or if you are creative enough, consider making your own handmade products
and supplies for your most precious one.

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                                                Baby Clothing Or Baby Costumes?
                                                            By Kathleen Justing

 My daughter just had a baby girl. I almost said “a new baby girl”, but the new part should be assumed.
She doesn’t live near us and we will probably over compensate our lack of time spent with her by
showering her with gifts. That is what grandparents do.

Naturally, the first things you buy a baby are clothes. Well actually you buy them for the parents
because the baby could care less. All babies care about is nourishment and a clean diaper. We had
not shopped for baby clothes in twenty five years, and you can imagine the surprises we were in for.

Baby clothing bargains are easy to find if you don’t mind shopping the pre owned stores, flea markets,
or yard sales. But we will leave the bargain shopping to the parents who really need it. Our
granddaughter is going to have the best with no expenses spared. At least our first grandchild will. That
might change when more grandchildren come along.

We decided that it would be easier for us to do some shopping online as the snow is on the ground and
we don’t feel like getting out right now. This was quite an interesting endeavor.

We found Native American baby clothing, military baby clothing, Chic baby clothing, Icky baby clothing,
and Adult baby clothing. The adult baby clothing is an entire subject for another day. There is Baby
Einstein Clothing, Baby Clothing Organic, Smocked Baby Clothing, and Colonial Baby Clothing.
Monogrammed baby clothing is a wonderful idea, as is organic baby clothing.

There is a lot of unique baby clothing available and we had a great time searching the web. We felt like
we were shopping for costumes at some times instead of clothing. So after all of that, I think it’s time to
put our overcoats on and head for the mall. I am one who has to touch and feel the actual product that
I am purchasing, especially little girly clothes. I know my husband will try to find something with the
Chicago Bears logo on it. That is just the way he is. Being a grandparent is going to be so much fun. I
can’t wait until we get to go toy shopping.

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