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       Halloween does not have to be the same old costume choices year in and out. Make it fun and original.
     Halloween costumes used to be just for kids but really had become a huge adult event over the past several
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                                              Safety Tips For Halloween Costumes
                                                                By Andy West

   When fall rolls around and your children start to discuss what Halloween costumes they want to
wear this year, they aren't thinking about safety. They're focused on whether they want to be a fairy
princess, rock star, ghoul, space alien, fireman or bumblebee. You, on the other hand, are probably
thinking about how to make sure your little ones will be safe when they go trick or treating and attend
Halloween parties. There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for Halloween costumes
that will ensure that your children are dressed safely.

 1. Buy flame resistant costumes. Check the label or, if ordering online, order from a reputable U.S.
based company. These will adhere to all U.S. manufacturing guidelines. Halloween is all about
Jack-O-Lanterns and flickering candles, so you don't want kids wearing costumes that could ignite if
they brush against a flame. If you'll be making the outfits yourself, make sure you use only flame
retardant materials. It's actually easier to purchase pre-made costumes these days than to try and find
the proper materials in many instances.

 2. Keep night time visibility in mind. Whenever possible, Halloween costumes should use bright and
light colors that can be easily seen at night. This is relatively easy when your son wants to be a ghost
or your daughter wants to dress as a fairy, but what if one of your children wants to be the Grim
Reaper? You'll need to attach some reflective tape around the hem of the Grim Reaper's black gown
and sleeves if he's going trick-or-treating. Don't compromise on his safety! A flashlight is always a good
idea for kids as well; you can find small flashlights in colors to match any costume at major chain
stores everywhere.

 3. Good fit is essential. Be sure to check the size charts when you order Halloween costumes for your
children. You want the outfits to fit comfortably with enough room for warm clothing underneath, but
nothing should drag on the ground or be too long at the sleeves. You never want anything that could
snag on sharp corners or trip them when walking. In fact, the number one cause of Halloween injuries
in children each year is trip and fall accidents!

 4. Make sure the mask fits right. There is nothing wrong with a mask as long as it fits properly. If a
Halloween mask covers a child's entire face, you may want to modify it slightly. Check to see if your
child can see clearly through the eyeholes; if he or she can't, carefully enlarge them to improve the
field of vision. The same goes for the nose and mouth area. You want breathing to be unobstructed. If

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your child says the mask gets easily steamed up or feels too hot, enlarge the breathing holes. Consider
using make-up instead of a mask so that there is no obstruction at all.

 5. Make sure make-up is hypo-allergenic. Face make-up is an excellent alternative to a mask because
it doesn't block vision or breathing at all, however, you do want to test your child's skin before
Halloween night. Test the make-up on a small area (just under the chin line is a good spot) a few days
before doing the full makeup and leave on for a few hours. Then watch the spot for 24 hours to see if
there is any kind of a reaction. You can find hypo-allergenic make-up at most larger suppliers that will
work on all but the most sensitive skins.

 Halloween costumes are the highlight of the holiday for children – dressing up and pretending to be
someone else for a magical night of make-believe is what Halloween is all about. Following these tips
will ensure that it's not only fun but safe as well.

Andy West is a writer for Costume Kingdom which offers a wide variety of Halloween costumes. Please
visit .

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                               How To Find The Perfect Plus Size Halloween Costume
                                                            By Susan G West

Halloween can be such a fun time of the year. No matter how old you are, it seems that on the evening
of Halloween there is so much to do, and so much to look forward to. The holiday can really bring out
the kid in everyone, and that is one of the things that is so much fun about Halloween. When else do
you get the opportunity to dress up in an elaborate Halloween costume, go out like that, and have
people respect you?

 Halloween is a holiday for everybody, men, women, children, plus size people, not-so-plus size
people, couples—everybody. Many people believe that plus sized Halloween costumes are hard to
find, and that is the reason why they do not participate in the festivities but all that means is that you
are not looking in the right place. Online retailers have so much more of a selection than one would
ever think possible.

 If you have done your shopping at physical retail locations in the past, chances are you have a false
impression of what an online Halloween costume store would be like, when in all actuality it is not a
realistic impression.

 The thing about regular Halloween costume stores is that unless you are early in the season, by the
time you get there all of the good plus sized Halloween costumes are gone, along with all of the good
couples costume ideas. If you are looking for a sexy plus size Halloween costume you might as well
forget it. There are people who go shopping early in the season just to get the costumes they want, the
ones you can never find.

 So, in order to get the best sexy plus size Halloween costume that you could possibly have, you have
two options: either do your shopping early in the season when the stores are first stocked with the best
in couple costumes and sexy plus size Halloween costumes or go the route of shopping online. There
are pros and cons to each, but if you want to find the right plus sized costume or plus sized couples
costume, the sexy costumes that are bound to knock everybody's socks off, you are going to have to
make some changes.

 If Halloween is coming up and you want to avoid the rush at the stores and the woes of having to go
through dressing room drama just to find the right plus sized Halloween costume for your needs, you
should definitely go the internet shopping route. Not only do you have a bigger selection of truly sexy
plus size Halloween costumes and couples costumes that are sure to please, but you can do your
shopping in the comfort of your own home or office and get something that nobody else at the party is
going to be wearing. After all, wouldn't you agree that seeing somebody else with your exact outfit can
be a real drag?

 Internet shopping gives you an advantage to poring through rack after rack. Not only can you search
SIZE COSTUMES) but you can see what sizes are available ahead of time; not having to wait for
something that is not going to fit you.

 Now that you have your options before you (early season shopping or internet shopping) go forth and
find the perfect plus size Halloween costume for your needs.

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Susan West is a proficient writer for and is a specialist when it comes
to costume purchasing advice. Visit the website for great deals and new costumes for this year. Use
coupon code 05CCNL for a 5% discount on everything in the store.

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