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          Toys are fun and are an important part of any child's development. Toys for infants often make use of
      distinctive sounds, bright colors, and unique textures. Toys for infants often make use of distinctive sounds,
                                            bright colors, and unique textures.
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                                                      Push and Pull Toys For Toddlers
                                                                By Rachel Nunez

   Toddlers undergo a wide array of changes in their developmental tasks. At this time your kids learn
to walk, starts to utter words and will develop a sense of autonomy. They can also have ritualistic
behaviors at this stage and not to mention potty training. Toddlers need certain activities to promote
developmental task for their age.

 Play is one of their daily activities and according to one of the maternal and child health books I've
read, toddlers play with children next to them. At this stage toddlers are engaged in parallel play. And
we always incorporate toddler toys to their play. As parents we would end up asking ourselves, what
toys do they need?

 Toddlers will definitely enjoy toys that they can play with themselves. They will enjoy push and pull
toys like trucks or anything with wheels and strings. There are several types of these toys so make
sure you buy the right one because convenience for your kids is one we need to look into. You can
even choose blocks for them. They could stack up the blocks and this could also develop their
imagination. It will allow them to make their own designs and explore their creative minds without adult
interruption. This blocks can also be placed on small wagon with strings because toddlers who can
walk love to drag almost absolutely anything.

 I know you would definitely ask why push and pull along toys are ideal toddler toys. Certain benefits
could be derived from this choice. Among them are:

 • Since toddlers want to achieve autonomy, then they can achieve independence in learning to stand
on their own. If not walking, still they can use these toys everyday to aid them to stand until they
become stable. They can even do this unknowingly and they can make their legs stronger.

 • After learning to stand, toddlers can start to make steps. Small steps are preliminary to walking.
Push-along toys can be used as walker. Your kids can practice walking, at the same time boost their
confidence. Imagine your child learning to walk on their own.

• Pull along toys can greatly encourage toddlers to walk because great balance and a sturdy gait upon
walking are needed to work with these toys. Toddlers will be greatly amused with pull along toys.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 • Push and pull toys can be used to develop the kid's creative mind and motor skills. Some of the push
toys like lawn mowers or toys cars can be used by the kids to perform imitative play. At this stage they
love to imitate the adults and incorporate with their play.

 • They can be very affordable and versatile. These toys can be very economical and multi-purpose. So
before they have outgrown these toys, you can make sure toddlers will make the most of it.

 For the parents, just make sure the toys you buy for the toddlers are safe. Toddlers can be very active
so when they are playing safety is to be ensured. There are tons of toddler toys you can check out on
stores and definitely push and pull toys are one of the best choice.

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                                             Toddler Toys- Ideas For Your Little Ones
                                                                  By Chris Peace

The ages between one and three have been proven to be the most important years of a child’s life.
This toddler stage is what moulds children into what they become in their later years. Research shows
that it is during these formative and very impressionable years that a child is most explorative and is
always experimenting. This is how they learn and begin to form opinions of the world around them, and
play is perhaps the most important window to this experience. Therefore in order to provide a toddler
with a wholesome and varied experience, a lot of thought needs to be given to the kind of playthings
that toddlers have access to. Below are some of the broad categories of ‘safe’ toddler toys one could

Art Materials

 Between the ages of one and three all toddlers start expressing their creativity and the best way to
help them get started is by encouraging them. A large variety of non toxic art materials are now
available in the form of modelling clay and crayons. Markers and paint can be introduced at a later
stage once the child has picked up the concept of using colouring material. You might also want to
ensure the availability of an adequate amount of paper along with these materials.

Large Playing Blocks

 Probably one of the most important and loved amongst toddler toys is playing blocks. This very basic
type of play helps in the development of a child in numerous ways. The most common kinds of blocks
that are available for toddlers are large and are made of various non toxic materials like soft plastic,
rubber, lightwood and even cardboard. Blocks of various types, shapes and colours are a must as
toddler toys.

Push and pull toys

 Push and pull toddler toys are equally important in a child’s play area. While these toys might seem
simple they do help the toddler develop skills like walking and pushing. Ideally push toys need to be
lightweight so that the toddler can handle it with ease. Smalltime Child has a variety of push and push
toddler toys that will bring any child hours of delight. One could check out the ‘heirloom wooden
waddling duck’, the ‘pushing car wooden walker’, the ‘Miss Toby pull toy’ and ‘Toby the dog pull toy’

Activity and puzzle sets

 Activity and puzzle sets are an integral part to a child’s development of its fine motor skills. While all of
the above toddler toys definitely do their job in helping with a child’s growth, activity and puzzle sets
encourage skills like hand and mind coordination, imagination etc. It is important for a child to have
access to large and simple puzzle (these can be in the form of various shapes, colours, maybe even
pictures of animals or the alphabet and numbering), large pegs and boards, interlocking objects,
maracas etc.

 Toddlers also need exposure to various types of textures and this is why playing with sterilised sand
and water is important. Buckets, shovels, floating objects, spoons etc make excellent toddler toys for

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this purpose.

Smalltime Child offers a great selection of Toddler Toys.  Visit us on the web at
http://www.smalltimechild.com for our entire collection!

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