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					    SUBJECT:         APPLICATIONS FOR EMPLOYMENT                         REFERENCE #8039
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    DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                           OF: 1
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To implement a consistent and nondiscriminatory process for selecting personnel.


        __________________ selects qualified staff members without regard to gender, race, age,
         creed, handicap or national origin.

        It is the policy of __________________ to provide all qualified individuals with the
         opportunity to seek employment with this company. Application for Employment Forms are
         available from the Human Resources Department. No individual will be considered for
         employment without first submitting a completed Application for Employment Form.

        Although it is company policy to accept these Application for Employment Forms, there
         may be those times when no employment opportunities exist. In this case,
         __________________ reserves the right not to accept the applications until position
         vacancies occur, but does encourage the interested party to return at another time to
         complete the form.

        Completed Application for Employment Forms will be maintained in the Human Resources
         Department and are considered to be the sole property of __________________ and its
         authorized agents. Application for Employment Forms are considered to be "active" for a
         period of 30 days, during which time the document may be sent to one or more
         interviewers. After this period, the application is filed according to the area of employment
         desired, and kept in storage areas for a period of one (1) year.

        Qualified individuals currently employed by __________________ are encouraged to apply
         for position openings within the company by completing an Application for Employment

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Description: medicare regulations for dme and hme companies require this policy if it is applicable to the types of services your dme provides, we make this easy for you with just a small amount of customization, you too will meet the requirements of the federal regulations. this policy is updated to the newest 2010 standards.
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