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medicare regulations for dme and hme companies require this policy if it is applicable to the types of services your dme provides, we make this easy for you with just a small amount of customization, you too will meet the requirements of the federal regulations. this policy is updated to the newest 2010 standards.

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									    SUBJECT:         PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS                             REFERENCE #8038
                                                                         PAGE: 1
    DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                           OF: 3
    APPROVED BY:                                                         REVISED:


        To monitor, assess and improve the knowledge base and competency of staff in order to
         maintain quality care, treatment and services by __________________.

        To assure that qualified individuals assess competency of staff.

        To ensure that staff adhere to the currently known applicable industry standards of
         practice, laws and regulations.


        Performance evaluation of staff, including contracted personnel, students and volunteers
         who provide care, treatment and/or services, is an ongoing process that provides periodic
         and routine feedback to staff about his/her job performance and competence.

        Evaluations should be carried out according to the timetables described below and will be
         objectively based on criteria set forth in the job description for each position. Evaluations
         may include “progress/counseling reports” as deemed necessary by the department
         manager, supervisor, and/or Administrator.

                 Three (3) months (90 calendar days) after each new employee begins work

                 One (1) year from each employee's initial date of employment

                 Annually thereafter on each employee's anniversary date, or annually thereafter
                  during the month of __________________

        Proper documentation of each employee's job performance will be maintained and
         recorded on the appropriate form by the evaluator. This document will become a
         permanent portion of each employee's personnel file.

        Contracted organizations/personnel are expected to adhere to this timetable as part of their
         contractual agreement and to submit appropriate completed documentation of competency
         and performance evaluations to __________________ within the time frame stipulated
         and agreed to in the contract. Contracted personnel may be evaluated by individuals
         designated by the company.

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    SUBJECT:          PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS                              REFERENCE #8038
                                                                           PAGE: 2
    DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                             OF: 3
    APPROVED BY:                                                           REVISED:


        Employee Competency and Performance Evaluations:

                 90-Day Probationary Evaluation for New Employees:

                          This document is completed for each new employee and contracted
                           personnel following three (3) months of employment and this report is
                           intended to show either satisfactory or unsatisfactory completion of this
                           period. The department manager/supervisor and employee shall use this
                           report to determine the feasibility of continued employment as well as make
                           recommendations for the direction of future performance.

                 Competency Evaluations:

                          Competency evaluations are used in conjunction with the 90-day and annual
                           performance evaluations to determine the employee’s level of performance
                           and to identify areas of improvement.

                          Competency evaluations are completed prior to the performance evaluation
                           date to allow sufficient time for remedial training/education.

                          Competency evaluations are completed by qualified individuals from within
                           each department.

                          The format of competency evaluations may include but is not limited to the

                                Demonstration

                                Direct observation/checklist

                                Video or audiotape review and written/oral test

                                Self Study and written/oral test

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    SUBJECT:          PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS                              REFERENCE #8038
                                                                           PAGE: 3
    DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                             OF: 3
    APPROVED BY:                                                           REVISED:

                 Annual Performance Evaluation for all Employees:

                          This document is completed for all employees on the employee's anniversary
                           date or during the month of __________________. This is a comprehensive
                           evaluation and shall be used by the department manager/supervisor and the
                           employee to evaluate each area of the job, suggest improvements, set goals
                           and objectives for the future and measure job performance for the time period
                           stated. This performance evaluation is criteria based.

        Methods and time frames for any identified areas of performance requiring improvement
         are mutually agreed upon by the staff member and evaluator. If the staff member is unable
         or unwilling to improve, the individual’s job assignment may be modified, or other
         appropriate action may result; these actions may range from remedial training up to and
         including termination.

        Following discussion of the performance evaluations with the staff member, and after the
         staff member has been provided the opportunity to document any comments and has
         signed the evaluation, performance evaluations are filed in each employee’s personnel file.

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