; 7309 - Assigning Batch and or Lot Numbers
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7309 - Assigning Batch and or Lot Numbers


medicare regulations for dme and hme companies require this policy if it is applicable to the types of services your dme provides, we make this easy for you with just a small amount of customization, you too will meet the requirements of the federal regulations. this policy is updated to the newest 2010 standards.

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									    SUBJECT:          ASSIGNING BATCH AND/OR LOT NUMBERS                    REFERENCE #7309
                                                                            PAGE: 1
    DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                              OF: 1
    APPROVED BY:                                                            REVISED:


Batch and/or lot numbers shall be assigned to all cylinders and liquid vessels which are transfilled by
the center.


        Numbers shall be assigned as follows:

                 Suppliers batch or lot numbers may be used for vehicle mounted/carried vessels. Batch
                  or lot numbers must be affixed to the vessel.

                 For bulk storage systems, the batch number assigned shall be the delivery date
                  (month/day) and the invoice number or lot number from the manufacturer/supplier

                 For vessels filled from the bulk storage system, the batch number assigned shall be the
                  same as the bulk storage tank contents from which it was filled.

                  Note: Other methods may be used but shall be specifically defined in written policy.

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