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									    SUBJECT:          AFTER-HOURS DELIVERY                                 REFERENCE #7103
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    DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                             OF: 2
    APPROVED BY:                                                           REVISED:


        To address client needs thereby promoting positive client outcomes.

        To ensure that clients’ health is not jeopardized.


        __________________’s shall have delivery staff (or other qualified individuals) on-call to
         handle after-hours emergencies. __________________ shall have an established method
         for contacting the on-call staff to assure timeliness of responses.

        Delivery staff shall respond to the after-hours caller via phone within 30 minutes. Delivery
         staff shall determine the nature of the request or complaint and respond in accordance with
         the following procedure:

                 Provide consultation and guidance with problem-solving over the phone.

                 Determine if an on-site response to the call can be delayed until the next working
                  day, without posing a threat to the client’s safety and/or health.

                 Respond with an on-site visit, as required.


        Following receipt of an after-hours call, the on-call staff shall take the following steps:

                 Document the call on the Telephone and Communication Log and include the

                          Date

                          Time call was received

                          Client name

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 SUBJECT:             AFTER-HOURS DELIVERY                                 REFERENCE #7103
                                                                           PAGE: 2
 DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                                OF: 2
 APPROVED BY:                                                              REVISED:

                          Time of response to client

                          Reason for call, including any specifics

                          Name of individual receiving call

                 Dress in appropriate work attire (uniforms if applicable), when making calls after

                 Proceed directly to the warehouse, if a visit is required and obtain the necessary
                  tools, equipment and delivery vehicle.

                 Perform visit as required.

                 An employee should request that a second employee accompany him or her for the
                  home visit if the employee’s safety is in question.

                 Record details of visit on an on-call worksheet.

                 Contact the Operations Manager or designee to determine what course of action
                  should be taken if problems are encountered.

                 After the visit is completed, return to the warehouse to park and restock truck as

                 File on-call worksheet in client’s home care record to document details of visit.

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