7101 - Entering the Client's Residence

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					    SUBJECT:         ENTERING THE CLIENT’S RESIDENCE                     REFERENCE #7101
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    DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                           OF: 2
    APPROVED BY:                                                         REVISED:


To ensure that clients’ rights and property are respected when care, treatment and/or services are
provided by the company.


        Clients are contacted to schedule a mutually convenient appointment/delivery date and

        Personnel entering the client’s residence shall introduce themselves and provide company

        Delivery personnel shall use extreme care when entering the client’s home with equipment
         to prevent damage or injury to the client, the equipment and/or surrounding furnishings.

        If damage or injury to the client, home or furnishings occurs, delivery personnel shall report
         the incident to their supervisor and complete an Incident/Unusual Occurrence Report

        Personnel, by means of inspection and discussion, shall assist the client to identify areas
         of the home where the equipment shall be placed to assure ease and safety of operation.

        Delivery personnel are discouraged from moving furniture. If unavoidable, furniture can
         only be moved if it is deemed practical and safe.

        Clients/family members/caregivers are not permitted to assist with the delivery of

        Personnel shall demonstrate respect for the client and his/her property and shall set-up the
         equipment in a safe, efficient and professional manner, providing privacy for the client as

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    SUBJECT:         ENTERING THE CLIENT’S RESIDENCE                    REFERENCE #7101
                                                                        PAGE: 2
    DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                          OF: 2
    APPROVED BY:                                                        REVISED:

        Delivery personnel shall assure the proper operation of the equipment before releasing for
         client use.

        Clients should be provided with written instructions about the use and operation of the
         equipment in an understandable language and format.

        Delivery personnel shall not provide assistance to clients with ambulation, transfers and


Personnel who deliver equipment shall be knowledgeable regarding the equipment use, safety
factors, electrical requirements and/or problem-solving procedures, or arrangements shall be
made to assure that the client receives proper instruction on the equipment from a qualified
person (i.e., respiratory therapist may instruct in use of oxygen system which was delivered by the
service technician).

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Description: medicare regulations for dme and hme companies require this policy if it is applicable to the types of services your dme provides, we make this easy for you with just a small amount of customization, you too will meet the requirements of the federal regulations. this policy is updated to the newest 2010 standards.
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