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					    SUBJECT:          PLAN OF TREATMENT                                    REFERENCE #2102
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    DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                             OF: 3
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A written plan of treatment documents the direct medical supervision of clinical respiratory
services. The plan of treatment also provides a summary of the initial assessment information,
including the client’s ability to participate in a home care regime.


        Clinical services are provided to home care clients under the direction of the client’s
         physician. Clinical procedures, treatments or clinical assessments in the home must be
         prescribed by a physician and confirmed in writing on an initial plan of treatment.

        Any change in or from the initial plan of treatment must also be confirmed in writing and
         signed by the physician. Supplemental orders do not require a new plan of treatment.

        The client/family/caregiver has an active role in the development of the Plan of Treatment.


        Initial Plan:

                 The client’s need for clinical respiratory services is identified and communicated
                  through one or more of the following methods:

                          Physician’s order

                          Referral source request

                          Company staff evaluation

                          Client request

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 SUBJECT:             PLAN OF TREATMENT                                      REFERENCE #2102
                                                                             PAGE: 2
 DEPARTMENT: DURABLE & HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT                                  OF: 3
 APPROVED BY:                                                                REVISED:

                 Obtain verbal authorization from client’s physician to provide clinical services.
                  Record specific orders on order form and/or plan of treatment.

                  Note: One-time assessment must be ordered by the physician and confirmed by
                        written order. Ongoing assessment requires a complete plan of treatment.

                 Contact client/ca
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