Summary of Complaints May 2009

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					Summary of Complaints May 2009.

     - Licensing year to date performance is currently 98.1%.
     - Testing year to date performance is currently 95.5%.


DVA Licensing received a total of 41 complaints.

Driver Licensing Division
Medicals / Vocational        1
Post Team                    1
Total                        2
The Medicals / Vocational complaint related to the length of time the renewal
of a medically restricted licence took.
The Post Team complaint was related to the loss of part of a licence within the

Vehicle Licensing Division
Cherished Transfers         1
Enforcements                3
First Registrations         1
Postal Licensing            31
Total                       36
The Cherished Transfers complaint was in relation to retention certificates not
being available here unlike the rest of the UK.
The 3 Enforcement complaints were in relation to SORN penalties received.
The First Registration complaint related to the problems in transfer of
information between DVA and DVLA.
30 of the Postal Licensing complaints related to Budget Changes which were
not reflected on reminders when issued. The other complaint was related to
failure to add correct postage to letter.

Coleraine                1
Total                    1
The Coleraine complaint was in relation to staff attitude and lack of

Enquiries                   1
This complaint was in relation to failure to update notified changes to a record.

Other                       1
This complaint was about discrepancies between DVA Licensing and DVA
Testing regulations related to limited use for agricultural purposes.

This accounts for the total of 41 complaints.
A total of 17,607 driver licences were issued during the month of May. The 2
driver licensing complaints equate to 0.01%.

A total of 109,503 vehicle licences were issued during the month of May. The
31 vehicle licensing complaints equate to 0.03%.

There were no other trends in Licensing.

DVA Testing received a total of 30 complaints.

Test Centres
Armagh                       2
Belfast                      5
Coleraine                    2
Cookstown                    3
Craigavon                    1
Larne                        2
Lisburn                      1
Londonderry                  1
Mallusk                      3
Newry                        1
Newtownards                  1
Total                        22
The decision of the test was the main reason for complaint (this accounted for
7 of the 22), the next leading cause for complaint was attitude of staff (this
accounted for 5 of the 22).

BSP Call Centre                   6
Of these 2 related to communication with the customer. Another 2 were about
to issues related to card payments.

Received at HQ (Centre not Set)            1
This was from a member of the public in relation to driving instructors taking
pupils to a street, which is no longer on the test route, to carry out training.

Theory Test                 1
This related to the period of time required for cancellations and the inclusion
of bank holidays in this time scale.

This accounts for the total of 30 complaints.

There were no other trends.

Compensation Payments                     31
3 were in relation to driver tests. Two were due to no examiner available in
Cookstown, and examiner not available in Belfast.
28 were in relation to vehicle tests. These were due to server down in
Omagh, Vehicle lift not working in Enniskillen and no examiner available in

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