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									                                          Ne! Teacher
                                     Translation by:Isiscolo.
Voice: Mr Malfoy!!
McGonagall: Your class started 20 minutes ago! You've really messed up, young man!
50 points taken from Slytherin, and detention for the weekend!
You’re lucky you can still go to Hogsmeade -- I’m in a good mood!
Snape: Minerva...I think the boy...taking points was enough.
McGonagall: You favor your own house too much, Severus. That's it.
You’ll be responsible for punishing him, Severus! I can’t believe it! Mphf!
Snape: You heard her, Malfoy...I’ll be in charge of your detention.
Saturday afternoont at 7 o’clock, in my office.
Draco: Yes, sir…
My opportunity!

Snape: And the Amaryllis seed is mixed with...

Harry: Stupid Malfoy! Thanks to him, Snape will flunk me for the rest of my life! And he
didn’t do anything to him.
Hermione: Well, you started it.
Ron: Hermione! Now you feel sorry for him? Malfoy has been getting Harry in trouble for
Background: WE HATE HIM SO MUCH!

Draco: How strange...
Let’s see what the book says...
Book: Love potion: Depending on the level desired by the user, the effect will be...
Draco’s imagination
Draco: Did you call, Professor ?
Snape: Oh Draco, I wanted so much to see you!
Draco: B..but, Professor! This is not...not right... (he says, but he likes it!)
Snape: Oh, Draco....
Draco: I’ll do it!
Saturday, 5:30 pm
Mission 1: Look
Draco: Now I just need to do my hair…
Mission 1 accomplished!
Mission 2: Potion
Draco: With…with this potion....Tonight, I won’t be just a boy!
Mission 2 accomplished!
Draco’s imagination
Draco: OW!
Snape : Did you hurt yourself ?
Draco: Sir, your jar....
Snape: Don’t worry...That's a nasty wound you have there…
Draco: but... Professor...
Snape: Oh, Draco...

Draco: Kyaaaaaaaaaaa
Ready or not...Here I come, Severus Snape!

Snape: Sit over there, and be quiet.
Draco: Yes, sir!
Professor Snape, sir!
Snape: -What now- What do you want, Malfoy?
Draco: Sir...it's, um...Don’t you want to punish me?
Snape: Punish, you, Mr Malfoy?- are you an idiot, or what?-
All right –what the fuck..- Bring me, oh, a cup of tea or something!
Draco: Yes sir, you can count on me, sir!
Now's my chance!!

Draco: What a perfect plan! He’ll drink the tea and I'll be set...
I'd better use all of it.
Draco: (This is work for a house elf!) Your tea is ready, sir.
Snape: Put it over there.
Draco: Yes, sir.

Oh shit, I killed him!
Professor, wake up! Come on, open your eyes! Say something! –Please God don’t let him be
dead!- PROFESSOR!!!!!!!
AH! You woke up, professor!
Snape: Mal...Malfoy?
Oh, Mr Malfoy. I’m so happy you’re here...
Now that you and I are together…Let’s enjoy the good things in life!
Ohhhhhhhh, hello Mrs. Column! Good morning, Mr Tree!
Potter!!! Let me hug you, Harry!
Weasley, How are you? WAAAA
Oh, what long hair, Granger, how nice! How nice!!!

Draco: Too much potion....or it was the impact?

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