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					Formed in winter 2003 in Rome, Italy, The Orange Man Theory sound as a hardcore band influenced by a strong love
for groovy dischords, a punk-indie attitude, a reasonable addiction to death metal and a real devotion for 70’s super
rock. Combining all this shit with movie quotes, pitched samples, radio wave frequencies and the weird intention of
playing something different, TOMT perform a sick and disturbing music that will drive you (crazy) throughout unknown

After some months jamming together and after a tight line-up was build, the band worked with high- pressure on its
early material and played a lot of shows around. On july 03 The Oranges decided to record a 4-track demo and ship it
to whoever could be interested in.

Their cd fell into the hands of the underground producer Today is the day’s Steve Austin (Converge, Bongzilla, Unsane,
Lamb of god) who appreciated their sound and wanted to produce the Orange Man Theory.

On August 2004 The Oranges flew to USA and recorded their first album “Riding a Cannibal Horse from here to…” at
Austin Enterprise Recording and Mastering in Clinton MA. The work is produced by Steve Austin.

Once they got back to Rome, their long-time friend Remo joined the band as new bassist and the band started on
shipping their brand-new record to the world.

Shortly thereafter the Oranges signed to the management agency Alkemist Fanatix, owned and run by Carlo Bellotti
(Necromass, Gf93) who wanted the Oranges to join his roster and start up a nice collaboration on purpose to get a
record deal.

During the summer of 2005 The Orange Man Theory are massively promoted in the most of the South America’s
countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Perù, Uruguay, and Mexico as well.

The promotion campaign through Latino America gained a huge interest among those people and that underground
scene and thanks to many promoters involved in it, this will be a good launch pad for an upcoming Oranges’ tour all
over those countries.

On October 2005 the band signed a deal with the indie label Indelirium Records for the album’s release.

On December 2005 the band released its first full-length “Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To…” (Indelirium
Records). Steve Austin from Today Is The Day appears as guest vocals and keys on two songs. The album is
distributed in Europe, Usa, and South of America. In a few months it was critically-acclaimed by the most important
Italian, European and US magazines and web portals such as, Hellridemusic, Metal Hammer,
Rocksound, Rumore and many others. During 2006 the band performed a lot of gigs all across Italy, Switzerland,
France for promoting the album.

In the summer of 2006 The Orange Man Theory flew to Bogotà to tour the South of America with the Mexican metal
band Anton. Over there they performed 30 shows across six different countries (Colombia, Equador, Bolivia, Perù,
Chile, Argentina) to spread their rock out and destroy everything.
The Colombian label Inmigrant Records released a 4-way split shared the hc bands Tierradentro (Colombia), Die
Young (USA) and Dead Reprise (Sweden).
Just a while before the South America Tour the band signed to the US label Supernova Records for the re-release of
their debut cd throughout the United States.

An European tour coming soon for the next autumn and many other things to come! …Stay tuned!


Album info:

Title: “Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To...”
Tracks: 9
Length: 30:27
Label: Indelirium Records

Produced by Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) at Austin Enterprise Recording And Mastering in Clinton, MA (USA)
between August 2004 and February 2005.


1.   Introducing Ourselves To The Masses
2.   Merendina Will Have His Revenge On Capeside
3.   Vampires In The Sun (Surfin’ Transylvania)
4.   The Way To Rock
5.   Vortex Of Cows Into The Sweet Tornado
6.   Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads!
7.   Biollante’s Dawn
8.   Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To Clinton MA
9.   007 (ce fa na pippa)


 “[...] their blend of metallic guitar sound with almost surf structured riffing and an alternately melodic, rocking and
chaotic song structure isn’t reminiscent of any one particular band. If Dick Dale was jamming with Warrior Soul on an
east bound train that had a high speed head on collision with a west bound train containing Today is the Day jamming
                with Drowning Man the wreckage might come out something like this"

 “…there’s nothing on Riding a Cannibal Horse that would sound out of place in the AmRep catalog of the early-to-mid
  1990’s. Noisy and squalling, glowering and spitting, but possessed of a compelling, teeth-gnashing charisma, these
   guys balance just the right amount of self-aware rock gesturing, menacing riffs, and Raging Speedhorn-like vein-
  busting screams (not to mention some played-out movie samples) to create an aural abrasion that’s pretty familiar,
                                    but well done and welcome.” (

[...]modern grooving attacks are destroying it all around. It’s strange to say that but it’s the truth. Even Steve Austin
     does some insane choruses on some tracks. And damn, he added his touch to a really talented band which will
    hopefully reach some important goals in the future. These guys terribly rock, the 9 songs they recorded spit out
                             venom as well as pure madness.[...] (All about

     “[...]Die Mucke ist zum einen noisy, zum anderen sehr hardcorelastig, dann mal wieder punkig. Manchmal hat sie
   sogar ein wenig was von Surf Rock und wird immer wieder von Samples unterbrochen, vorwiegend aus (Horror-
                                     )Filmen" Click to view the entire review.

"[...]TOMT liefern eine sehr eigene Version von angepisster Hardcore-Hybrid-Musik, die bis auf kleine Ausnahmen auf
                         ganzer Linie zu überzeugen weiß[...]" Click to view the entire review.

                                               Metal Centre
                   “THE ORANGE MAN THEORY is total madness!!!" Click to view the entire review.

“[...]Chaos en energie staan hoog in het vaandel, getrokken door de maffe gitaarstructuren en riedels die soms surfig
  aandoen. Maar laat je niet misleiden, The Beach Boys hebben hier absoluut niets mee te maken." Click to view the
                                                    entire review.

 […] this is a crazy, modern and original mixture, a fine tuned hardcore, sounding metallic for some lines. I'm fine to
   know that the Italian scene is still kicking very hard around. Compact, violent and aggressive: that's an awesome
  production which deliver modern music. Compliments. You must support The Orange Man Theory, check them out!

“…a good mix of metalcore, surf and garage rock. According to me, the stronghold of this band is the particular ability
  to play surf rock riffs mixed to metallic guitar tunes. That makes the band's sound kinda refreshing and original”

                                          click to see more reviews








21.jul Colombia - Bucaramanga
22.jul Colombia Pereira
23.jul Colombia Bogotà w / Sick Of It All, Tierradentro
26.jul Colombia Cali (TBC)
28.jul Ecuador - Quito
29.jul Ecuador - Guayaquil
30.jul Ecuador - Cuenca
1.ago Ecuador - Loja (TBC)
2.ago Peru - Chiclayo (TBC)
3.ago Peru - Cajamarca
4.ago Peru - Trujillo
5.ago Peru - Lima
7.ago Peru - Cuzco
10.ago Bolivia - La Paz
11.ago Bolivia - Cochabamba
12.ago Bolivia - Santa Cruz
15.ago Bolivia - Tarija
16.ago   Argentina   -   Jujuy
17.ago   Argentina   -   Salta
18.ago   Argentina   -   Tucuman
19.ago   Argentina   -   Stg del Estero
22.ago   Argentina   -   Corrientes TBC
23.ago   Argentina   -   Resistencia TBC
24.ago   Argentina   -   Cordoba TBC
25.ago   Argentina   -   Buenos Aires TBC
26.ago   Argentina   -   Buenos Aires
27.ago   Argentina   -   La Plata

31.ago Chile - Santiago
1.sett Chile - Santiago
2.sett Chile - Val Paraiso

more info at: /

live 2006 – “Riding A Cannibal Horse” Italian Tour

27.05.06   @   Circolo Arci, Francavilla (Brindisi) w/ Get This!
26.05.06   @   Bari
20.05.06   @   Jail, Napoli
19.05.06   @   Nola
16.04.06   @   The Peanuts, Montpellier (France) w/ Cortez
14.04.06   @   Trash Caffè, Verbania w/ Cortez
13.04.06   @   Sound Faktory, Torino w/ Cortez
08.04.06   @   CPA Fi-sud, Firenze
07.04.06   @   Bencivenga Occupato, Roma w / The Yellow Press (us), Max Carnage, Camion
01.04.06   @   Traffic, Roma w / Physique Du Role
31.03.06   @   Ekidna, Carpi (Mo) w/ Last Minute To Jaffna + At The Soundawn
18.03.06   @   Black House, Avellino w/ Last Minute To Jaffna + At The Soundawn
17.03.06   @   Six Feet Under, Salerno w/ Last Minute To Jaffna + At The Soundawn
16.03.06   @   Traffic, Roma w/ Last Minute To Jaffna + At The Soundawn
03.03.06   @   CS La Strada, Roma - Alkemist Fest
25.02.06   @   Peter Pan, Bellinzona (CH)
24.02.06   @   CS Pedro, Padova w/ Statobardo
22.01.06   @   Forte Prenestino, Roma w/ Nontoccatemiranda, The Spring Of Rage
21.01.06   @   Queen Of Grace, Raiano (AQ)
14.01.06   @   CS Mattatoio, Perugia w/ Nontoccatemiranda
23.12.05   @   Cencios, Prato

live 2005 – pre-release promotion

26.11.05   @ Bencivenga Occupato, Rome w/Quien Sabe, Laghetto
17.11.05   @ Locanda Atlantide, Rome w/ Ephel Duath,No Hay Banda Trio, Doomsday
10.07.05   @Strike, Rome w/GF93, Me For Rent
03.06.05   @Lettere, Università La Sapienza, Rome
27.05.05   @Pirateria, Rome w/ Agabus
21.05.05   @ Trash Cafè , Verbania w/ Agabus
11.05.05   @Circolo degli Artisti, Rome w/Paper Chase (USA)
29.04.05   @Pirateria, Rome w/ The Grenades (UK), Tikal, ADUSF
21.04.05   @Pirateria, Rome w/ Ebola, Onfall
10.04.05   @La Maggiolina, Rome w/ Guilthy Method, Tudelise
03.03.05   @Sonica, Rome w/ Koroded (GER), Mithra
16.03.05   @Locanda Atlantide, Rome - Presentazione Compilation di w/ Poppy's Portrait, Moka
12.01.05   @Sonica - Roma w/Guinea Pig 2, Boris
20.11.04   @La Strada - Roma w/Rival Skulls, Threat of Riot, The Spring Of Rage To Kill, Max Carnage, Unbleast
05.11.04   @facoltà di lettere "la Sapienza" - Roma w/ Inferno,Tear Me Down, Max Carnage, Payback, Evolution So Far
24.10.04   @Pirateria - Roma w/The Last Winter, Arti Di Una Società Fallita Zero Tollerance

live 2003/2004 – the early shows...

06.05.04   @Stay Free - Roma w/Inferno, Gerda, Blind Horizon
06.05.04   @Alpheus - Roma w/Phoenix, Secondbreath
22.04.04   @Init - Roma w/Phoenix, Inferno (annullato)
17.02.04   @Forte Prenestino - Roma w/Inferno, The King
07.02.04   @Alkatraz - Fiumicino(Rm) w/ Kiju
12.12.03   @facoltà di lettere "la Sapienza" - Roma w/ Second Breath, Strenght Approach, Tear Me Down, Flop Down...
28.11.03   @Stay Free - Roma w/Nerd
08.11.03   @Acrobax - Roma w/Last Green Field, Laghetto, Kiju, Deflore
31.10.03 @*'?**? - Roma
10.10.03 @ZK - Roma, casal palocco w/Inferno, Ran-core

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