Spring Stallion Show 2008

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					Spring Stallion Show 2009
2 May 2009 - Streatlam Farm, Barnard Castle

Stallion 5 years & over - Herbert Straker Cup

1st         Castle Hill Topper                             D. & A. Eccles
2nd         Castle Hill Perfect                            Claire Crow
3rd         Wolsey Ravenstar                               D. & S. Harrison

Sponsor – Mrs S Bedell, Ripon

Stallion 3 & 4 years - Norman Bayles Cup

1st         Roandale Socky Tom                             Mr C Parker
2nd         Westwick James II                              D. & A. Eccles
3rd         Tarbarl Geoffrey                               Mrs H. Robinson

2 Year Old Colt eligible to be a stallion - Frank Collingwood Cup

1st         Tudor Raven                                    D & S Harrison
2nd         Tarbarl Matthew                                C. & K. Turner

Yearling Colt, Eligible to be a stallion - Davies Trophy

1st         Westwick Taffy                                 D. & A. Eccles
2nd         Ebony Defender                                 Mr B Williams
3rd         Vindamora Sweet William                        Mrs. E McGinley

Brood Mare, Section A, with foal at foot - Mrs. Field Challenge Cup

1st         Westwick Petal                                 D. & A. Eccles
2nd         Bolam Sophie                                   J K & M Metcalf
3rd         Sowermire Betsy                                Mrs H Fawcett

Sponsor - Maidendale Stud, Darlington

Foal, any section - Calamity Cup

1st         Argill Foal                                    Mrs H Fawcett
2nd         Nipna Good King Henry                          Mrs J Pennell

Geld Mare, Section A, 7 years and over - Blockley Cup

1st         Westwick Heather                               D. & A. Eccles
2nd         Westwick Fashion                               D. & A. Eccles
3rd         Hett Rachel                                    Mr D Raper
Geld Mare, Section A, 4 to 6 years old

1st         Westwick Lizzie                            D & A Eccles
2nd         Bolam Starlight II                         J.K. & M. Metcalf
3rd         Hett Lauren                                Mr D Raper

3 year old Filly, Section A - Urwin & Strickland Cup

1st         Lowhouses Sierra                           Mrs. F. Longstaff & I. Atkinson
2nd         Manorian Melanite                          I & N Thompson
3rd         Tarbarl Princess                           Rose Riches

2 year old Filly, Section A- Blandford Tankard

1st         Westwick Emma                              D & A Eccles
2nd         Sowermire Ella                             Miss A Tallentine
3rd         Stuffynwood Louisa May                     E Hayes & S Noble

Sponsor - D E & I Lovegreen, Hutton Henry

Yearling Filly, Section A - Blandford Cup

1st         Nipna Foxglove                             Amanda Wallace
2nd         Westwick Lady                              D & A Eccles
3rd         Tarbarl Milly Black                        Mr F Marshall

Sponsor – Kebroyd Stud, Bailey, Newcastleton

Gelding, Any Section, 7 years old & over

1st         Stricklands Reuben                         Miss A Crisp
2nd         Highcroft Merlin                           Ms Jodie Carr
3rd         Roandale Rock                              Mrs J Pennell

Gelding, Any Section, 4 to 6 years old

1st         Silton Black Billy                         Miss C Johnson
2nd         Castle Hill Diamond                        R. & F. Longstaff
3rd         Rowhurst Rocket                            Hannah Sheldon

Gelding, 1, 2 or 3 years old, any Section

1st         Tudor Chancer                              D & S Harrison
2nd         Biggarside Benwell                         Kirsty Ratzell
3rd         Patsy Cheeky Bear                          A & T Forrest
Yearling Colt of Gelding Status, any Section

No Entries

Mare from Sections B or C, 4 years and over - Mrs Field MBE Memorial Cup

1st         Adamfield Foxglove                       Miss D. Ashby
2nd         Castle Hill Heather Bell                 Mrs. J. Smith

Sponsor - Mrs P Whelan, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Yearling Filly, Section B or C - 1, 2 or 3 years

1st         Hett Briar Rose                          Mr. & Mrs. A. Russell

Ridden Gelding, Any Section, 4 to 6 years

1st         Wheatridge Midnight                      Amanda Wallace
2nd         Silton Black Billy                       Miss C Johnson
3rd         Springgarth Storm                        Mrs E Jones

Sponsor - Nipna Stud, Darlington

Ridden Gelding, Any Section, 7 years and over

1st         Highcroft Paddy                          Miss L Westwood
2nd         Hilton B’George                          Mrs M Thompson
3rd         Highcroft Murphy                         Miss J Humphrey

Sponsor - Rose Riches and Dick Burton, Gilsland, Cumbria

Ridden Mare, Any Section, 4 to 6 years

1st         Westwick Lizzie                          D & A Eccles
2nd         Manorian Mischief                        I & N Thompson
3rd         Adamfield Foxglove                       Miss D Ashby

Sponsor - Nipna Stud, Darlington

Ridden Mare, Any Section, 7 Years and over

1st         Tudor Annie                              Mrs J Pennell
2nd         Waterside Joanne                         Mrs. P. Eminson
3rd         Village Blackthorn                       Mr R Corner

Sponsor – Mr & Mrs Bellamy, London
Ridden Stallion

1st        Waterside William II                    I & N Thompson
2nd        Twywell Samuel Pepys                    Mr A.R. Debell

Melody Cup for the Best Ridden Pony: Tudor Annie

Thompson Cup for the Best Gelding: Tudor Chancer

Mrs Field MBE Tankard for the Best Turned Out: Silton Lucky Star

William Watt Memorial Cup for the Champion: Westwick Heather

Reserve Champion: Castle Hill Topper

Corner Memorial Cup for the Youngstock Champion: Tarbarl Matthew

Youhgstock reserve: Nipna Foxglove

William Watt Jnr. Memorial Cup for the Best Male Pony: Castle Hill Topper

Robert Sanderson Memorial Cup for the Best Local Exhibitor : Westwick Heather

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