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					Marist Vocation Year

October, 2004
Topic: St. Marcellin’s dream – A heart that knows no bounds.                 St Marcellin’s dream,
Ideas: The Missionary dimension of the Marist Vocation.                            - live it today!
       The Marist Brothers all over the world.

Prayer service 1

          The Brothers see to it that the missionary spirit is aroused in young people.
         Each Marist aspirant must be told that he can become a missionary. (Const.91.2)

October is a missionary month; the Church invites all Christians to renew their missionary commitment.
We, Marist Brothers, recall one of the dreams of Father Champagnat: to have a heart that knows no
bounds. During this prayer, let us be in communion with all our Brothers throughout the world; let us
thank the Lord for the missionary dimension of our Institute, and let us ask, through the intercession of
Mary, new vocations for our religious family, filled with the same zeal of St Marcellin.

Entrance hymn
Go, tell it on the mountains,                           2. He made me a watchman
over the hills and everywhere.                          upon the city wall;
Go, tell it on the mountains                            to tell of his salvation,
that Jesus Christ is Lord                               for Jesus died for all.

1. Oh when I was a seeker,                              3. Go, tell it to your neighbour
I sought both night and day.                            in darkness here below.
I asked the Lord to help me                             Go with the words of Jesus,
and he showed me the way.                               that all the world may know

From our Marist Constitutions (90)
God wishes that all people be saved by the Church, His sacrament of salvation for all. Our Institute, like
the Church, is missionary, and we must have the heart of a missionary, as did Father Champagnat who
exclaimed: "All the dioceses in the world enter into our designs."

The Institute has a deep and tender concern for countries not yet evangelised, and also for young
Churches. Having come to an agreement with the local Church, we set up communities in places where
the needs of the people call for a service that is in line with our charism.

In de-christianised countries we lead young people and adults to discover the true face of Jesus Christ
and of His Church

A moment of silence

God our Father,                                         Consecrated and led by the Holy Spirit,
you have a plan of love and salvation                   He announced the Good News of the Kingdom.
for all the men and women you have created.
You sent Jesus to our world                             He made Himself the servant of His brethren
because you loved our world.                            even to laying down His life.
                                                        He died in order to bring God's family
By His Incarnation, Jesus made Himself one              together in unity.
in a special way
with every human person.
Now risen from the dead,
He consecrates the whole of creation                       Give us a missionary heart.
and leads it to its fulfilment.                            Rekindle in us the fire of the Spirit
                                                           we were given by Baptism and Confirmation,
Father, we still listen today                              so that we answer to your call
the words Jesus said to his disciples:                     to follow Christ and to continue His mission.
“Go to the whole world                                     Amen
and proclaim the Good News”.

Many people do not know you,
many people live far from you,
unaware of the love you have for them.

From the Marist Constitutions (91)
The Brothers whom the Lord sends out to spread the Good News as missionaries must prepare themselves
carefully for their task.

The Brothers are quick to recognise the gospel values already present in the diverse cultures, and, by
their service and example, they help to purify whatever in these cultures is out of harmony with the
Gospels. By the way they work to promote these values, they attest to the quality of each culture. In so
doing, they gain new vigour in their Marist missionary spirit. The style of life they lead helps their
integration into the country to which they have been sent. Like Mary, they withdraw as soon as their
presence is no longer needed.

Local Brothers are to be given the training they need, and are to be encouraged to assume gradually the
full responsibility for their Province or District. It is through them that the inculturation of Marist life is
to be achieved.
        A moment of silence

Jesus, you are the true image of the Father,               Bless our Marist communities,
you send the Church,                                       especially those in places
in which you are ever-present by your Spirit,              where religion is persecuted
so that she may continue your work,                        or society is in crisis.
which is to reveal to everyone
the face of God, who is Love,                              Bless our missionary Brothers,
and to make known the meaning of life.                     whose hearts know no bounds,
                                                           as the one of St Marcellin.
We give you thanks for calling us                          Help them to recognize the seed of the Gospel
to the Institute of the Marist Brothers.                   already present in the different cultures.
Faithful to the dream of Father Champagnat,
and sent forth by the Church,                              Bless the local Brothers,
is called to evangelise people,                            whom you have called to the Marist vocation.
especially by educating the young,                         They are the best expression
particularly those most neglected.                         of the universality of our Institute.
                                                           Help them them to achieve
Bless today the pastors of the local churches              the inculturation of the Marist life
in which we are inserted.                                  In their own countries and cultures.
You are calling us to work in union with them
and in collaboration with other religious                  Amen
and lay people
filled with the same missionary zeal.

Shared prayer: We may present to the Lord our petitions and thanksgiving, followed by a Hail Mary

Conclusion: In union with all the Brothers in our District and all those who have contributed to spread
the Gospel and the Marist charism in our country, let us sing the Magnificat of Mary

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