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									                                 Università degli Studi di Perugia
                           Dipartimento di Economia, Finanza e Statistica

                                      PROF. ELVIRA LUSSANA
Via A. Pascoli - IT - 06123 – Perugia
Ph. (+39).075.585.5287 - Fax (+39).075.585.5299
Ab. (+39). 075.45565
E-mail: lussana@unipg.it

          Curriculum Vitae

          Born on 30.08.1942 in Brescia (Italy)
                       1. 1965: thesis in Economics and Commerce.
                       2. 1966 – 1978: Researcher at the University of Perugia, field of
                            Geographical Economy.
                       3. 1979 – 2005: Professor of Economic Geography at the
                            University of Perugia, Faculty of Economics.
                       4. 1989 – 1992: Professor of Regional and Urban Geography at
                            the Faculty of Architecture at “G. D’Annunzio” University of
                       5. 1990 – 2000: Professor of Economic Geography and
                            Nutritional Policies at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.
                       6. 1993 – present: Professor of Geography of Tourism at the
                            Faculty of Economics of Tourism of University of Perugia.
                       7. 1998 – 2006: Professor of Tourism Policies and Geography of
                            Tourism at the Faculty of Economics of Tourism of University
                            of Perugia ( distance learning “Nettuno” Program).
                       8. 1999 – present: Polish Doctor Habilitated Professor of
                            Economic Integration at WSZ of Czestocowa – University of
                            Management (Poland).

     9. 2002 – present: Professor of Economics and Political
         Geography and Geo-politics for Development at Faculty of
         Political Science (S.Valentino, Terni) of University of Perugia.

     10. 2003 – present: Senior Professor of Geo-economics at the
         Faculty of Economics of University of Perugia.

     11. 2006 – 2008: Professor of Geopolitical Dimensions of the
         Euro-Mediterranean Area in the Euro-Mediterranean Affairs
         Master (MEMA).

Academic and Scientific charges

      1. Visiting Professor at the University de Lille I (France) from
1996 to 1998.
      2. Visiting Professor at the University de Paris Evry (France)
from 1999 to 2004.
      3. Responsible Professor for International Relations at the Faculty
of Economics and President of the ECTS Commission.
      4. Co-ordinator of the Socrates Programme with 40 European
institutions and representing the University of Perugia in Tempus Phare
Project with Rumania, Poland Finland from 1991, Tempus Tacis (from
2002) with North Ossethia, Russian Federation, Mongolia, Uzbekistan,
Kyrgyzistan Tempus Med with Algeria (from 2004). In this context
participated in Lille (April 2006), Faculte des Sciences Politiques et
Sociales in the seminary organized by professor Nadji Ramanhja with
the relationship of Developpement durable entre rationalitè et
conventionalisme, Ti.Fo.La. In the planned activities of this Project
taught in Rovanjemi (2004), Torum (2005) and Brno (2005).
      In planned activities of Tempus Tacis Program ToHost
participated in the organizational meetings in Ulanbataar (November
2003), Taskent (February 2004), Rovaniemi-Ivalo (February 2005),
Ulanbataar (June 2005), Karacoll-Kyrgyzistan (January 2006)
    5. Responsible for the Scientific Program of Cooperation with the
       Russian Federation AFORETO.
    6. Member of the Scientific Committee of the International
       Doctorate “Internationalisation of Small and Medium-Sized
       Enterprises”. With the Universities of Paris XII Val de Marne
       and of Management (WSZ) of Czestocowa (Poland) (from A.Y.
    7. Delegate for the University of Perugia at the Regional Umbrian
       Agency for Research (AUR).
    8. Component of Scientific Editing Committee of Reviews AUR
       (printed Italy) and Romanian Economic Review (printed in
       Bucharest, Romania).
    9. Coordinator of the Research Group on Geopolitics and Human
       Rights of the Italian Geographers Association A (association) Ge
       (Geographers) I (Italian).

Other charges

      1.        Participated in Brussels in EC Assessment Groups for
                Project selection between the EC and the USA and
                between the EC and Canada.
      2.        UNICEF Delegate for the Umbrian Region. Co-ordinator
                of   Multidisciplinary   courses   in   “Education   and
      3.      Member of the Committee for Peace, section “Analysing
              the changing role of the U.N.”
      4.      President or Member named by the Ministry of
              Education, Examination Commission for Professors at
              the Universities of Messina, Lecce and Bari and
              Researchers at Universities of Venice, Naples and Bari.
      5.      Named by the Ministry of Education Component of the
              Commission in charge of confirming the role of the
              Researcher in the MG/G2 Sector of Economic Geography
              (from 2003).
      6.      Member of the Commission for Admission of Foreign
              Students (until 2004).
      7.      Regional UNICEF Coordinator – “Women in the World”
      8.      Organizer for UNICEF (National Committee) in Faculty
              of Economics of Courses (A.Y. 2003–2004 – Marginality
              & Exclusion in a Globalized Society; 2004–2005 –
              Against Marginalisation & Exclusion for Peace and
              Development) on Education Development.
      9.      President from A.Y. 2005–2006 – present of Paritetic
              Commission for Didactic (S.Valentino, Terni) in the
              Faculty of Political Science.

Didactical activities abroad

      1. Moscow State University Moscow (Russian Federation).
      2. The Nevski Institute of Language and Culture at the
University of Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation).
      3. Kyrgyz Technical University of Bishkek, Bishkek (Kyrgyz

4. Bishkek State Institute for Economics and Commerce,
    Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic),
5. Orkhon University, Ulanbataar (Mongolia).
6. Taskent State University of Economics, Taskent
7. University St. Kliment of Sofia, Sofia (Bulgaria).
8. Dublin University of Technology, Dublin (Ireland).
9. University of Kuopio,Kuopio and University of Lapland,
    Rovaniemi (Finland).
10. Academy of International Relations of Bucharest,
      University A.I. Cuza of Iasi, University of Brasov,
      University of Suceava, Suceava University of Valahia,
      Targoviste (Romania).
11. Erasmus Hoge School Brussels and ESHAL, Brussels
12. Slaska Wyzsza Szkola Zarzadzania w Katowice, University
of Economics Karol Adamiecki, Katowice, University of Lodz and
Institut Europejski, Lodz, Wyzsza Szkola Finanzow I Bankowosci
Radom,      WSZ     (University   of   Management),     Czestocowa,
University of Economics, Wroclaw (Poland).
13. Université de Lille 1, Lille Paris Evry, Paris XII Creteil, Paris
14. University of Greenwich, London Greenwich (England).
15. University of Szeged, Szeged (Hungaria).
    Scientific activities

    Research activities have focused on the in-depth analysis of specific
    problems in the area of Post-modern Geography, and more particularly
-         valorisation of the scientific impact of the tools for new knowledge in
    order to obtain a new representation of territorial reality by means of
    new codes and new languages, especially in Geopolitics;
-         verification of the knowledge-based validity of consolidated theories
    concerning the study of the territoriality process in relation to the past of
    on-going geographical changes in reality, especially in Eastern Europe.
-         difficulties, frictions and contradictions concerning the economic and
    social integration process of Poland and Romania in the European
     More specifically on themes such as:

-         Poverty / Poverties especially in Africa and Asia
-         Human rights / Peace and the Existentialist Paradigm
-         Tradition and modernity (Mongolia and Cambodia)
-         Education (the Bologna Process) and Globalization
-         Multiculturalism (International Geographical Union)

     Author of 53 publications (some of which are articles)
Latest publications

Lussana E., Infanzia e Diritti, in : Atti XIX Congresso Geografico
Italiano (Palermo, settembre, 2004), Vol. I, ed. Patron, Bologna
Lussana E., Event Management, printed by Orkhon University di Ulan
Bataar (Mongolia),      February 2006 .Re-printed in Perugia with title
Event Tourism Management
Lussana E. e Machado C., Paths of participation in a knowledge-based
era: disseminating real-life experiences in Central Asia, in: European
Journal    of    Open       and    Distance     Learning     (EURODL)
Brussels, April, 2006
Lussana E., Education and Globalisation, in: Romanian Economic
Review, n° 3, Bucharest, 2006
Lussana E., Globalizzazione: un ”Discorso” complesso, in: Rivista
dell’Agenzia Umbra Ricerche, n° 7, Perugia, 2006
Lussana E., Mediterraneo: una storia incompleta, in: Quaderni del
Dipartimento di Economia, Finanza e Statistica, Quaderno n° 27
dicembre, Perugia, 2006
Lussana E., L’Altro: l’Escluso, in: Atti dell’Incontro di Studio su
Economia e concezione dell’Uomo (Perugia, novembre 2006), ed.
Angeli, Milano, 2007
Lussana E., Il Dono e l’Autri, in (a cura di Grasselli P.,Montesi C.),
L’interpretazione dello spirito del Dono, Angeli, Milano, 2008
Lussana E., Un attraversamento riflessivo del concetto di bene commune
in (a cura di Grasselli P), Idee e metodi per il bene commune, Angeli,
Milano, 2009
PARTICIPATION (with papers) at Congresses or Seminars (in the last 5
2004 (September), Palermo, XIXth Italian Geographic Congress, paper:
Children and Rights
2005 (December), Rome, Workshop on: Cultures and Civilisation,
organized   by    U(Union)       G(Geographic)   I(International),   paper
Multiculturalisme et necessité d’une reforme de la pensée
2005 (December) Spoleto, Conference on: The exploit of Marco Polo,
paper on Mongolia an imagination way with photographic support
2006 (October), Naples, Seminary on: Cooperation and Development for
the Democratic Republic of Congo, organized by the Partenope
University, paper on The Democratic Republic of Congo, a complex
process of modernisation
2006 (November), Assisi, Seminary on Ethics in comparison, paper You
and I, the altruistic paradigm
2007 (June), Bari, The days of Geography, organised by A(Association)
of Ge(geographers) I(Italian), coordinator of the Mediterranean round
table uniting history, physics and imagination, paper on The
Mediterranean, an incomplete history
2007 (July), Targoviste (Romania), Colloquium organized by the
University of Valahia on the Construction of European Space, paper on
The idea of Europe
2007 (December), Rome, Medical Geography Seminary, paper on Child
Labour a sign of betrayal of human rights, with photographic support
2009 (March), Perugia AISEC meeting on Ethiopian Reality, paper on
The Geopolitics of the new Ethiopia
2009 (June) Targoviste (Romania), seminar on “The effects of the
redefinition of state functions in central and western Europe, towards the
emergence of a new European Governance?” organized by the
University of Valahia, paper on Regional inequality in Romania

Visited Cambodia for study and Cooperation activities in 2003 and 2004
(Phnom Penh., Seam Reap, Battambang). In the years 1983/1992 was in
Mali and the Ivory Coast for Research and in Jordan for Cooperation

As Unicef Volunteer worked in Turkey, Morocco and Namibia. For
Tourism visited the Svalbard and Aran Isles and Greenland.

Excellent French, working knowledge of English and passive knowledge
of Polish and Romanian.

Prof dott. hab. Elvira Lussana
Department of Economics, Finance and Statistics
Faculty of Economics - University of Perugia

        Email lussana@unipg.it
        Mob +393484104853 Ph. +390755855287 Fax +390755855299

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