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									                   SUPERIORE GENERALE
                   CONGREGAZIONE DEI

Prot.          P2007-0352                                               Rome, 27 December, 2007
Re:            Convocation of the XXII General Chapter

                                               To: Provincial, Regional, and District Superiors

        My Very Dear Brothers,

     According to the norms and customs of our Institute, I am making you aware of the fol-
lowing decisions concerning the XXII General Chapter, the preparations for which are already
under way.
1.     Convocation of the Chapter
       After having obtained the consent of the General Council in the session held on October
21, 2007 I convoke the XXII General Chapter of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred
Heart of Jesus by this letter as our Constitutions, N. 133 and our General Directory, N. 133, 1,
3. establish.
2.   Date and Location
     The XXII General Chapter will take place in Rome at the General Curia beginning on
May 18, 2009, and not go beyond June 12, 2009. All chapter participants must be in Rome by
May 17.
3.    Composition
      After having consulted various entity councils and heard the Major Superiors at the
meeting held this past October according to the norm of the General Directory N. 134, the
General Council has established the following principles for election of delegates to the next
general chapter from the various provinces, regions, districts:
           Entities with from 1 to 50 members will elect 1 delegate;
           Entities with from 51 to 150 members will elect 2 delegates;
           Entities with more than 150 members will elect 3 delegates.
      The exact number of eligible delegates will be determined by the date at which their
election takes place.
      Each delegate shall also have a substitute elected who will take his place in the event he
is prevented from attending, according to the norms of the General Directory N. 134, 5, 7.
4.     Theme
       The XXII will be an Ordinary Chapter with the task of electing a new general admini-
stration. This election will be a particularly important event for the life of the congregation.
From this point on, let us ask this gift from the Lord that he give us persons after his own
Heart for this service who will seek out the ways the Spirit wants us to walk.

       In addition to the presentation of the Status Congregationis and various juridical mat-
ters, we have decided to set forth a specific theme that will orient our travels over the next few
years. As you have already been informed, the title we have chosen is: For the love of Christ
impels us. As ardent lovers of Christ uniting us in brotherhood, we proclaim the gospel.

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       With this theme before us which continues the dynamics on mission begun at the Gen-
eral Conference of Warsaw, we wish to reclaim the central place that Christ has in the life of
each one of us and in the congregation. He is the basis and foundation of all fraternal life, the
starting point for all proclamation of the Gospel.
5.     Preparation and Participation
       The fruitful outcome of the any general chapter, the supreme exercise of collegial au-
thority in our institute (cf. Cst. 128), is dependent upon the work of the Spirit who must insis-
tently be invoked. To this end during this time of preparation we invite you to use the offi-
cially approved prayer. With Mary and the disciples, we ask for this gift from the Risen Lord
upon the entire congregation at this moment of such profound change.
       But the Spirit certainly does not wish to be a substitute for our own necessary prepara-
tion. The chapter preparation commission has already sent along materials for a suitable
preparation, aimed at involving everyone at the individual and community levels, as well as
the major superiors and their councils.
       Other topics of a juridical nature we shall send along to you at the outset of the new
year so that they can be considered by your chapters.
       For the General Chapter, besides responses to surveys/questionnaires from the Prepara-
tion Commission, major superiors should prepare a general report and a financial report on
their own province, region, or district. Based on these items, the General Council will pre-
pare a “State of the Congregation” which will be presented at the General Chapter.
6.     Due Dates
       According to the norms of the General Directory, N. 133, 3, the date fixed for conclu-
sion of provincial chapters which must precede the General Chapter is November 30, 2008.
Responses from such chapters, along with any other materials, must be at the Generalate no
later than December 15, 2008 for it to be useful to the Preparation Commission.


      With Fr. Dehon and all the men who have gone on before and who, by the life choices
they made, traced out our route in fidelity to the footsteps of Christ, we too want to walk that
path humbly, faithfully, courageously in our times and world. More than ever we feel the
need to reveal God’s love for it. We want this preparation period to be used for listening to
the Master and his words so we can be transformed according to his Heart. We want to be in
communion with the members throughout the world by our prayer, reflection, and active
search for the will of God for the congregation.
      May Mary, the true disciple of the Word and model of availability, be our support in
the desire to speak and live the Ecce Ancilla – as she did – in our vocation and mission.

      From the Heart of Christ, I ask the fullness of blessings upon each one.

                                                    Fr. José Ornelas Carvalho, scj
                                                         Superior General SCJ


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