Letter-of-Intent by asafwewe

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									{Company letter heading}

                                       Letter of Intent

The undersigned declares to have read the project proposal:
                                   “Title of Project Proposal“

which will   be submitted in the framework of the 8th Joint CORNET Call to the following funding
       -     name of agency of coordinator
       -     name of agency of partner2
       -     name of agency of partner3
       -     …

The proposed project is of interest to the business of {name of the company} for the following
{two or three specific reasons why the project results, if successful, will be relevant for the

Therefore a representative of {name of the company} will be member of the Users Committee of
the project, which includes participation in two or three Users Committee meetings per project
{name of the company} acknowledges that they will not be a formal member of the project
consortium, that the intellectual property rights belong to the project applicants, and that
membership of the Users Committee does not include any priority rights to the intellectual
{name of the company} will provide information and feedback to the project consortium to
enhance efficiency, focus and direction of the project.

{name of responsible person}
{position of responsible person}

{date of signature}

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