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                                    PERIODO NAPOLEONICO

   Ogni confezione contiene un modello di nave salvo dove altrimenti
  specificato. Le vele sono vendute separatamente e possono essere in
  metallo bianco stampato oppure in fotoincisione (vedasi lo schema a
 fondo pagina). Si prega di indicare nell’ordine la propria preferenza.

Scale 1:1200 Napoleonic Naval Hulls
Kits contain hull and separate stern piece. All are cast in white metal alloy. 'At quarters' refers to hulls which show the
gun port lids open and gun barrels protruding.

1st-6th rate:
The hulls and sail sets are sold separately. There is a choice of sail settings for each size of hull, so you need to make a note
of the sail size required for the hull(s) you wish to purchase. For convenience, we have named these sizes as follows:
3D -1st & 2nd rate ships                                  F - frigates above 32 guns,
74 - 74 & 80 gun ships                                        also 40, 44 & 50 gun 2-deckers
64 - 64 gun ships                                         SF - frigates 32 guns and less.
So, a typical order might include the following:
                                                   1 x NB7 with 64-APS (All Plain Sail)
                                                   1 x NF9 with 3D-FS (Full Sail) etc

         INGLESI

Ref          Description                                            Sail Size     Price €

NB1          74 gun Common                                              74         4,50

NB2          74 gun Common 'at quarters'                                74         5.50

NB3          74 gun Middling                                            74         4,50

NB4          74 gun Middling 'at quarters'                              74         5.50

NB5          74 gun Large                                               74         4,50

NB6          74 gun Large 'at quarters'                                 74         5.50

NB7          64 gun                                                     64         4,50

NB8          64 gun 'at quarters'                                       64         5.50

NB9          80 gun (ex-French)                                         74         4,50

NB10         80 gun (ex-French) 'at quarters'                           74         5.50

NB11         76 gun (ex-French) Donegal                                 74         4,50
NB12   76 gun (ex-French) Donegal 'at quarters'   74   5.50

NB13   98 gun Dreadnought                         3D   5.50

NB14   98 gun 'at quarters' (revised model)       3D   4,50

NB15   32 gun Frigate                             SF   4,30

NB16   36 gun Frigate                             F    4,30

NB17   38 gun Frigate                             F    4,30

NB18   38 gun Frigate 'at quarters'               F    4.50

NB20   HMS Victory (100) 'at quarters'            3D   6.00

NB22   Royal Sovereign (100)                      3D   5.50

NB23   Royal Sovereign (100) 'at quarters'        3D   6.00

NB25   50 gun (2-deck)                            F    4,30

NB27   40 gun Frigate (2-deck)                    F    4.30

NB28   40 gun Frigate 'at quarters' (2-deck)      F    4,50

NB29   28 gun Frigate                             SF   4,30

NB31   Agamemnon (64)                             64   4,50

NB32   Agamemnon (64) 'at quarters'               64   5.50

NB35   64 gun (ex East India Co)                  64   4,50

NB37   Windsor Castle (98)                        3D   5.50

NB39   Britannia (100)                            3D   5.50

NB40   40 gun Troop Transport                     F    4.30

NB41   24 gun                                     SF   4.30

NB44   Indefatigable (44) (razee'd 64)            F    4.30

NB45   Prince (98)                                3D   5.50

NB48   Glatton (54) 'at quarters'                 64   5.50

NB49   36 gun Frigate 'at quarters'               F    4,50

NB50   80 gun Caesar                              74   4,50

NB51   32 gun Frigate 'at quarters'               SF   4,50

NB53   Queen Charlotte (100)                      3D   5.50

NB54   Queen Charlotte (100) 'at quarters'        3D   4.30
         FRANCESI

Ref         Description                              Sail Size   Price €

NF1         64 gun                                      64        4,50

NF2         64 gun 'at quarters'                        64        5.50

NF3         74 gun                                      74        4,50

NF4         74 gun 'at quarters'                        74        5.50

NF5         80 gun                                      74        4,50

NF6         80 gun 'at quarters'                        74        5.50

NF7         36 gun Frigate 'at quarters'                F         4,50

NF8         36 gun Frigate                              F         4.30

NF9         120 gun                                    3D         5.50

NF10        120 gun 'at quarters'                      3D         6.00

NF11        20 gun Corvette                             SF        4.30

NF14        40 gun 'at quarters'                        F         4,50

NF15        76 gun (or small 80)                        74        4,50

NF16        76 gun (or small 80) 'at quarters'          74        5.50

NF17        Sané Class (38/40)                          F         4.30

NF18        Sané Class (38/40) 'at quarters'            F         4,50

         SPAGNOLE

Ref         Description                              Sail Size   Price €

NS1         64 gun                                      64        4,50

NS2         64 gun 'at quarters'                        64        5.50

NS3         74 gun                                      74        4,50

NS4         74 gun 'at quarters'                        74        5.50

NS5         80 gun                                      74        4,50

NS7         34 gun Frigate                              F         4.30

NS9         112 gun                                    3D         5.50

NS10        112 gun 'at quarters' (REMODELLED)         3D         6.00

NS12        Santisima Trinidad (140) 'at quarters'     3D         6.00
NS15         Rayo (100 gun)                                          3D         5.50

NS17         36 gun frigate (with optional poop deck)                 F         4.30

NS18         32 gun Xebec Frigate (Lateen)                          SET         6.00

NS19         Santa Ana Class (112)                                   3D         5.50

NS20         Santa Ana Class (112) 'at quarters'                     3D         6.00

NS21         Montanes Class (74/80)                                  74         4,50

NS22         Montanes Class (74/80) 'at quarters'                    74         5.50

         OLANDESI
          These vessels represent the Batavian fleet at the Battle of Camperdown in 1797.

Ref          Description                                         Sail Size     Price €

DU1          68 gun                                                 64          4,50

DU3          74 gun                                                 74          4,50

DU5          32 gun                                                 SF          4.30

DU7          56 gun                                                  F          4.30

DU9          44 gun (2-deck)                                         F          4.30

DU11         44 gun Frigate                                          F          4.30

DU13         Brig Corvette (24 gun) *                             SF/BC         4.30

DU14         Brig Corvette 'at quarters' *                        SF/BC         4,50

DU15         Ship Corvette (24 gun)                                 SF          4.30

DU16         Ship Corvette 'at quarters'                            SF          4,50

* The Brig Corvette is 2-masted and has its own special set of sails/masts.
These are available ONLY in ES1A. as follows:SF/BC M-ES1A (All White Metal)
£2.50. SF/BC B-ES1A (Brass Sails) £3.00.

         AMERICANE (Guerra d’Indipendenza Americaca)

Ref          Description                                          Sail Size    Price £
NA1          Constitution *                                              64          4,40

NA2          Constitution 'at quarters'                                  64          3.50

NA3          USS Essex (32)                                              SF          2.70

NA4          USS Essex 'at quarters'                                     SF          4,40

NA5          USS Congress (38)                                           F           4.30

* Although technically a frigate, this vessel is renowned for being large for her
classification. We suggest the '64' sail set as being the more suitable for the size of hull.


Merchant Vessels                                                                    Price €

Medium Merchant - Hull only.
Choose from SF size sail settings (but not the full sail*).

Large Merchant - Hull only.
Choose from 64 size sail settings (but not the full sail*).

        VELE

SAIL SETS for 1:1200 Napoleonic Naval Hulls

SF, F, 64, 74 & 3D

Please indicate when ordering, the SIZE of hull for which the sail is intended, as
well as the reference below: e.g. F/ M-ES1A for Frigate Easy Sail with courses                  'All plain sail'
furled in white metal..


   Ref             Description                                                      Price €
   M-AA            At Anchor                                                         4.20
   M-TJ            Topsail and Jib                                                   4,50
   M-ES1           Easy Sail                                                         4,50
   M-ES1A          Easy Sail with courses furled                                     4,50
   M-ES2           Easy Sail with furled topgallants                                 4,50


  Ref              Description                                                      Price £
                   Easy Sail/All Plain Sail                                          7.00
  B-ES1A           Easy Sail with courses furled                                     5.50
  B-FS             Full Sail                                                         5.50
  B-SS             Studding Sail                                                     5.50
  B-FC             Full Complement                                                   5.50

* Contains parts to assemble either All Plain Sail or Easy Sail.
About the White Metal Sail Kits:
The At Anchor kit is supplied with separate furled yards.
All other white metal sail set kits contain:
  Bowsprit with Jib(s) and spritsail;
  Sails for each mast;
  3 Masts.
About the Brass Sail Kits:
The sails are 4 thou photo etched brass, engineered to .25mm tolerance. .
The separate sail parts (which are numbered on the spru to facilitate assembly) also
enables individual shaping so that the modeller decides on the 'attitude to the wind',
appearance etc.

All brass sail kits contain guide to assembly and diagrams. There are also white metal
parts as follows: masts, bowsprit and furled courses where appropriate.


 AA                Sails would be furled above the yard in harbour and below the yard when at sea.
 TJ                This shows topgallants and courses furled. Could be used in action or when manoeuvring.
 ES1               This has the courses, tops and topgallant sail set.
 ES1A              Tops and topgallants set, courses furled. Used where possible in action to avoid the chance of the
                   lower sails (courses) being set on fire by the discharge of the guns.
 ES2               Easy sail with topgallants furled. Courses and tops set.
 APS               Shows all the square sails set, courses, tops, topgallants and royals.
 FS                Similar to APS but with the inclusion of stay sails (fore and aft sails rigged between the masts on a
                   vessel's stays).
 SS                This has additional sails extending out from the 'all plain sail' set.
                   These are set in the style known as 'gull wing' - common for its sailing efficiency as it allowed the
                   quartering wind to reach the fore sails more effectively.
 FC                We've called this set 'full complement' because it comprises the APS set, plus staysails, plus gull
                   wings. This configuation would have been used in light airs to gain every drop of wind.
                                      The 'Easy' Sails

         T&J                    ES1                   ES1A                    ES2
The 'easy sails' where courses are furled, are sometimes referred to as 'fighting sail'. This was preferred because it got
the lower sails out of the way. However, the sail set a vessel fought at was dictated by prevailing conditions. The British
fleet at the Nile for example, commenced the battle at studding sail and then anchored. Similarly, at the Battle of
Trafalgar, the British fleet commenced at studding sail whereas the Franco-Spanish fleet were at easy sail.
 All Plain Sail                                             Full Sail
Shows all the square                                        Sails are exactly as All
sails set, courses,                                         Plain Sail above plus
tops, topgallants and                                       Stay Sails (as in
royals.                                                     diagram opposite).
                                                            Please note: the brass
                                                            stay sails are individual
                                                            pieces and are to be
                                                            positioned/glued to
                                                            masts and rigging.

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