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									                             Bake out Cable Labelling for theTGA and the BRP Bake-out.
         In the following two tables the labelling for Bake-out connections of the TGAi and of the BRP are reported.
         Table 1: Bake-out connections for TGA and three of the BRP to the upper Heater Powering Module Rack Cabinet C (beidge color)
                 LABEL                     Where       Collar/Band     Power         Patch Panel       Other end Powering   TMAX       Note
                                                                                    Heater Labels        H &TC       Module  °C
1      TGA/QMA RF FLANGE                  DN63CF          Collar       120 W     Heat 1a     1x12-- --1x11            1x11   150
                                                                                 Temp 1a     1x62-- --1x61             1a
2    TGA/QMA-TEE & CHOPPER                  Tube          Band         768 W     Heat 1b     1x15-- --1x14            1x14   150
                                           flange       Oii 1.2 m                Temp1b      1x64-- --1x63             1b
3        TGA/QMA CHANNiii                 DN63CF          Collar      120 W      Heat 2a     1x18-- --1x17            1x17   180
                                                                                 Temp 2a     1x66-- --1x63             2a
4      TGA /Ti BALL COLLAR                DN40CF          Collar        80 W     Heat 2b     1x21-- --1x20            1x20   180
                                                                                 Temp 2b     1x68-- --1x67             2b
5     TGA/TSPiv TOP FLANGE               DN150CF          Collar       200 W     Heat 3a     1x24-- --1x23            1x23   180
                                                                                 Temp 3a     1x70-- --1x69             3a
6       TGA/TSP CHAMBER                   Chamber         Band         370 W     Heat 3b     1x27-- --1x26            1x26   180
                                                          O l?       ( 134  ) Temp 3b       1x72-- --1x71             3b
7     TGA/TSP BOTT FLANGE                DN150CF          Collar       200 W     Heat 4a     1x30-- --1x29            1x29   180
                                                                                 Temp 4a     1x74-- --1x73             4a
8       TGA/QMA CHAMBER                   Chamber         Band         220 W     Heat 4b     1x33-- --1x32            1x32   150
                                                         O 2.5 m                 Temp 4b     1x76-- --1x75             4b
9    TGA/ION GAUGE COLLAR                 DN40CF          Collar        80 W     Heat 5a     1x36-- --1x35            1x35   180
                                                                                 Temp 5a     1x78-- --1x77             5a
10        TGA/TGA TARGET                 DN100CF          Collar       140 W     Heat 5b     1x39-- --1x38            1x38   140
                                                                     ( 334  ) Temp 5b
              CHAMBER                                                                        1x80-- --1x79             5b
11     TGA/6POLE CHAMBER                 DN100CF          Collar       140 W     Heat 6a     1x42-- --1x41            1x41   140
                                                                      (333 ) Temp 6a        1x82-- --1x81             6a
12   TGA/ION GAUGE FLANGE                DN150CF          Collar         ----    Heat 6b     1x45-- --1x44            1x44   180   Missing collar
                                                                                 Temp 6b     1x84-- --1x83             6b
13         TGA/6p Valve UPS               DN40CF          Collar        80W      Heat 7a     1x48-- --1x47            1x47   140
                                                                                 Temp 7a     1x86-- --1x85             7a
                           THE FOLLOWING items belong to the BRP, but are connected on the TGA heater powering module
14   BRP/ END CROSS FLANGE                DN63CF          Band        200 W      Heat 7b     1x51-- --1x52            1x52  140
                                            cross         N 1m        (388 ) Temp 7b        1x88-- --1x87             7b
15        BRP/ END FLANGE                 DN63CF          Collar      120 W      Heat 8a     1x54-- --1x53            1x53  180
                                                                      (388 ) Temp 8a        1x90-- --1x89             8a
16     BRP/ 6pvi VALVE DWSvii      DN40CF        Collar      80 W       Heat 8b   1x57--   --1x56        1x56        140
                                                            (586 )     Temp 8b   1x92--   --1x91         8b
     TABLE 2: BRP Bake Out connections to the lower Heater Powering Module Rack Cabinet C (dark color)
              LABEL                Where        Collar/Band    Power      Patch Panel         Cable       Powering         T MAX
                                                                          Heater TC          To PSviii     Module            °C
1       BRP/QMA RF FLANGE         DN63CF           Collar      120 W Heat 1a      2x12    --2x11            2x11             180
                                                                       Temp 1a    2x55    --2x56             1a
2          BRP/QMA-TEE              Tube          BAND         165 W Heat 1b        2x15 --2x14             2x14            180
                                                  N 1m                 Temp 1b     2x57   --2x58             1b
3        BRP/QMA-CHANNix          DN63CF           Collar      220 W Heat 2a       2x18 --2x17              2x17            180
                                                                       Temp 2a     2x59 --2x60               2a
4     BRP/QMA BOTTx FLANGE        DN63CF           Collar      120 W Heat 2b         2x21 --2x20            2x20            180
                                                                       Temp 2b      2x61 --2x62              2b
5       BRP/QMA CHAMBER           Chamber          Band        370 W Heat 3a        2x24 --2x23             2x23            180
                                                  O 2.5 m              Temp 3a     2x63 --2x64               3a
6      BRP/ CHOPPER FLANGE        DN100CF          Collar      140 W Heat 3b         2x27 --2x26            2x26            150
                                                                       Temp 3b      2x65 --2x66              3a
7    BRP/PUMP CHAMB FLANGE DN200CF                  Coll      (236 ) Heat 4a       2x30 --2x29             2x29            180
                                                                       Temp 4a     2x67 --2x68               4a
8    BRP/ PUMP CHAMB MIDDLE       Chamber          Band       1000 W Heat 4b         2x33 --2x32            2x32            180
                                                   O L?      (48.9  ) Temp 4b      2x69 --2x70              4b
9     BRP/TURBO TOP FLANGE        DN100CF          Collar      140 W Heat 5a       2x36 --2x35              2x35            140
                                                                       Temp 5a    2x71    --2x72             5a
10   BRP/TURBO BOTT & VALVE DN100CF                Band        200 W Heat 5b       2x39   --2x38            2x38            140
                                                  N 1.5 m     (268 ) Temp 5b     2x73    --2x74             5b
11    BRP/ PUMP CHAMB BOTT          Chamber       Band       (133  )   Heat 6a     2x42    --2x41          2x41            180
                                                  O L?                  Temp 6a     2x75    --2x76           6a
12     BRP/ION PUMP FLANGE         DN100CF        Collar      337     Heat 6b     2x45    --2x44          2x44            180
                                                                        Temp 6b     2x77    --2x78           6b
13   BRP/ ION PUMPxi     |DWS         Heater Vest             350W      Heat 7a     2x48    --2x47          2x47            220
                          |UPS         Heater Vest            200W      Temp 7a     2x79    --2x80           7a
14      BRP/ TiBALL COLLAR          DN40CF       Collar       80 W      Heat 7b     2x51    --2x50          2x50            180
                                                                        Temp 7b     2x81    --2x82           7b
15         BRP/ ELBOW 90              Tube        Band        165 W     Heat 8a     2x54    --2x53          2x53            180
                                                  N 1m                  Temp 8a     2x83    --2x84           8a
16    BRP/ ION GAUGE FLANGE        DN100CF        Collar      140 W     Heat 8b     2x57    --2x56          2x56            180
                                                             (331 )    Temp 8b     2x85    --2x86           8b
    The TGA Heater Powering Module is the upper one in the RACK CABINET C (ASCON beige color)
    The BRP Heater Powering Module lower one in the Rack Cabinet C ( dark color).
    The BRP system requires more than 16 channel, therefore three of them are powered and controlled by the TGA Heeater powering module.
    Any cable are labelled as TGA/ or BRP/ according to which apparatus belongs, and also label for the part heated.
    The patch panel has two labelling (i.e. see first raw of the TGA: Heat 1a and 1x12) and we report both in the patch panel column.
    The 20 m long cables connecting the patch panel to the heater powering module have one number labelling (1x12 ) on the patch panel side
and another number labelling (1x11) on the Heater Powering Module side. The labelling are different for heaters and thermocouples, and for the
two families (BRP and TGA) too.
    On the back of the Heater Powering Module you’ll find the corresponding number for the power cable, but only the 1a for the thermocouple
    The column of TMAX, the maximum Temperature allowed, is deduced from the HERMES logbook and updated.

  TGA means Target Gas analyser and BRP means Breit-Rabi-Polarimeter
    O means Old heater band N means New HemiHeating band.
    CHANN means Channeltron
    TSP means Titanium sublimation Pump
    This is the flange of the valve between the TGA and TC (target Chamber).
    6p means sextupole
     This is the gate-valve in between the BRP and the 6-pole chamber, this side has to be baked with the BRP. Downstream direction is assuming the beam coming from the cell.
     PS means Power Supply
    CHANN meand Channeltron
    Bott means Bottom
    The BRP/ION PUMP has to heating vest, we connected toghere in parallel and put a TC on the top in between the two.

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