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					             Final draft 10 Sept

                                Joint Programme 6.2: National Disaster Preparedness - Results and M&E matrix

Cluster II UNDAF outcome: By 2010, democratic structures and systems of good governance as well as the rule of law and the application of human rights, with a particular focus on the
poor and vulnerable groups, are strengthened.
UNDAF CP outcome: Enhanced government capacity for disaster preparedness, response to refugee flows, and management of transition from humanitarian assistance to development.

Country Programme                   JP                  Indicators             Indicator Targets and                  Indicative Resources                    Responsible Party
Outputs                           Outputs                                      Means of Verification                          (US$)
                                                                                                                                                        UN Agencies     National
                                                                                                             CORE                   UNFUNDED
UNDAF CP outcome:             Disaster risks         Capacity needs        Baseline: No capacity needs      45,000                   0                 UNDP               PMO
Enhanced government          and capacity             assessment planned,   assessment available at the      (UNDP 2007-08)                             UNICEF             MAFSC
capacity for disaster        needs identified         conducted and         inception of the programme       25,000                    40,000           WHO                MOLD
preparedness, response to                             report finalized      Target: capacity needs                                     (WHO 2007)       FAO                MOHSW
refugee flows, and                                                          assessment conducted and                                                    WFP                TFNC
management of transition                                                    report submitted 6 months                                                                      CMO
from humanitarian                                                           after programme initiation
                                                                                                                                                                           MALE
assistance to development.                                                  Means of verification: Written
                                                                                                                                                                           LGAs
                                                                            report, monitoring reports
                                                                                                                                                                           Region
Joint Programme                                                             through participation in the
Outcomes                                                                    process
Outcome 1: National          Expertise level of      Technical expertise   Baseline: Lack of expertise      15,000                     0
Disaster Risk                emergency focal          and training          and training opportunities, to   (UNDP 2007-08)
Management in                points increased                               be identified in detail by                                                                     NGOs
Tanzania Mainland            and strengthened                               capacity needs assessment
strengthened                                                                Target: technical capacities
                                                                            provided to strengthen
                                                                            Disaster Management
                                                                            Department. Details to be
                                                                            identified in capacity needs
                                                                            Means of verification:
                                                                            Assessment document

Final draft 10 Sept

             Capacity of the       Regional and            Baseline: The national DM          51,000            210,000
             national               district level          policy has not been                (UNDP, 2007-08)   (unfunded 08)
             preparedness and       emergency focal         implemented. No response           110,000
             coordination           points trained to       plans in place in districts and    (UNICEF 2007)
             strengthened           support the             communities
                                    emergency planning      Target: 20% of the districts
                                    processes               and communities nationwide
                                   District and            have preparedness plans in
                                    community Disaster      place and tested and the focal
                                    Preparedness and        point system functioning by
                                    Response planning       the end of 2008
                                    sessions Conducted      Means of verification:
                                    with participation of   Written district plans
                                    women and children      (community plans not on
                                    in the planning         paper), monitoring through
                                    processes               community visits, monitoring
                                                            and activity reports
             Early warning         Pilot training for      Baseline; Early responders not     38,000
             and early action       early responders        well organised, no pre-            (UNDP 2007-08)
             on district and       Planning and pre-       positioning of relief items and
             regional levels        positioning of relief   logistics / distribution plans     (UNICEF 2008)       150,000
             improved               aid items               Target:                                               (unfunded 08)
                                   Strengthen capacity     Early responders in 10% of the     (FAO)               100,000
                                    of MAFSC on the         districts in place.                                   (unfunded 08)
                                    management of the       National plans and pre-
                                    Strategic Grain         positioning of relief items
                                    Reserve                 done based on threat analyses
                                                            on minimum level of 20,000
                                                            Means of verification:
                                                            Training reports, storage
                                                            documentation , logistics and
                                                            distribution plans, inspections,
                                                            field monitoring reports

Final draft 10 Sept

             Inter-sector            Cross-sector and     Baseline: Weak inter-sector       38,000             0
             coordination /           inter-ministerial    coordination on national and      (UNDP 2007-08)
             communication            disaster response    regional level, specifically in
             and                      coordination and     disaster response.
             mainstreaming of         communication        Target: Cross-sector and inter-
             disaster reduction       system at national   ministerial emergency
             into national            and regional level   coordination and
             development              improved             communication plans
             processes                                     established on national and
             strengthened                                  regional level within 6 months
                                                           of programme implementation
                                                           Means of verification: Written
                                                           plan, monitoring through
                                                           participation (reports)
             Strengthen the          Staff trained on     Baseline:                         60,000            60,000
             disaster                 Emergency Food       Inadequate assessment and         (WFP)            (unfunded 08)
             preparedness             Security             response capacity to
             capacity and             Assessment (EFSA)    emergencies and no livelihood
             establish a             Field assessment     based food security system
             livelihood –based        (EFSA) tools         exists at district level
             framework for            developed            Target:
             monitoring and          Monitoring system    Comprehensive National Food
             reporting on             and response plan    Security and Nutrition
             equitable food           developed.           monitoring indicators
             and nutrition                                 developed and plan in place by
             security at                                   2008. FSIT established in 20
                                                           pilot districts.
                                                           Means of verification: written
                                                           plans, monitoring reports

            Final draft 10 Sept

                           Awareness               One national            Baseline:                            0             10,000
                           regarding food           workshop                Low level of awareness on                         (unfunded 07)
                           insecurity,              conducted for high-     extent of food and nutrition
                           malnutrition and         level politicians and   insecurity among the high-
                           emergencies in           technocrats.            level politicians and
                           the country raised                               technocrats.
                           among high level                                 Target:
                           politicians and                                  National workshop conducted
                           technocrats.                                     and attended by key
                                                                            politicians and technocrats is
                                                                            this a target?
                           Strengthen the          Training of food        Baseline:                             0            40,000
                           food security and        security /              Weak food security and                            (unfunded 08)
                           nutrition                emergency focal         nutrition monitoring system at
                           monitoring               points                  sub-national level
                           system in pilot                                  Target:
                           districts.                                       Operational Food security
                                                                            Information Teams (FSIT) in
                                                                            place in insecure districts to
                                                                            establish monitoring system
                                                                            when needed. 20% of the
Outcome 2: Strengthened    Planning capacity       Technical expertise     Baseline: very limited support   24,000               0
preparedness and           for pandemic             provided through        provided before inception of     (UNDP 2007-08)
technical expertise to     preparedness and         in-house experts        the programme                    20,000
respond to epidemics and   response                 from UN and             Target: National Pandemic        (WHO 2007)
outbreaks                  strengthened             external consultants    planning efforts substantially
                                                                            strengthened and strategic and
                                                                            technical support provided for
                                                                            resource mobilisation
                                                                            Means of Verification:
                                                                            Reports, progress in resource

Final draft 10 Sept

             Implementation          Technical support      Baseline: very limited support   32,500                   0
             and coordination         provided               provided before inception of     (UNDP 2007-08)
             strengthened            Program support        the programme.                   10,000
             (AHIP)                   provided               Target: Technical expertise      (WHO
                                                             provided by UNDP through
                                                             in-house specialist (20% of
                                                             staff time)
                                                             Means of verification:
                                                             TOR of UNDP specialist: 20%
                                                             of staff time dedicated to
                                                             disaster risk management.
                                                             Reports from field visits and
                                                             support missions.

             The government          AHIP                   Baseline: National AHIP          90,000                155,000
             capacity in public       communication          communication plans are in       (UNICEF 2007-8)      (unfunded 08-)
             awareness raising        plans updated          place but need to be updated.
             and                     AHIP                   Target: Update the plan and
             communication            communication          continue the campaign. 85%
             campaigning in           campaign               of the population reached with
             emergencies              conducted              right messages.
             strengthened.                                   Means of verification:
                                                             Research study conducted,
                                                             monitoring through
                                                             participation in the process,
             National capacity       Trans-boundary         Baseline: Information             0                    50,000
             to monitor trans-        disease surveillance   networks and surveillance        (WHO)             (unfunded 2007-08)
             boundary diseases        systems in humans      system weak
             strengthened             in place               Target: Basic equipment and
                                                             capacity for diagnosis
                                                             including viruses on the
                                                             regional and district level
                                                             Means of verification:
                                                             Reports, supply
                                                             documentation and
                                                             verification on the ground,

Final draft 10 Sept

             Enhanced bio-          Regional and           Baseline: - Weak capacity of      340,000     1,000,000
             security and            National Livestock     the Zone VIC/CVL,                 (FAO)     (unfunded 08)
             capacity to             Disease information    Information networks and
             monitor trans-          networks for           surveillance systems
             boundary diseases       monitoring             - Weak institutional capacity
             and pests of            strengthened           for surveillance of plant pests
             plants and             Trans-boundary         and diseases
             animals                 disease surveillance
             strengthened.           systems in place       Target: Basic equipment and
                                    Capacity to            capacity for diagnosis of TAD
                                     diagnose TAD           including viruses at regional
                                     strengthened           and district level provided.
                                    A national pest        Pest Surveillance program
                                     surveillance           institutionalized
                                     program to support
                                     decision making        Means of Verification:
                                     and emergency           Provision of ELISA/PCR
                                     response to pest          kits for viral disease
                                     introduction              diagnosis
                                     established and         Reports, supply
                                     institutionalized         documentation and
                                    Entry and exit            verification on the ground
                                     points for effective    Surveillance team data on
                                     regulation of             pests of priority crops
                                     imports/exports         Evaluation reports on
                                     trade and pest            entry/exit points
                                     exclusion upgraded      Training manual for staff
                                    Information
                                     management system
                                     networks at points
                                     of entries/exits and
                                     HQ for integrated
                                     procedures to
                                     import/export trade
                                    Staff to support the
                                     implementation of
                                     measures trained

           Final draft 10 Sept

Output 3: Capacity of    Assessing of            Capacity needs        Baseline: No capacity needs      22,000           0
Disaster Preparedness    disaster risks and       assessment planned,   assessment available at the      (UNDP 2007-08)
and Response of          response capacity        conducted and         inception of the programme       15,000
Revolutionary            strengthened             report finalized      Target: Capacity needs are       (WHO 2007)
Government of Zanzibar                                                  assessed and areas of support
Strengthened                                                            and capacity development are
                                                                        Means of Verification:
                                                                        assessment report submitted 6
                                                                        months after programme
                                                                        initiation, monitoring through
                                                                        participation in the process
                         Strengthened the        Staff trained on      Baseline:                        15,000           0
                         disaster                 Emergency Food        Inadequate assessment and        (WFP 2007-8))
                         preparedness             Security              response capacity to
                         capacity of              Assessment (EFSA)     emergencies at district level
                         districts in food       Field assessment      Target:
                         Security and             (EFSA) tools          FSIT established in all 10
                         nutrition                developed             districts
                                                                        Means of verification:
                                                                        monitoring reports, training

Final draft 10 Sept

             Establishment of      Strategic framework     Baseline: No comprehensive        88,000             0
             a strategic            for disaster risk       strategic framework developed     (UNDP 2007-08)
             framework for          management in           at the inception of the
             disaster risk          Zanzibar in place       programme and low technical
             management and                                capacity of DMD
             capacity of DMD                                Target: Strategic framework
             strengthened                                   established and capacity of
                                                            DMD substantially
                                                            strengthened by the end of the
                                                            Means of verification:
                                                            strategic framework for
                                                            disaster risk management is
                                                            finalized and endorsed by
                                                            political leadership,
                                                            monitoring through
                                                            participation in the process
             Early warning         district and            Baseline: no plans in place, no   40,000           60,000
             and early action       community EPR           EWS in place                      (UNICEF 2007)    (unfunded 08)
             on national,           plans in place and      Target: 50% of the
             district and           tested, participation   communities have emergency
             community levels       of women and            plans in place and tested,
             improved               children in the         national EWS plan produced
                                    process                 Means of verification:
                                   processes to            evaluation to cover cross –
                                    produce EWS on          checking of local
                                    national level and      communities, activity reports,
                                    communities             monitoring reports

Final draft 10 Sept

             Strengthen the          AHIP            Baseline: communication          35,000          90,000
             capacity in public       communication   strategy in place, campaigns     (UNICEF 2007)   (unfunded 07-08)
             awareness raising        plans updated   2006 done                        0
             and                     AHIP            Target: update the plan and      WHO (2007)      10,000
             communication            communication   continue the campaign. 85%                       (unfunded 2008)
             campaign                 campaign        of the population reached with
             capacity in              conducted       right messages
             emergencies                              Means of verification:
                                                      research study to be
                                                      conducted, activity reports,
                                                      monitoring reports

                                                                                       TOTAL            TOTAL
                                                                                       FUNDED           UNFUNDED

                                                                                       1,113,500          1,975,000


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