ESSEX COUNTY
                                                                                   COLLEGE POLICE
DATE:       Week of July 13 – 17,
            2009 (5 days)
                                                                                  2009 JUNIOR POLICE
COST:       $100.00 per child. Class
            will be limited to 40
                                                                                    ACADEMY WEEK
            children. Registration is
            on a first-come, first-
            served basis.

AGES:       13 through 16 (as of
            June 1, 2009)

TIME:       8:00am – 4:00 pm.
            Supervised drop-off –          Essex County College
            8:00 - 8:30 am; pickup
            time 3:30 - 4:00 pm                Police Academy
                                               250 Grove Avenue
LOCATION: Essex County College               Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
          Police Academy                     Phone: (973) 877-4350
          250 Grove Avenue                    Fax: (973) 239-8842
          Cedar Grove, NJ 07009                                                     250 Grove Avenue
ATTIRE:     Must include sneakers       Rocco L. Miscia, Jr. – Academy Director
            and shorts
                                                                                  Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
                                        Wayne J. Morrison, Associate Director
CONTACT: Captain Lori Apicelli –
         973-877-4354 or E-mail:
                                          Email:                   973-877-4350               Captain Lori Apicelli – Commanding
      REGISTRATION                           Email:
  DEADLINE: JUNE 19, 2009                                                                Email:
The Essex County College Police                  •   Fingerprinting and Identification
Academy is proud to announce the Fifth                                                          To Register or for
Anniversary of our one-week, full day            •   K-9 and Bomb (may include
Junior Police Academy for children ages              demonstrations with dogs and                    more
13 through 16. As part of the program,               the Bomb Robot)
the Academy attendees will be provided                                                               Information
one t-shirt per child, and a water bottle.
Additional shirts may be pre-ordered
                                                 •   Gang Awareness and                                    Call:
through the Academy at a cost of $10
each.                                                                                               973-877-4350
                                                 •   Drug Awareness
Each child must bring a brown bag
lunch. Drinks will be provided by the            •   Internet Safety
Academy. Refrigerator and microwave
are available for lunch usage.                   •   Arson and Fire Safety

The Junior Academy will consist of a             •   First Aid
field trip, lectures, presentations, and
hands-on activities. There will also be a        •   Crime Scenes
physical training component.
                                                 •   Unarmed Self Defense
The Junior Academy training
curriculum may include areas                     •   Driving Simulator
such as:
                                                 •   FATS (Firearms Training
    •   General Educational and Other                Simulator)
        Requirements to Become a Law
        Enforcement Officer
                                              Junior trainees will participate in squad
                                             formation, roll-call, and drill ceremonies   Junior Academy 2008 participants line up
    •   Introduction to the Criminal                                                      before beginning a tour of the New Jersey
                                             each day, along with lectures, activities,
        Justice System (Constitution and                                                            State Police Museum.
                                             and physical training.
        Amendments, Corrections
        System, Court System, Grand          Each successful Academy graduate will
        Jury and Prosecution)                receive a certificate of completion on
                                             the last day of class.
    •   Juvenile Justice System

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