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									                                    Navigation Primary School Newsletter
     Sponsored by DHF Accounting Ltd                                     Website:
     Friday 8th December 2006               Head: Mr S Busby            email:
                                                                         CHAMPION FOOTBALLERS
 CHRISTMAS WISHES                                                        Last night the boys retained the Altrincham Schools’ 5 a
 As there will be no newsletter next week I would like to                side trophy that they won last year. The boys played
 extend our best wishes for the holiday period to all, and to            magnificently throughout, beating some very fine
 remind everyone that we re- open on Weds 3rd January.                   opposition. To score nine goals and only concede one
                                                                         throughout the tournament showed the quality of both
                                                                         the attacking and defensive play. Well done to Jamie
 The total amount raised at the fair was a magnificent
                                                                         Fisher, Thomas Wright, Joe Wright, Sean Taylor, Alex
 £2419- our best yet!
                                                                         Foster and Ben McCann. Thanks to Mrs. Fisher, who kindly
 The winner of the Christmas quiz was Ruth Cooney. £25 in
                                                                         helped with transport.
 cash will be on its way. Thank you to all who donated items
 for the fair; to all who supported and especially to those
                                                                         Navigation 3-0 Stamford Park
 who worked tirelessly to set up the stalls etc.
                                                                         Navigation 2 -0 St Hugh’s
 CHRISTMAS PARTIES                                                       Navigation 1-0 St Ambrose Prep
 The dates for parties is as follows                                     Semi Final
      o Foundation – Weds 13th Dec 1.30 pm                               Navigation 2-1 Well Green
 * NURSERY AM TO ATTEND ALSO IF ABLE TO *                                Final
  Nursery am children to be brought back to school for 1.25pm and        Navigation 1 – 0 Bowdon Church School
 collected at 3.30pm.
      o KS 1           Fri 15th Dec 1.30pm
      o KS 2           Mon 18th Dec 1.30pm
 Children are allowed to come in their own clothes on the day of
 their party. Food this year will be provided by the PTA but all
 children are asked to bring a donation of £1 toward the cost.
 Please forward to school in an envelope marked “Party donation”.
                                                                       YEAR 5 PARENTS TALK
 THIS WEEK’S GOLDEN BOOK AND BEST BEHAVED                              There will be a meeting in school on Thursday evening 14th
 PUPILS                                                                December at 6.15pm regarding the 11+.and grammar school
 Nursery am     Grace O’Connor                                         exams.
 Nursery pm     Cameron Armitage                                       It is important that parents considering entering their child
 RJW            Connor Timperley                                       for these exams attend.
 RFM            Finlay Jones
                                                Keely Royle            YEAR 3 SWIMMING
 1 / 2 LW       Connor Blantern
                                                Joe Kennaugh           There is no swimming from now until after Christmas.
 1 / 2 CG       Shirraj Mahida
 1 / 2 HS       Nyah Cartwright                 Shehzar Alam
                                                Nathan Sherwood        MUSICAL ASSEMBLY
 3 / 4JP        Olivia Greatbanks
                                                Billy McGuinness       Parents of children who play guitar, recorder, and cello ocarina
 3 / 4TW        Charlotte Colbridge
                                                Natalie Latham         violin and in the band are invited to attend our end of term
 3 / 4 RA       Matthew Jinks
                                                Elfin Berry            music assembly on Thursday 14th December at 10am.
 5 / 6 AL       Cheyenne Saunders
 5 / 6 LC       Catherine Wilson                Chloe Kay
                                                Emily Lomas              PARKING
 5 / 6 MC       Zoe Burns
                                                                         Can parents please refrain from parking on the single yellow
                                                                         lines on Gladstone Rd. Double parking creates potentially
SCHOOL DIARY:                                                            fatal consequences. Please also refrain from dropping off or
Mon 11th - MFA football, French club, Girls’ Football, KS1 Multi-        picking up on the yellow lines.
skills club
Tues 12th - Hockey club 3.30pm, Art club                              LAST DAY- 19th DECEMBER
Weds 13th Spanish Club                                                Will be an own clothes day with 50p donations to the PTA.
Thurs 14th Musical assembly 10am.,Drama club 12.30pm,                 Children are allowed to bring a toy in also on the last day-
Fri 15th Cross country club 12.15pm, Girls’ football Yrs 2, 3, & 4.   something which will fit into a carrier bag and is not too
Mon 18th Christmas craft day in foundation                            valuable.
Tuesday 19TH 9am Christmas assembly (carols etc) 1.30pm old           Parents are welcome to join us at our Christmas assembly at
folk’s party, 3.30pm Hockey league, BREAK UP                          9.00am

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