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          Healthy Eating

       Andrew L. Barksdale

Axia College of University of Phoenix
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        A growing number of people nowadays are becoming increasingly aware of the

importance of eating a healthy diet. The saying "you are what you eat" is now a common phrase

that more of us are beginning to understand and appreciate. Everyone knows that there is

something that they could change in their lives to become healthier. For most people, they can do

exercise and eat a healthier diet, but how do they know if they are eating healthy or not? How

does a person know what to do when with many different diets and strategies on the market

(Loftis, 2003)? Although food is delicious, it is best that a person maintains what they eat for

longer life, good health, and less hospital visits.

        Healthy eating is the number one priority concerning a healthy body. Though not

everyone may eat healthy, healthy eating contributes to weight loss, better performance,

improves body health, reduces risk of illnesses, and lowers health care cost (Taylor, 2004). If the

want is there, be ensuring that the benefits of eating healthy are abundant. To understand the

factors of obtaining a healthy eating habit, one must first be aware that eating healthy is not

going to be easy.

        Healthy eating is not only important for an individual’s diet but is also important as a part

of our personal well-being. Eating healthy can drastically improve an individual’s physical

fitness, allowing them to think better about themselves, and do wonders for their health. Healthy

eating does not mean a person has to follow a strict diet, or give up foods they love. If a person

can balance the amount and types of foods, they eat; it would be easier to obtain all the necessary

nutrients. A good idea is to limit the fattening foods such as fast food, pizzas, etc, but an

individual does not have to avoid them completely (“Healthy Eating,” 2002). In figure 1-1 it

shows you the percentage of individuals that eat products with label at least once in two weeks.
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       Figure 1-1

       Starting healthy eating habits at a young age will decrease the chances of obesity, and

heart problems as people grow older. Learning about the importance of proper nutrition at a

young age will help to establish lifelong healthy eating habits and will improve the health of

children. But nutrition alone will not guarantee good health. Combining a balanced diet with

physical activity will help a child to live a long and healthy life. Start the new school year off

by teaching a child about the importance of proper nutrition and physical activity for a healthier

future. All these things add up to eating healthier (“Healthy Eating,”2002).

       Eating healthy is important for everyone. To maintain this they have to have what is

called “a diet.” A diet is a prescribed allowance of food adapted for a particular state of health or

disease, as a diet prescribed for use by a diabetic. (“Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary,”
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1997). Figure 1-2 will show a a great diet plan to go on. It’s called the Indian Diet Chart. The

percentages show the amount of that item we should be eating when in this diet.

                                                          Fruit                    Fruit           Dairy Products
                                                                                   9%              28%
                                                          Dairy Products
                                                          Sugar                    Sugar              Cereal
                                                                                   2%                 28%
                                                          Meat                     Meat               Pulses
                                                                                   3%                 3%
                                                          Vegetables                       28%

       Figure 1-2

       Fresher foods are usually better for taste and food value. Once harvested, fruits, and

vegetables lose valuable nutrients and flavor. Also food that passes its “sell by date” could be a

danger to us if eaten. However, children do need plenty of energy to grow; fats should be

exchanged with plenty of cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Plenty of healthy alternatives produced

by supermarkets are increasing daily. Food manufacturers are producing low fat foods, and sales

are increasing every year. These foods include low fat spreads, cheese, yoghurts, and milk

(Carsey, 2009).
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       According to the book "Eating for Good Health" (Craig, 2008), vitamin C is known by

citrus fruits and it pays a major role in healing burns and wounds. Another valid point is that a

person can take healthy eating too far and receive diseases such as anorexia and bulimia where

they starve themselves or make themselves sick. A person can do what they want to do if they

stay healthy. No person knows how long they will be healthy or even alive, so the best thing to

do is to remain healthy. Likewise, vitamin B plays a major role in the body's production of

energy. This will save time and people can do other things. Fat is also known as a fuel promoting

tumor growth (Williams, 2003). For example, to drive a car a person need as well, as attention, a

fast reaction time to brake quickly enough if a child runs out in front of a car. Su
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