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					International Press Conference 2008

IT Services Markets in Transformation
 Business Innovation and Transformation Partners Gaining Market Share

Vienna, 09 September 2008

Customer Demands on IT Consultants
and Service Providers

Industrialisation of IT
• The industrialisation of IT is progressing at speed – increasing numbers of
  companies are purchasing standard IT services.

Innovation and Process Skills
• Innovation is a central aspect in the competitiveness of
  companies - IT is one of the driving factors for innovation,
  and thus also for sales and business results.

• Alongside product and service provision innovation, the importance of
  business process innovation is increasing.

• IT service providers must provide their customers with
  a high level of business process skills.

Customer Demands on IT Consultants
and Service Providers

Change Management Skills
• The process of change is a permanent challenge for globally
  active companies. IT is expected to provide optimal support
  to such change processes.

Comprehensive Service Portfolio
• Many companies wish to keep the number of IT suppliers
  they use to a minimum in order to remain flexible.

Extensive Geographical Coverage
• Companies operating internationally want to make use of their
  IT provider’s services at all their locations.
  Global Delivery and Sourcing Models that provide added
  value for customers are a must.

Consolidation in the IT Consulting
and Services Market

• Customer demands are leading to increasingly global
  competition in the world of IT consulting and IT service provision.

• This in turn leads to increasing market consolidation.
  Drivers of this consolidation are the so called “Value Growers”,
  which are companies that have already achieved a critical size,
  and which provide extensive geographical coverage and a
  comprehensive service portfolio.
  They also offer strategy and management consulting alongside IT consulting,
  system integration, and IT and business-process outsourcing.

 Source: Lünendonk
Change in the Provider Structure

                                      System Integrators

          Strategic                 IT Technology
                        Business                                               Business
         Corporate /                     and          IT System    IT System
                        Process                                                 Process
         Structural                 Infrastructure   Integration   Operation
                       Consulting                                              Operation
         Consulting                   Consulting

                          IT Consultants                           IT Service Providers

                          Business Innovation / Transformation Partners (BITP)

 Source: Lünendonk
Definition of a BITP

• More than 60% of sales achieved by consulting and services.

• Of these revenues, at least 10% in each case is accounted for
 by the three categories:

             - Management or IT consulting

             - System realisation or integration

             - Operation of IT systems (outsourcing) on behalf of the customer

 Source: Lünendonk
Customers’ Selection Criteria for a BITP

 • Industry skills and competence

 • Commercial stability

 • Management skills

 • Innovation

 • Technical competence

 Source: Lünendonk
  Customer Expectations for BITP Providers
                                 Expected skills from Complete BITP Service Providers
                                                             Values stated in %
                              (listed in accordance with number of times mentioned - multiple answers possible)

                                          Holistic Approach (no partial solutions)                                           22,9%

           Consulting Skills (comprehensive consulting, management consulting)                                           20,0%

                                               Process and Implementation Skills                                  17,2%

                                         General Comprehensive Skills/Expertise                                  16,2%

                              Technical Skills/Technological Skills and Know how                           14,3%

Project Support (consulting and support/maintenance)/Integration of the Business                           14,3%

                                               Cost/Benefit Analysis /Profitability                       13,3%

                              Transformation Services (e.g. of know how , skills)                       12,4%

                                                                    Industry Skills                    11,4%

                                                                                 0,0%   5,0%   10,0%     15,0%      20,0%        25,0%   30,0%   35,0%   40,0%
      Source: Lünendonk
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Eugen Schwab Chesaru
Partner & Managing Director PAC
Central & Eastern Europe
IT Services Market – New Competitive Landscape

Vienna, 09 September 2008

Artur Borowski
Channel Manager Central & Eastern
Europe EMC²
Changing the landscape of the digital universe

Vienna, 09 September 2008