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									                Financial Statement

Application Fee - Non Refundable - Due with initial application                $40.00
Tuition per Credit Hour (Includes paces but not textbooks)                    $195.00

Dormitory Fee – Per Semester (Non-Refundable)                               $1,275.00
Dormitory Fee – Summer Rate (Non-Refundable)                                $1,275.00

Some courses have a textbook that the student is required to purchase. The costs vary
per textbook. Payment is due upon receipt of the textbook.

    The $195.00 Tuition per Credit Hour is multiplied by the number of credits the
     selected course is worth.
    In the event a student withdraws from a course prior to taking the 1st test, a full
     refund will be given. After taking the 1st test, there is no refund.

     For example - Consider a student’s fees for 1 semester of 16 credit hours:

                          Dormitory-Fall Semester                          1,275.00

                          Biblical Intro (3 hours)                           585.00
                          English Bible Translations (3 hours)               585.00
                          Personal Evangelism (5 hours)                      975.00
                          Acts (3 hours)                                     585.00
                          Electives (1 hour)                                 195.00
                          Practicum (1 hour)                                   0.00
                          Total cost for sample semester                   4,200.00

    Scholarship opportunities are available to assist those in financial need.

Reenrollment Fee - For the next consecutive semester - No charge if the reenrollment form is completed before June
1, otherwise it is $40.00. There is no guarantee that the reenrollment form will be accepted and approved if submitted

Students who have not reenrolled for more than 1 semester are subject to a $40.00 application fee upon returning to
the school. There is no guarantee that the reenrollment form will be accepted and the application fee is

Lunches - Students may enjoy the lunch program at the school. Each lunch is $4.00 and the student is to pay at the

Failed Pace Fee
 $10.00 for each Pace from an outside supplier
 $2.00 For each DBC Pace

Graduation fee is $40.00. If the student fails to graduate at the designated time the graduation fee is not
returned and another graduation fee is required for the next commencement ceremony.

Returned Checks - There will be a $30.00 fee for all returned checks. (NSF checks)

The school year is based on 2 semesters. Each semester is approximately 16 weeks. See the school calendar for
specific dates.

Dormitory Fees
 No credit given for absences.
 Semesters are defined on the current school calendar.
 Electricity, gas, water, and garbage pickup are included in the dorm fee.
 Students staying for the summer or any part of the summer must contact the school administration to make
   necessary arrangements.
 $25 Dorm key fee – Due when key is issued. If key is lost and a new key is issued, another $25 key deposit will
   be charged. Deposit is refunded when key is returned. All fees must be paid for in cash.

Tuition and fees are due at registration. If a student in unable to pay his/her bill in advance, they should
contact Dayspring about scholarships, the work assistance program or a monthly payment plan.

Should a student be expelled from Dayspring then all fees are due and no refunds will be given.

For a student to graduate, his or her finances must be paid in full prior to graduation.

All fees are subject to change without notice.

All students are to be in complete agreement with the policies and standards of the college.

Culinary students will be subject to other fees (e.g. clothing, knife sets and other tools).

                                           Dayspring Bible College & Seminary
                                         60 Quentin Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047
                                                     (847) 307-0317

Rev. 3/17/09

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