Getting an iPad Apps – The Steps by khmerlee


									Getting an iPad Apps – The Steps
by Khmer Lee P. Lugod

If you are using an iPad Touch, and you’re wondering about getting an iPad Apps, you will
need to download first ITunes'’ newest version. After upgrading the ITunes, you will see the
applications' icon and the “App Store” will also appear in the store (ITunes).

For users who want to download certain applications, you can click on the icon “App Store”
then you have to click on ‘buy now’. Most of the apps are free like social networks
(MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) as well as the virtual light saber and the AIM application.
You can also get apps that are more practical like that of an application for foreign language
lookups and taking notes.

If you are going to pay for the apps, it will not cost you more than 90 cents. Now that you’ve
already downloaded the apps in your computer, you also need to update the iPad Touch’s
firmware version. If you want to make such update, you will have to pay $9.99.

To do this, plug your iPad into the computer and click the ITunes icon. After that, click
‘update’. If you have the version 1.1.4, or it shows that you need an upgrade but a server
trouble occurs, you will need to wait for several minutes. When there is an available
firmware, you can already buy it using your Apple account.

The applications should be in-sync with your iPad Touch. This is like working with your
videos, photos, and music whereon you can easily drag the apps from your Library to the
icon found in the iPad. You can also set the option for ‘automatic sync’ in your iPad’s
preferences. When all files are in sync, you can now have a fully functionally iPad with apps.

So you see, it’s not that hard to secure apps for the iPad. With a bit of knowledge and
attention to details, you can download the needed apps in minutes. Getting an iPad
application will only require you to invest a little amount of money (if you go for paid apps,
or if you update the firmware version). Hurry and download your preferred applications
and enjoy your music library anywhere.

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