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					   A warm welcome


   St Mary’s College

Senior Common Room

The cost of meals in College is:
Lunch:               £6.50
Dinner:              £7.80
Formal Dinner:      £11.00 (includes a glass of wine)

Formal dining at High Table takes place on Tuesday
evenings during term time, and gowns are worn. Gowns
are available for guests if required.
On other evenings there is informal dining at High Table.
Gowns are not required and self-service is from the hot
buffet table.
To book for normal high table meals please contact the
College Reception by 5 pm the day before and by 4 pm on
Fridays for weekend meals.
To book for Formal Tuesday dinner, please do so before
10.00am on the day before (Monday)
Book by telephoning reception 0191 33 45719

Pre-Dinner Drinks

Drinks are usually available in the SCR on Tuesday
evenings from 6.30pm to 7.00pm.         These are not
complementary and must be signed for, so that battels can
be charged.

SCR Room use

The SCR room is usually kept locked but it is available for
SCR members. If you wish to use the room and take
advantage of the daily newspapers and hot drinks
facilities, please ask the porter to unlock it for you. Hot
drinks should be signed for in the book provided. Please
remember to close all windows, switch off lights and drop
the latch on the door when you leave.


Guests are welcome to accompany SCR members for
dining or any events that are organised. Please ensure
you book them in as your guests when making the dining


A full programme of activities is organised each term,
including a Book Group. The programme is circulated by
email and can also be found on the SCR website and on
the SCR notice board.


Battels are calculated each term and sent to members for
payment. These will include formal and informal dining,
pre-dinner drinks and any hot drinks taken in the SCR.

Annual Subscriptions

Membership is £20 per year, payable in October when an
email will be sent asking members to download the
payment form from the web.

Election of Members

New members must seek a proposer and seconder from
the existing SCR membership. Where appropriate a CV is
also sent to the SCR Committee via the Secretary (details
overleaf). The Committee considers all nominations.
                  Purpose of the SCR

The function of the SCR is to enhance the student
experience, promote the College, foster good relationships
with benefactors and provide a forum for academic
interactions. We aim to achieve this through a wide range
of activities organised by the SCR Committee. These
include joint JCR, MCR and SCR events, inviting guests
and after dinner speakers to formal dining, and promoting
the College to academic colleagues to encourage
engagement in the College community.

                    SCR Committee

              Treasurer: Dr Mike Nicholson
             Secretary: Mrs Jenny Gilmartin
          Postal Secretary: Mrs Sylvia Graham
              Wine Member: Mr Mike Daly
          Cultural Member: Dr Gillian Boughton
            Library Member: Mrs Mary Watts
         Food Member: Professor Phil Gilmartin