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					What about your privacy?                      The Force Works.
Let’s put it this way - getting to know the
faces and habits of your neighbors allows     Energy. Strength. Momentum.
you to recognize a stranger or suspicious     Neighbor Power. You and your neighbors
behavior. A criminal needs privacy to work,   are the Force that can prevent crime by              The Ramsey
too. Neighborhood Crime Watch is designed     removing temptation, increasing security,
to invade his, not yours.                     and opening lines of communication                Police Department
                                              between neighbor and neighbor, and
                                              neighbors and the police.
                                                                                             invites YOU to become
What kind of commitment will
Neighborhood Watch Force take?                                                                 a part of the FORCE
                                              Neighborhood Crime Watch Force is:
You and at least 50% of your neighbors
                                              watching out for each other, Operation
must participate in order to be recognized
                                              I.D., Premise Security Surveys, Crime
as a Ramsey Neighborhood Crime Watch
                                              Prevention information, and more. To get
group. You must gather at least two times
                                              involved, call our office.
per year after your initial meeting or more
often if your neighborhood desires.
Participation in National Night Out is
What is National Night Out (NNO)?
                                              In order for a crime to occur, three things
                                              must be present:
                                                                                              CRIME WATCH
National Night Out is the largest crime
prevention event in the United States. It     1. Desire to commit the crime                      FORCE
offers an opportunity for                     2. Ability to pull it off
neighbors to unite and
                                              3. The opportunity to do it
promote crime awareness.
                                              We teach you how to control the only
Held the first Tuesday in                     factor you have the ability to control = the
August, NNO serves as a
neighborhood gathering, typically with
food, games and visits from police and fire
fighters. Most crime watch groups use the
event as one of their yearly meetings.

For more information on NNO, watch the
city web site at
                                                      Ramsey Police Department
Planning starts early! Register your event
                                                        7550 Sunwood Dr NW
to receive visits and great give-aways!
                                                      Ramsey, Minnesota 55303
                                                           (763) 427-6812                        “Building community,
                                                                one neighborhood at a time.”
What is the Neighborhood Crime                  Join the Force.                              Other benefits of the Force:
Watch Force?
                                                A Neighborhood Crime Watch group is a        •   Operation I.D. - take
It’s simply you and your neighbors watching     very effective, pleasant way of reducing         action to protect your
out for one another. That begins with           burglary, vandalism, and other crimes in         valuable property.
getting to know each other. Otherwise,          your neighborhood, as well as reducing the
                                                                                             •   Premise security surveys -
how can you tell a neighbor from a              fear of crime in your corner of the world.
                                                                                                 have your home
stranger?                                                                                        examined for security
                                                The Ramsey Police Department supports
Long ago, when towns were small and             individual neighborhood groups from which
people were born and lived out their lives      the Neighborhood Crime Watch Force           •   Crime Prevention
in the same neighborhood, everyone knew         works. While this is a                           information - timely information
one another.                                    program designed to                              provided by the experts.
                                                help you help yourself
                                                                                             •   Your own neighborhood activities -
As time passed, our cities grew and our         and your neighbors
                                                                                                 community action begins in your own
society became more mobile. The                 prevent crime, it also
definition of a good neighbor became            gives the human
someone who minded their own business.          community rich, warm
                                                soil in which to grow                        Feel the Force.
Many neighborhoods and apartment                roots again.
buildings became settlements of strangers                                                    The force is the energy that is created at a
living side by side, each ignoring the other.   Many people in                               Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting when
Some people became lonely and                   neighborhoods and apartment complexes        neighbors come together to take specific
frightened. The 10 o’clock news told them       have already recognized the need to work     actions against crime. The Neighborhood
there was a hostile and dangerous world on      together; some have not. Both can benefit    Crime Watch Force is what happens when
the other side of their door, so they barred    from Neighborhood Crime Watch resources,     neighbors agree to watch each other’s
it.                                             materials, and support.                      homes and alert each other and the police
                                                                                             when a crime occurs. Neighbors get to
Neighbors, the time has come to open your       To learn how you and your neighbors can      meet their police and discuss their
doors and greet the best friend a neighbor      get involved, call the Ramsey Police         concerns. Victims feel the support of their
ever had - your next door neighbor, the         Department at (763) 433-9891.                neighbors.
lady across the cul-de-sac, the elderly man
down the hall, and the kids on the corner.                                                   Witnesses who fear retaliation feel the
These are the people who make up your                                                        security of strength in numbers. Neighbors
Neighborhood Crime Watch Force.                                                              show their solidarity by displaying a
                                                                                             Neighborhood Crime Watch Force sticker on
                                                                                             their door or window.