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					          Cultural Economic Development Program – Heritage Application 2010/11
                                    Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation

This application is for both Operational Support (Section I) and Project Funding (Section II)

Name of Applicant/Organization:                                                                         Application Date:

Mailing Address:                                                     Contact Information:
                                                                     Contact Person:


                                                                     Phone number:

                                                                     Fax number:

Location of Activity (community)                                     Please indicate if you are a current member of:
                                                                     □ Museum Association of Newfoundland & Labrador
                                                                     □ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives
                                                                     Membership in either MANL or ANLA is an eligibility
                                                                     requirement for funding
Is your group Incorporated?                           Yes                     No
Incorporation is an eligibility requirement for funding

If you received Operational Support in 2009, please complete the attached form and send it with your application.
Submission of this report is a requirement for funding in 2010/11.

Please attach the financial statement for your most recent completed fiscal year. If you do not have a statement,
please complete the attached sample income statement form.

Please indicate each of the following that your organization has in place:
*Note: If you have previously submitted the relevant documentation (plans, policies, etc) to CEDP, you DO NOT need to resend unless
a change has been made from the previous year. You need only submit your most recent financial statement.
1. Statement of Purpose/ Mission Statement*
2. Strategic Plan (3-5 years) *
3. Annually prepared income statements completed according to generally accepted accounting principals *
4. Risk Management Plan (e.g. for collections, public safety and disaster) *

5. Nationally recognized cataloguing system for artifacts/archival documents
6. Collections policy (e.g. acquisitions, care, conservation)*
7. Year-round environmental controls for your collections (temperature/humidity)
8. At least 50% of operating revenue from non-governmental sources
9. At least 10% of operating budget from municipal sources (including in-kind)
10. Professionally designed exhibits
11. Public Programming (e.g. guided tours, lectures, school programs) *
12. One or more staff or volunteers that have completed either MANL’s Basic Museum Studies or ANLA’s Basic
Archives, or other post-secondary museum or archival studies
*Documentation is required in the form of copies of plans, policy documents, income statements, etc.

A project is defined as an activity that has a definite start and end date (not on-going programming), and has specific goals and
objectives. It is recommended that you contact the Heritage Officer before submitting a proposal.

Indicate the project component you are applying for:
□ Project funding (Conservation, collections management, presentation)
□ Research
□ Professional Development for specialized training
□ Not-for-Profit Community Heritage Publications
□ Support for Provincial Sector Organizations

For criteria and funding amounts on these components, visit

Please attach the following:
     Description and objectives of project, including other partnerships, etc
     Timeline: including project start and end date
     Professional involvement in the project
     Detailed budget that includes breakdown of all funding sources, including other government assistance (CEDP only
       provides up to 90% of the eligible costs of a project)
     Brief background of your organization, including organizational structure and board members

For project funding, clearly indicate how your project will enhance the sustainability of your group, protect and interpret
collections, and/or support community economic development

CEDP Project Funding Requested $______________________________

Applicant’s Declaration for Operational and/or Project Support
To the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation (TCR)
a) I confirm that the information given in this application is, to the best of my knowledge and ability, complete, true and correct.

b) I certify that financial assistance from TCR is a significant factor in the decision to proceed with this project.

c) I certify that neither the applicant nor its officers are involved in any litigation, or in any proceedings before any government board, agency or
tribunal which have not been disclosed in writing as an attachment to this application.

d) I will provide all information required by TCR to complete the assessment of this project and I authorize TCR to make any inquiries of such
persons, firms, corporations or other government agencies as it deems necessary in order to reach a decision on this application.

e) I will instruct the existing lenders, as indicated above, to provide TCR with full information concerning my (the applicant’s) operating and financial
position. I further authorize TCR to discuss fully my (the applicant’s) affairs with the funding partners and credit agencies and other potential
contributors regarding this application.

____________________________                 ____________________________                                        __________________________
Name of Signing Officer                      Signature                                                           Date

____________________________                 ____________________________                                        __________________________
Name of Signing Officer                      Signature                                                           Date

Please submit application to:
Lucy Drown, Heritage Officer, CEDP
Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation
2nd Floor, West Block
Confederation Building
P.O. Box 8700
St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6
Fax: 729-0870
Tel: 729-1409

Any personal information collected or provided as part of the application process will only be used for purposes relating to the operation
of the relevant funding programs and for statistical reports. All information will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third
parties without your consent unless required or authorized by law. Any questions or comments regarding privacy issues can be
directed to Jennifer Flight, Policy Analyst, Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, 709-729-6370.

Sample Income Statement Form
Please complete if your organization does not have annually prepared financial statements
        Fiscal Year
           Source                                                  Amount
           Admission fees
           Program/Rentals Fees
           Sales (net)1
           Operating grants from all sources2
           Total Income

           Item                                                    Amount
           All utilities (incl. phone, fax, internet)
           Promotions & Marketing
           Total Expenses
           Profit (Income less Expenses)

    Net income equals gross sales minus costs of merchandise
 This is to include grants or portions of grants that contribute to regular operating expenses. Special or “one-
off” projects that are not part of the regular operations of an applicant should not be included.