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									       Salford Schools’ Athletics Association

         Primary Schools’
       Cross Country Races

                   2009 – 2010

     Letter for the Headteacher / Team Manager

     Entry form

Entry form and payment to be returned to Tim Barnes at
Mesne Lea by Friday 23rd October
             Salford Schools’ Athletics Association
                                                                                      c/o Tim Barnes
                                                                             Mesne Lea Primary School
                                                                                          Henniker St.
                                                                                      off Walkden Rd
                                                                                             M28 7FG
                                                                                       Tel. 790 4234

                                                                                       September 2009

                   Salford Primary School Cross Country Races 2009 - 2010

Dear Head Teacher,

Please find enclosed details of the forthcoming cross country running events for Salford Primary
schools. Please forward the information to the teacher concerned. A series of five races will be held
on Saturday mornings hopefully, on Birch Road Playing Fields, Walkden and Bolton Road Playing
Fields, Salford.

Please note that the Birch Road, Walkden venue is subject to the building work due to
start this school year for the new Walkden High School. Therefore amendments to the
course routes or even the venue may be necessary and participating schools will be

Schools are invited to enter teams of children or individual runners in all or some of the races.
Following the final race, a presentation will be held this year at Mesne Lea School ( to be confirmed )
to award medals to the top three teams and top three individuals in each category. To qualify for
these awards teams and individuals must complete at least 4 out of the 5 events.

Please note that it is normal for the events to continue in wind and rain, yet on occasions of extremes
of snow and ice, or unusually heavy rain, events have in the past been cancelled.

In the event of a meeting being postponed team managers will be notified via the internal mail and
by a telephone message in the week leading up to the event. The races are organised by myself with
assistance from a number of others. The details of times, dates and events appear on further
accompanying pages.

Please complete and return the form on one of the accompanying sheets if you wish your school to

Yours sincerely,

Tim Barnes
 Cross Country Races for Primary Schools 2009 - 2010

           Dates                              Venue

   1.      Saturday   14th November 2009
   2.      Saturday   28th November 2009 at Bolton Road Playing Fields, Irlams of the Height
   3.      Saturday   12th December 2009
   4.      Saturday   23rd January 2010 at Bolton Road
   5.      Saturday   6th February 2010

Spare date - 30th January 2010 – Venue – according to any race that has been cancelled

Schools will be notified regarding venues for the races 1, 3 & 5 by the beginning of
November 2009.

Events     There will be combined age group races at the following approximate times

               Year   3   &   4   Boys        9.30 a.m.
               Year   3   &   4   Girls       9.40 a.m.              Distance approx. 1000m
               Year   5   &   6   Boys        9.50 a.m.
               Year   5   &   6   Girls       10.00 a.m.             Distance approx. 1500m

The year groups will be separated on the team score cards

There are no changing facilities at either venue. Competitors need to come ready,

Numbers to run and score

1. There are no limits to the numbers of children permitted to run in any race, but the first 4 in each
age/sex category will score as members of their team.
i.e. the first four Year 3 boys score as a team, and the first four Year 3 girls.
2. Where a school can't raise enough runners to make a team, individual runners may be entered.


At the finish of each race - the first 20 individuals will receive a certificate.
At the conclusion of the five events - the first 3 individual boys and girls in each age group overall will
receive a medal. The four scoring members of each of the first three teams in each age and sex
category will receive a medal.
Teams that tie on points after the events will be separated by the position of the fourth best points

If you require additional information about the venues or the procedures for competing
and scoring during the races please ring me and I will forward it to you.
          Salford Schools' Athletics Association
     Primary School Cross Country Races 2009 - 2010

                                       Entry Form

Please complete this form to indicate that you intend to enter. There are 8 separate team
categories as shown below. Please tick those teams that your school will enter.

There is a charge of £ 1.50 per team entered. ( i.e. £ 12.00 if all teams are entered ) to
cover the cost of purchase of medals, ribbons, reproduction of certificates and

Name of School _____________________________________

School Telephone Number ____________________________

Teacher in charge ____________________________________

Email address ________________________________________

Teams to be entered ( please tick )

Year 3 Girls        _______                            Year 3 Boys          ________

Year 4 Girls        _______                            Year 4 Boys          ________

Year 5 Girls        _______                            Year 5 Boys          ________

Year 6 Girls        _______                            Year 6 Boys          ________

Cheques made payable to: Salford Schools' Athletics Association

Completed forms to be returned to Tim Barnes at Mesne Lea Primary
School, Walkden Rd. Worsley M28 7FG by Friday 23rd October.

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