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Now in its first edition, "Idee per il mobile" is a competition for young designers who wish to submit new and
brilliant solutions for the furniture component sector: from semi-finished parts to accessories, from
hardware to the components and technologies that go into the design of a piece of furniture and often
determine its success.

The initiative is promoted by the magazine “Dossier Compomobili” and by Ditre Gruppo Poligrafico, that for
years have also organised a major competition in the lighting sector.

It is sponsored by companies that view creativity as their main asset and propose special awards on specific
themes, such as Diemmebi for the design of components for community and office seats, INIPRESS for
the design of plastic accessories and products, Ipea for the design of furniture feet and bases and Terno
Scorrevoli for the development of sliding elements for doors and furniture.

The purpose of the competition is not limited to creating an opportunity for an encounter between young
designers and manufacturing companies, it is also to inform economic operators the world over about new
possibilities for optimising vital resources such as quality, creativity and innovation.

Components play the star role in furniture design and innovation.

The projects must be received by the secretariat of the competition by 03/09/2005.
We look forward to receiving new ideas to give fresh vitality and momentum to the market. Your design
proposals will be submitted to the furniture manufacturers, who may contact you to make your ideas into
successful products.


1. Goals
• To propose to furniture component manufacturers: new ideas, new solutions, new opportunities

• To communicate to operators worldwide: "whence comes creative originality, innovation and quality"

2. Theme
• The projects must be about components and parts for the furniture sector, from any of the following

doors                            edges and frames                 curved items             laminates
technical items                  rails and hinges                 hardware                 handles and knobs
semi-finished parts              feet and legs                    boxed sections           lighting systems
hoods and sinks                  table bases                      chairs and tables        glass and plate glass
drawers and chests               baskets &draining racks          trash bins               pantry elements

in general, the emphasis should be placed on details rather than on the overall project, paying attention
to the design specifications relating to the sponsors (for more information on the activities of the
sponsors, you can visit their sites and make a note of the enclosed specifications)
• The choice of the materials is free
• In addition to the originality of the design and the quality of the presentation, producibility will also be
evaluated, i.e., whether an item can be produced industrially.

3. Deadlines
The designs have to be sent to the secretariats of the competition within the 3 rd of September 2005.

4. Admission
Designers from any country that at the date of May, 20 2005 are under the age of 35 are admitted to
participate to the design contest.
5. Projects
 Your ideas and designs must be presented in the form of drawings, mounted on cardboard backing, in an
A2 format. The drawings must be accompanied by information about the creative process, the development
and philosophy underlying your ideas. You are also requested to give explanations regarding the types of
material used and the design function.
Give your full personal details, followed by this declaration: "I, ……….. …….. the undersigned, declare that all
the designs presented herein are original and of my own creation. I am aware that I would be promptly
disqualified from the competition if any design is found to have been copied. I confirm that all the
information given is truthful and I hereby authorise the Editrice Habitat and DiTre, as organizers of the
competition, to keep the original design/s created by me, to publish and photograph every detail of the
designs, and to exhibit them during trade fair events and exhibitions as long as the I own the copyright of
the designs. Moreover, I relieve Editrice Habitat and DiTre of responsibility for any loss or theft of the
designs. After closure of the competition the copyright of the design/s remains to me. I however undertake
to cease it to the interested lighting manufacturers. If I decide to transfer the copyright I shall promptly
inform Editrice Habitat of the details of the company to which it has been assigned so that they can make
arrangements for subsequent authorisations."

6. The Jury
The jury will consist of experts of this sector who will evaluate the designs using the following criteria:
1. Originality of the design
2. Overall composition
3. Practical implementation of the design

7. Prizes
The awarding of the first three classifications is expected as follows:
Classification          Amount
1°                      700,00 Euro
2°                      500,00 Euro
3°                      300,00 Euro

Four special prizes are foreseen :
1.     dedicated to the design of CHAIRS COMPONENTS offered by Diemmebi Srl
2.     dedicated to the design of SLIDING ELEMENTS for doors or furniture offered by Terno Scorrevoli Srl
3.     dedicated to the design of bases and feet offered by Ipea Srl
4.     dedicated to the design of PLASTIC ACCESSORIES AND PRODUCTS offered by Inipress Spa

The competition will offer the selected projects the concrete possibility to meet the world of furniture
production thanks to the their publication on worldwide distributed magazines of the sector and to their
exposition during some among the most prestigious lighting exhibitions.

8. Submission of designs
All designs must be sent by the 3rd of September 2005 to one of the following addresses:

Dossier Compomobili (Editrice Habitat)
Illuminotecnica Europe Light
Via m.m. de Taddei, 3
20146 MILANO – Italy

or to :

Ditre Gruppo Poligrafico
Via Albare, 127/B
35017 PIOMBINO DESE - PD – Italy
9. Information
For further information please contact:

Dossier Compomobili                       Ditre Gruppo Poligrafico
Tel. +3902481 4800 r.a.                   Tel. +390499365320 r.a.
Fax +3902481193013                        Fax +390499366376
www.dossiercompomobili.it                 www.ditre.com
info@edithabitat.it                       info@ditre.com


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