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									                   How does the YPARD-forum work?

            A collection of possible questions & their answers

How do I become a member?

We welcome to our network all young professionals in agricultural
research for development. Of course we shall be happy to welcome all
the participants from YPARD meeting at CGIAR conference on 4th of
December 2005 in Marrakech, Morocco!

To become a member of the YPARD-forum you first need to register.
To do so you go to the site: or just
follow the link which will be soon established on the YPARD-website.

   1. On the Forum-site you find the button “Join for free” please give
      yourself a username, a password and, if we have not yet met
      personally, briefly introduce yourself and say why you want to be
      a member. You can decide also whether you want to receive all the
      messages posted in the forum by email.
   2. You will now receive an email with a link you need to click for
   3. The administrators, which are Bala & Ele will have to approve you
      which might take a few hours, depending on when one of us checks
      his/her emails. In the most likely case you will therefore be a
      registered member of the YPARD-forum the next day.
   4. Now please fill your profile in the forum & be an active member as
      much as your time and your other duties allow you!

How to fill in the profile?

After you logged in, you click on “Profile” on top at the left hand side.
The first of FOUR sides will be opened named “Common”. Note that
there are three more sites named “Personal, Settings, Mailinglist“ which you
are requested to fill in so that the whole thing is not so anonymous and
the other members will know who you are.
How to log in?

You need to be registered to be able to log in. After you registered you
will not immediately be able to log in, because you need to be approved
by the administrators. If you can’t log in more even two days after you
registered, please contact us under and
describe your problem, we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

I don’t have a password…

  1. Did you register for the forum & wait for at least one day?
  2. Please click “Forgot your password?” on the side where you are
     supposed to type your password. A window will open asking you to
     fill in the email-adress with which you registered in the forum.
     You will receive an email with a new password.
  3. If 1. & 2. doesn’t give a solution for your problem please contact
     us under

How do I post my own message?

You need to be registered to post your own messages. Click “messages”
on the top of the page. Choose the topic you are interested in and click
on it.             means “new topic”. You can post your own subtopic.
If you want to reply directily to what somebody else said before, click
the right button                (reply) to reply to a message. Don’t
forget to click “Write reply” in the end to save your writing.

Is your question not among the ones listed above?

Please contact the administrators under we will
work on the problem as soon as we can.

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