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The Richard III Society is pleased to announce the publication of:

Lesley Boatwright, Moira Habberjam and Peter Hammond (eds), The Logge Register of PCC
Wills, 1479 to 1486, 2 volumes (Richard III Society, Knaphill, 2008)

These volumes contain full transcriptions, and translations where necessary, of all of the 379 wills
and testaments recorded in Latin or in English in the register of the Prerogative Court of
Canterbury for the years 1479 to 1486. The register is known as ‘Logge’ after the first will, that of
John Logge, woodmonger of London. A few of the wills were made before 1479.
        The testators include leading figures in the realm, in the church and in the commercial
world of London. All form part of the turbulent late fifteenth century world. The introduction
discusses many aspects of the wills, testators’ bequests to charity, burial requests, attempts to
control nearest and dearest from beyond the grave, their books, servants and beliefs. An important
section analyses and explains the Latin probate clauses.
        There are full notes after each will, adding information. Two men were executed: William,
Lord Hastings, by Richard III in 1483, and William Catesby by Henry VII in 1485; two others were
found to have been among the eleven London commoners who attended Richard III’s coronation;
another was one of Edward IV’s London trading partners; and another may have had a miracle
take place in his house.
        These books are essential for historians of all aspects of life in the late fifteenth century and
for family historians researching the period.

ISBNs: 978-0-904893-16-8 (Volume I)
       978-0-904893-17-5 (Volume II)
       978-0-904893-18-2 (2 volume set)

Please note that these volumes are sold as a set.

Price: £35.00 (for set of 2 volumes) + £7.50 postage & packing (UK)
(cheques payable to Richard III Society)

Orders and inquiries should be addressed to:

       Sally Empson
       Sales Liaison Officer
       Richard III Society
       42 Pewsey Vale
       Forest Park
       Berks RG12 9YA